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ind2patch 1.0

  Date Added: March 22, 2013  |  Visits: 316


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This function generates patch data (faces d-deDUFd-deDt, vertices d-deDUVd-deDt and color data d-deDUCd-deDt) for 3D images. The patches are only generated for the voxels specified by the linear indices in d-deDUINDd-deDt. The variable d-deDUptyped-deDt indicatesthe type of patch:d-de?vd-deOao Voxel (box)d-de?sxd-deOao, d-de?syd-deOao, d-de?szd-deOao Mid-voxel slice for x, y and z direction respectively EXAMPLEclear all; close all; clc; Simulating 3D image[X,Y,Z]=meshgrid(linspace(-4.77,4.77,75));phi=(1+sqrt(5))/2;M=2 - (cos(X + phi*Y) + cos(X - phi*Y) + cos(Y + phi*Z) + cos(Y - phi*Z) + cos(Z - phi*X) + cos(Z + phi*X));M=M./max(M(:)); %Normalise, not requiredfigure;fig=gcf; clf(fig); colordef (fig, 'white'); units=get(fig,'units'); set(fig,'units','normalized','outerposition',[0 0 1 1]); set(fig,'units',units); set(fig,'Color',[1 1 1]);hold on; xlabel('X-J','FontSize',20);ylabel('Y-I','FontSize',20);zlabel('Z-K','FontSize',20); Creating and plotting patch dataSetting up indices for slices to plotS=round(size(M,2)./2);L_slices=false(size(M));L_slices(:,S,:)=1;IND_slices=find(L_slices);[Fs,Vs,C_slice]=ind2patch(IND_slices,M,'sx'); %Creating patch data for x mid-voxel sliceshs=patch('Faces',Fs,'Vertices',Vs,'EdgeColor','none', 'CData',C_slice,'FaceColor','flat','FaceAlpha',0.75);Setting up indices for slices to plotS=round(size(M,1)./2);L_slices=false(size(M));L_slices(S,:,:)=1;IND_slices=find(L_slices);[Fs,Vs,C_slice]=ind2patch(IND_slices,M,'sy'); %Creating patch data for y mid-voxel sliceshs=patch('Faces',Fs,'Vertices',Vs,'EdgeColor','none', 'CData',C_slice,'FaceColor','flat','FaceAlpha',0.75);Setting up indices for slices to plotS=round(size(M,3)./2);L_slices=false(size(M));L_slices(:,:,S)=1;IND_slices=find(L_slices);[Fs,Vs,C_slice]=ind2patch(IND_slices,M,'sz'); %Creating patch data for z mid-voxel sliceshs=patch('Faces',Fs,'Vertices',Vs,'EdgeColor','none', 'CData',C_slice,'FaceColor','flat','FaceAlpha',0.75);Setting up indices for voxels to plotIND=find(M>-0.2 & M0.9);[Fs,Vs,C_slice]=ind2patch(IND,M,'v'); %Creating patch data for selection of high voxelshs=patch('Faces',Fs,'Vertices',Vs,'EdgeColor','k', 'CData',C_slice,'FaceColor','flat','FaceAlpha',1);axis equal; view(3); axis tight; colormap jet; colorbar; caxis([0 1]); grid on;set(gca,'FontSize',20);

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Matlab
Keyword: Clffig Colordef Creating Datasetting Hold Midvoxel Plotting Setfig Color Setfig U Setfig Units Normalized Outerposition Slices Sliceshs Dpatch Faces Vertices Edgecolor Units Dgetfig Units White Xlabel Fontsize Ylabel Fontsize Zlabel Fontsize
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License: Freeware Size: 10 KB
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