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Topologilinux 6.1.0

  Date Added: November 19, 2010  |  Visits: 937


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Topologilinux is a FREE and open-source Linux distribution that can run on top or inside your existing windows system. The main thing with Topologilinux is that it does not require any partitioning at all. (uses a single file as linux root system) Topologilinux is therefore very easy to install. Over the years, the Linux operating system has become very popular among both computer enthusiastics and experimenting home users. The trouble with the Linux operating system has always been getting starting. Here comes the solution of that problem !! Topologilinux is a free linuxdistribution to be run on top of any dos/windows and new in version 5 is that you can run it inside your windows system without partitioning your hard disk. It is very easy to install Unlike other Linux distributions Topologilinux DOES NOT NEED ANY PARTITIONING. It will run on your existing Windows/DOS partition in a directory named "/tlinux5". This release works on both NTFS and FAT partitions which means that you can run it under all existing Windows or dos systems. New in version 5 is that you can run it inside Windows through coLinux, you can also use X windows through a vnc server and then connect using a vnc viewer. You can also run your existing windows program in Topologilinux through the windows emulator wine. Just enter wine your_program.exe Also a great Office package is included, OpenOffice 1.1.3. To install copy all files to a temp directory and install it. Topologilinux is a free Linuxdistribution but all donations of money are welcome. Installation: 1. Backup important data before installing (see IMPORTANT: below) 2. start up windows and insert this CD and run topologilinux-setup.exe and create files (will normally start automatically) 3 Follow instructions and install the system (recommended is to install everything in coLinux mode (default) but you can also select not to do so and boot with this cd in and write "install" then press Enter (You need to have "boot from cd" enabled in bios) (for more advanced boot options press F1) (make sure to try all options in the F1 menu if default) (installation kernel fails). But as said before read the steps and follow instructions and select default alternatives. A warning for the TAP driver will appear, accept this and continue the installation. DO NOT FORGET TO DO the networking configuration if you want coLinux to work. NOTE: that you may not use the cd-driver in any other open windows program like the filemanager explorer or anything like that if you do the setup through coLinux cause filesharing does not work between colinux and windows correct. Also note that setting for colinux can easy be changed in the xml files /tlinux/colinux/*.xml 4. follow instructions, and install the software you want. It is always prefered to install ALL software 5. Your system is now installed, You can start it inside windows from the "Start Topologiliux" icon or do a reboot and use the grub based bootmanager to start it in real mode (much faster) 6. To use the X system inside Windows you need to start the Topologilinux system first then "Topologilinux X" to connect to the system. NOTE: that you can not login as root from vnc (Topologilinux X) so you need to login as auser.. (can add more users by adduser command) (to be able to use internet inside topologilinux in colinux mode you need to do the steps listed in the /tlinux5/doc/network-installation.doc or the htm file) 7. After you have done all part in coLinuxmode you should restart your computer and start in "real-mode" and select start Topologilinux from the bootmanager. Then when you are there you should run setup to configure your system there too. The first time you start up your system you will be prompted to setup your system, do so and then reboot it again and your system will be ready ! NOTE: When installing using more than one cd it might be troubles with mounting the second CD in coLinuxmode. But dont give up: try to first close all programs that uses the cdrom and try press continue, if that does not help you, open the cd in a windows "explorer" window and then try to close it again and wait about 10 sconds and try to press continue again. This step might be a bit triky but it should work. If it does not work for you try to do the installation in "real-mode" instead. According the Network it might be a tricky part that to. Try the help that is available in this readme file, it it still fails try to search on colinux homepage or try the forums on Another thing to know is that if you during the setup in "real-mode" select to start in grafical login during X configuration, this will affect the coLinuxmode too. If you want to change it back just edit /etc/inittab and change to runlevel3 instead of 4.. Topologilinux, running linux under windows. You can run it under all existing windows versions. The newer version of topologilinux can also run Topologilinux inside windows.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Does Not Inside Inside Your Install Linux Distribution Note Run On Start System To Do Topologilinux Try To Windows You Can Run
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 1.86 GB
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