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Web Server Tools

Added: November 29, 2013 | Visits: 227

zeroconf Zeroconf networking allows easy connection of hosts without needing to setup DHCP servers or assign static IPs.This project is intended to provide support for Zeroconf ( networking for Linux and Unix machines. Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Assign, Connection, Hosts, Httpwwwzeroconforg, Intended, Ipsthis, Linux, Machines, Needing, Networking, Project, Provide, Servers, Setup, Static, Support, Zeroconf

License: Freeware Size: 174.08 KB Download (18): zeroconf Download

Added: November 22, 2013 | Visits: 329

DOMjudge programming contest jury system DOMjudge is an automated judge system for programming contests. Both team and jury side interfaces are web based, with a command line submit tool available. It is written in PHP, shell-script and C/C++ and needs MySQL and a webserver. Features . Web interfaces for portability and simplicity... Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Cc2b2b, Command, Mysql, Shellscript, Submit, System, Webserver, Written

License: Freeware Size: 3.72 MB Download (19): DOMjudge programming contest jury system Download

Added: November 13, 2013 | Visits: 261

file*HANDLER file*HANDLER is a net-daemon style server coordinating some free media conversion pkgs with a pgSQL back end. Embedded AJAX scripts provide the UI for grid-type directory sharing/streaming of audio/video/flat-file display over any standard webserver. Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Audiovideoflatfile, Conversion, Coordinating, Directory, Display, Embedded, Filehandler, Gridtype, Media, Netdaemon, Pgsql, Provide, Scripts, Server, Sharingstreaming, Standard, Style, Webserver

License: Freeware Size: 51.2 KB Download (18): file*HANDLER Download

Added: November 02, 2013 | Visits: 212

AmphetaRate RSS Recommendation server AmphetaRate is the first RSS recommendation server. It calculates your likes/dislikes to create a personalized RSS recommendation feed. We also currently provide an aggregator based on AmphetaDesk to communicate to AmphetaRate. Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Aggregator, Amphetadesk, Based, Communicate, Create, Personalized, Provide, Recommendation

License: Freeware Size: 2.14 MB Download (19): AmphetaRate RSS Recommendation server Download

Added: October 29, 2013 | Visits: 161

pissenlit Pissenlit is a web/LaTeX server. Users can view, search and downlad tex/ps/pdf files. Admin can upload, modify and compile tex files (with dependances). Entries can be hidden. It was done for hosting my LaTeX pedagological materials. Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Compile, Dependances, Entries, Hidden, Hosting, Latex, Materials, Modify, Pedagological, Upload

License: Freeware Size: 512 KB Download (18): pissenlit Download

Added: October 21, 2013 | Visits: 382

RapidCP for Linux RapidCP is a web hosting control panel. It's designed to make running a host or a website easier by providing a simple GUI . On this section of the site, you can learn all about RapidCP. Everything from our long History, to our dedicated Development Team is covered. If you're interested in... Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Check, Compatibility, Environments, Interested, Pages, Requirements, Software, You039re

License: Freeware Size: 16.47 MB Download (18): RapidCP for Linux Download

Added: October 10, 2013 | Visits: 322

ffmpeginstall ffmpeginstall is a full ffmpeg-php configuration script in GNU/Linux servers. This will help you to setup server environments for streaming applications. Home page: Support forum : Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Applications, Configuration, Environments, Ffmpegphp, Forum, Httpffmpegsherinin, Httpforumsherinin, Server, Streaming, Support

License: Freeware Size: 10.24 KB Download (18): ffmpeginstall Download

Added: September 02, 2013 | Visits: 209

SharpMUD SharpMud is a MUD server Framework written for .NET 2.0 in 100% C#. Provides an applcation layer that allows for MUD developers to focus on gameplay, not server mechanics. See the website for more information, including project status and direction. Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Developers, Direction, Focus, Gameplay, Including, Information, Mechanics, Project, Status, Website

License: Freeware Size: 1.21 MB Download (29): SharpMUD Download

Added: August 26, 2013 | Visits: 231

pySpykeeWeb pySpykeeWeb is a simple web server written in Python for controlling a Spykee robot. Currently the program supports robot movement, dock, undock, battery level reporting commands, and video streaming. Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Battery, Commands, Level, Movement, Program, Reporting, Streaming, Supports, Undock, Video

License: Freeware Size: 20.48 KB Download (18): pySpykeeWeb Download

Added: August 14, 2013 | Visits: 225

ShareFast For Linux ShareFast is a client/server web application for managing files and URLs using RDF metadata on Jena framework. Visit for more details. Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Application, Clientserver, Details, Files, Framework, Httpwwwsharefastorg, Managing, Metadata, Visit

License: Freeware Size: 21.27 MB Download (18): ShareFast For Linux Download

Added: July 05, 2013 | Visits: 218

Porkchop Porkchop is a simple HTTP-based system information server. You write plugins for it and it responds with the data based on your request. Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Based, Httpbased, Information, Plugins, Request, Responds, Server, Simple, System, Write

License: Freeware Size: 10.24 KB Download (18): Porkchop Download

Added: June 29, 2013 | Visits: 245

mvserver an application-server framework mvserver is a generic application-server framework, suitable for useas the second layer in traditional internet applications. It iswritten in C. mvserver is distributed as a set of shared librariesthat applications link against. Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Applications, Applicationserver, Distributed, Internet, Iswritten, Layer, Librariesthat, Shared, Traditional

License: Freeware Size: 583.68 KB Download (18): mvserver an application-server framework Download

Added: June 18, 2013 | Visits: 370

AdmIRC - ircd & services administration AdmIRC is a webmin module for irc server administration. It provides a config interface and advanced security and linking automatism support. Currently UnrealIRCD 3.2 and the services Anope and Epona are supported. Subprojects: irc newsbot and java tools Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Anope, Epona, Newsbot, Services, Subprojects, Support, Supported, Tools, Unrealircd

License: Freeware Size: 112.64 KB Download (32): AdmIRC - ircd & services administration Download

Added: June 16, 2013 | Visits: 209

MultiPaint MultiPaint is an extended version of the SinglePaint Project. MultiPaint is a Java-applet that connects to the Linux daemon multipaintd.With MultiPaint multiple users can paint an image together simultaneously and post the result on a web-server. Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Connects, Daemon, Extended, Image, Javaapplet, Linux, Multipaint, Multipaintdwith, Multiple, Paint, Projectmultipaint, Result, Simultaneously, Singlepaint, Users, Version, Webserver

License: Freeware Size: 20.48 KB Download (18): MultiPaint Download

Added: June 16, 2013 | Visits: 229

webmailserver Webmail server is Webserver,webmail,web hosting server project. Web Mail Server is based on linux, apache, Perl. it provides user registration,webmail and website with subdomain. Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Apache, Based, Hosting, Linux, Registrationwebmail, Server, Subdomain, Webserverwebmailweb, Website

License: Freeware Size: 1.04 MB Download (18): webmailserver Download

Added: November 18, 2013 | Visits: 236

GeoWebCache GeoWebCache is a cache for WMS tiles implemented as an HttpServlet in Java. It is run through a container like Jetty, Tomcat or JBoss. The response time is measured in milliseconds. Configuration In addition to the file, GeoWebCache also uses properties files for... Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Alongside, Application, Cache, Clearing, Commonslogging, Deployed, Exposes, Files, Geoserver, Geowebcache, Included, Interface, Openlayers, Sample, Server, Toppstates

License: Freeware Size: 13.81 MB Download (18): GeoWebCache Download

Added: September 07, 2013 | Visits: 214

WsgiDAV WsgiDAV is a WebDAV server for sharing files and other resources over the web. It is based on the WSGI interface. It comes bundled with a simple WSIG web server. WsgiDAV is based on PyFileServer by Ho Chun Wei. Anyway, if you want to participate, check it out from the WsgiDAV working... Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Based, Check, Clone, Developwsgidav, Files, Httpswsgidavdevgooglecodecomhg, Participate, Pyfileserver, Repositoryhg, Resources, Server, Sharing, Simple, Webdav, Weianyway, Working, Wsgidav, Wsgidavdevcd, Wsgidavdevsetuppy

License: Freeware Size: 163.84 KB Download (18): WsgiDAV Download

Added: July 20, 2013 | Visits: 217

meinheld this is a high performance python wsgi web server. Thus this is yet an another asynchronous web server like gevent. And meinheld is a WSGI compliant web server. (HTTP 1.1 supported) You can also join us in meinheld mailing list and #meinheld on freenode Platforms: *nix, Linux

Keyword: Asynchronous, Compliant, Freenode, Geventand, Mailing, Meinheld, Performance, Python, Server, Serverthus, Supportedyou

License: Freeware Size: 61.44 KB Download (18): meinheld Download