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Module::Versions 0.02

  Date Added: April 03, 2010  |  Visits: 876


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Module::Versions is a Perl module to handle versions of loaded modules with flexible result interface. SYNOPSIS use Module::Versions; # Simple Interface list Module::Versions; # prints formatted results to STDOUT Module::Versions->list; # prints formatted results to STDOUT # Shortcuts $vers = get Module::Versions; # retrieves loaded modules $vers = Module::Versions->get; # retrieves loaded modules $array = Module::Versions->ARRAY; # returns array with version infos $hash = Module::Versions->HASH; # returns hash with version infos $list = Module::Versions->SCALAR; # returns text list with version infos $csv = Module::Versions->CSV; # returns csv list with version infos $xml = Module::Versions->XML; # returns xml struct with version infos $xsd = Module::Versions->XSD; # returns xml schema of version infos $dtd = Module::Versions->DTD; # returns DTD of version infos # Individual Parameters $vers = Module::Versions # retrieves mods and vars as defined ->new($mods,$vars) ->get($criteria); $vers->list($fd,$mask); # prints formatted results to file $vers->list($fd,$preform); # prints preformatted results to file $vers->list($fd,&cb); # prints serialied results as handled # in callback routine $vers->data(&cb); # returns transformed results as # defined in callback routine # Individual formatted output list Module::Versions(*LOG, %5d %1s %-20s %10s %-16s); # prints individually formatted # results to LOG list Module::Versions(*DBIMPORT, %s|%s|%s); # prints individually formatted # results to Database Import file list Module::Versions(*FD, SCALAR);# prints text list results to file list Module::Versions(*FD, CSV); # prints csv list results to file list Module::Versions(*FD, XML); # prints xml struct results to file list Module::Versions(*FD, XSD); # prints xml schema to file list Module::Versions(*FD, DTD); # prints DTD to file list Module::Versions(*FD, ARRAY); # prints serialized results to file list Module::Versions(*FD, HASH); # prints serialized results to file Module::Versions->list(*LOG); # prints formatted results to LOG # Pretty Compact Module::Versions->list # prints formatted results on STDOUT ->list(*XML,XML); # prints xml struct results to XML file Module::Versions->list # prints formatted results on STDOUT ->list(*XSD,XSD) # prints xml schema to XSD file ->list(*XML,XML); # prints xml struct results to XML file Module::Versions->list # prints formatted results on STDOUT ->list(*DTD,DTD) # prints DTD to DTD file ->list(*XML,XML); # prints xml struct results to XML file Module::Versions handles versions of loaded modules with a flexible result interface. The main goal is to get as much version informations as possible about a module or module list with a simple call interface and an absolutely flexible result interface. Module::Versions handles *loaded* and *loadable* modules. The motivation for writing this module was the need for better support facilities to get informations about the used modules and versions in the productivity environment. Module::Versions allows shipping applications basically with something like a -version option (See Getopt::Long) but with expanded functions. Module::Versions tries to read the loaded/loadable modules $VERSION. For extended purposes any private project version variables can be fetched ($_VERSION, $version, $REV, etc.). Module::Versions has a flexible result interface to satisfy different needs: results can be lists and data structures with different formats - pre-formed ARRAY, HASH, SCALAR, CSV, XML/XSD/DTD and a full flexible user callback interface. It is for example very simple to print a good formatted version list to the console and save a version.xml file (in conjunction with an xsd-schema) at the same time with an absolutely minimum of coding (SYNOPSIS, Pretty Compact) . Module::Versions tries to load to support Perl 5.10.0s $VERSION formatting..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Dtd Fd File Formatted List Loaded Modules Log Moduleversions Perl Module Prints Results Stdout Versions Of Xml Xsd
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 21.5 KB
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