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Freya 2.1.2

  Date Added: August 11, 2010  |  Visits: 1.468


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Freya is a script that creates a bot inside an OpenDCHub server to aid Operators do various tasks. Commands are as follows: --- All commands can have a + instead of a - infront of them --- -huggle (user) you huggle someone -glomp (user) you glomp someone -me (message) the irc command -hrr you hrr softly -purr you purr like a cute lil kitten =^.^= -makekitties (user) you and the user make kittens together -sockcount Displays the number of Socks $botname has lost -kittycount Displays the number of kitties running around -status Displays Status Information -uptime Displays How long the hub has been up. -rules or +rules Displays the Rules in a PM -version Displays the Script Version. -time Displays the Current Hub time. -showops Displays the online ops -givesock $botname Gives a sock back to the bot -sock Displays everyone who has got a sock in their mouth -jumpcmds Displays a List of Hub Jumping commands (if hub jumping is enabled) -get (variable) if you dont know .. dont worry about it -releases returns the releases if set by the hub owner -help or +help help.. Op Commands are as follows: -info (username) Returns information about the user -ipuser (Ip) Returns the users name that belongs to the IP given -kick (Ip or Username) Kicks the user with the username or IP given -getip (username) Returns the users IP -ban or -pbanip (ip or hostname) Perminately bans the ip or hostname -unban (ip or hostname) Unbans a ip or hostname -nickban (username) Perminately bans the username -unnickban (username) Unbans the username -getbanlist Returns the ban list -hush$botname Triggers will not cause the bot to talk -talk$botname Triggers will make the bot talk -dis (username) Disconnects the user -pban (username) Kicks and bans the user. -mm (message) Sends a Mass Message. -clonecheck Tries to find clones in the hub based on IP. -fakecheck Attempts to locate fakers based on Share value. -- Opens up a PM with $botname <--- PM ONLY! ---> *** NOTE: These commands -chpass (new password) Changes your password. -reg (username) (password) (value) Registers a user <---- Hub Owner Only ---> -setverbosity (1 or 0) notifies you if the script kicks/redirects a user -setratio (value) Sets the Hub:Slot ratio -setversion (value) Sets the Min DC++ Version Allowed -setguiversion (value) Sets the Min DCGui Version Allowed -setlimit (value) Sets the min a user can limit his upload to -setbmlimit (value) Sets the min a user can limit his BW to -setredirect (host) Sets the redirect host -setloginverbose (1 or 0) Notifies you on a user logging in -setaction (1 or 2) Sets the Default Action, 1 is kick and 2 is redirect -resetuserinfo Resets the information about the # of users (plz do not use) -set (variable) (value) WARNING****be careful what you set**** For the Commands that have (1 or 0) 1 is TRUE and 0 is FALSE.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Chat Communications Displays Freya Ip Opendchub User Username Value
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 13.31 KB
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