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Osm4routing 1.0.1

Company: Tristram Graebener
Date Added: September 08, 2013  |  Visits: 295


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This tool provides an OpenStreetMap data parser to turn them into a nodes-edges<br />adapted for routing applications.<br /><br />== INPUT FORMAT ==<br />The input is an OpenStreetMap XML file. The file can be read:<br />* from a plain .osm file<br />* from a bzip2 file<br />* from a gzip file<br /><br />== OUTPUT FORMAT ==<br />The output can be:<br />* a csv file<br />* database (postgres, mysql, sqlite, postgis)<br /><br />In both output you'll get two files/tables:<br />* nodes that contain<br /> * id (64 bit integer)<br /> * longitude (decimal real)<br /> * latitude (decimal real)<br /> * geometry (only in postgis)<br /><br />* edges that contain<br /> * id (64 bit integer)<br /> * source node id (64 bit integer)<br /> * target node id (64 bit integer)<br /> * length (real in meters),<br /> * car accessibility (integer)<br /> * car reverse accessibility (integer)<br /> * bike accessibility (integer)<br /> * bike reverse accessibility (integer)<br /> * foot accessibility (integer)<br /> * geometry (string representing a linestring in the WKT format)<br /><br />The accessibility is an integer describing the edge for every mean of transport.<br />As for cars an bikes the driving direction might change those properties, the<br />are direct (source->target direction) an reverse (target->source direction)<br />information.<br /><br />The integers mean:<br />* cars<br /> * 0 forbiden<br /> * 1 residential street<br /> * 2 tertiary road<br /> * 3 secondary road<br /> * 4 primary road<br /> * 5 trunk<br /> * 6 motorway<br />* bike<br /> * 0 forbiden<br /> * 1 cycling lane in the opposite direction of the car flow<br /> * 2 allowed without specific equipment<br /> * 3 cycling lane<br /> * 4 bus lane allowed for cycles<br /> * 5 cycling track<br />* foot (no distinction in made on the direction)<br /> * 0 forbiden<br /> * 1 allowed<br /><br /><br />== INSTALL ==<br />You need:<br />* Boost (only for unordered_map that will be included in C++1X)<br /> Read bellow if you have troubles with it<br />* expat (XML parser)<br />* python<br />* swig<br /><br /># Just run the following command<br />sudo python install<br /># Run it<br />osm4routing --help<br /><br /># Alternative:<br /># If you don't have the rights to install it system-wide, or don't want to, use virtualenv:<br /># Create a virtual environment and activate it<br />python env<br />source env/bin/activate<br />python install<br />osm4routing --help<br /><br />* Installing boost:<br /> You only need the headers. If you have a linux distribution, just install it.<br /> Under windows or macOSX, grab the sources and unzip them. Place the boost directory<br /> containing the headers in the same directory as<br /> An alternative is to edit to tell where the directory is located.<br /><br />== USAGE ==<br />Get the .osm XML file of the region that interests you.<br />For limited regions, use the export tools from the web interface.<br />For bigger regions you might find what you want at<br />Osmosis can help you to have a smaller region from a big dump<br /><br />To know the options, run:<br />osm4routing --help<br /><br />== PERFORMANCE ==<br />OSM data can get very big and can be very consuming, don't try to parse the whole world ;)<br />On my laptop from 2006 (core2duo 1.66Ghz, 2Gb Ram, slow hard drive),<br />it takes 20 minutes to parse 8Gb uncompressed (0.5Gb as bzip2) and represents France in June 2010<br /><br />== Postgis output ==<br />Only if you want to use the spatial abilities of postgis, please read those extra informations<br />in order to a have spatial database<br />The usual way to get is to execute the following commands (the location of<br />lwpostgis.sql and spatial_ref_sys.sql depend on your installation).<br /><br />createdb yourdatabase<br />createlang plpgsql yourdatabase<br />psql -d yourdatabase -f lwpostgis.sql<br />psql -d yourdatabase -f spatial_ref_sys.sql<br /><br /><br />#md5=f5cbde5fc947126ded9f70f67b7638f9

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Accessibility Cycling Decimal Direction Directory Don Forbiden Geometry Install Integer Openstreetmap Output Parser Postgis Python Region Reverse Setuppy
Users rating: 0/10

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