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OpenLexicon 1.04

  Date Added: January 25, 2010  |  Visits: 1.464


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OpenLexicon is a business rules and business process management tool that rapidly develops applications for transaction and process-based applications. There are two main components of OpenLexicon: the metadata repository and the business rules engine. The OpenLexicon business rules engine is not Rete based. OpenLexicon has a predicate evaluator that includes a unique ability: it can evaluate small, inline Java expressions. Lexicon is an open-source business rules and business process management tool that rapidly develops applications for transaction and process-based applications. You can use either product separately or in concert. There are two main components of Lexicon: the metadata repository and the business rules engine. Every component of OpenLexicon is released as open source software under the Apache Software License. The Lexicon has a Wizard that is a web-form based collaborative tool for building business rules and business use cases. We have designed the Wizard for non-developers and analysts with light technical skills. It features a richer experience for the users on the web, traditionally only offered by thick-client UIs. For instance some parts of Lexicon use Ajax. The collaboration team assembles groups of business rules into a business use case and published in a metadata file or the database. Lexicon is not a code-generator system, instead the business rules are placed in memory and each business rule is applied in turn to input data. The Lexicon software does this with an execution engine. Because there are no compilation steps the architecture is agile. When the organization publishes a change the metadata the new rules are immediately evaluated. Most analysts consider the ability to redeploy rules, without compilation, a critical competence for business rules suites. The Lexicon business rules engine is not Rete based. It has a predicate evaluator that includes a unique power: it can evaluate small, in-line Java expressions. Lexicon supports two databases: Oracle and MySQL. We have experienced success with using Lexicon with Oracle XE, which is a free version of the Oracle DB. Further database support may be added if requested. You create complex application behavior with Lexicon’s process management. For example: Lexicon can build an application reads data from a file, performs reference data lookups, validates the entire object, and then stores it in a database table. Plus, you can build in the Wizard while writing no code! It is possible to link to your own java or PL/SQL business rules from Lexicon. Lexicon also supports web services. As well as validation of business rules, Lexicon is good at creating transformations. Lexicon has the power to handle automated data loading and ETL processes while you take care of your specific and complex business rule implementation. Lexicon business objects can be built to create operational data stores. Whats New in This Release: - Enhanced Web services for SOA and business rules integration. - The Web service offers a simple interface to any SOA architecture. - The WSDL is included on the server installation utility. - Cache-to-Database functionality allows the user to load a cache file (serialized or XML) into a fresh metadata schema. - The use of database tables has been simplified. - Process action support has been added/improved for Delete and Update functionality for both Oracle and MySQL databases. - There are many, many other features..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Applications Business Business Process Business Process Management Business Process Management Tool Business Rules Business Rules Engine Lexicon Management Management Tool Openlexicon Process Process Management Rules Rules Engine
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 9.2 MB
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