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Net::DHCP::Packet 0.66

  Date Added: March 09, 2010  |  Visits: 1.632


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Net::DHCP::Packet is a Perl module with object methods to create a DHCP packet. SYNOPSIS use Net::DHCP::Packet; my $p = new Net::DHCP::Packet->new( Chaddr => 000BCDEF, Xid => 0x9F0FD, Ciaddr =>, Siaddr =>, Hops => 0); Represents a DHCP packet as specified in RFC 1533, RFC 2132. CONSTRUCTOR This module only provides basic constructor. For "easy" constructors, you can use the Net::DHCP::Session module. new( ) new( BUFFER ) new( ARG => VALUE, ARG => VALUE... ) Creates an Net::DHCP::Packet object, which can be used to send or receive DHCP network packets. BOOTP is not supported. Without argument, a default empty packet is created. $packet = Net::DHCP::Packet(); A BUFFER argument is interpreted as a binary buffer like one provided by the socket recv() function. if the packet is malformed, a fatal error is issued. use IO::Socket::INET; use Net::DHCP::Packet; $sock = IO::Socket::INET->new(LocalPort => 67, Proto => "udp", Broadcast => 1) or die "socket: $@"; while ($sock->recv($newmsg, 1024)) { $packet = Net::DHCP::Packet->new($newmsg); print $packet->toString(); } To create a fresh new packet new() takes arguments as a key-value pairs : ARGUMENT FIELD OCTETS DESCRIPTION -------- ----- ------ ----------- Op op 1 Message op code / message type. 1 = BOOTREQUEST, 2 = BOOTREPLY Htype htype 1 Hardware address type, see ARP section in "Assigned Numbers" RFC; e.g., 1 = 10mb ethernet. Hlen hlen 1 Hardware address length (e.g. 6 for 10mb ethernet). Hops hops 1 Client sets to zero, optionally used by relay agents when booting via a relay agent. Xid xid 4 Transaction ID, a random number chosen by the client, used by the client and server to associate messages and responses between a client and a server. Secs secs 2 Filled in by client, seconds elapsed since client began address acquisition or renewal process. Flags flags 2 Flags (see figure 2). Ciaddr ciaddr 4 Client IP address; only filled in if client is in BOUND, RENEW or REBINDING state and can respond to ARP requests. Yiaddr yiaddr 4 your (client) IP address. Siaddr siaddr 4 IP address of next server to use in bootstrap; returned in DHCPOFFER, DHCPACK by server. Giaddr giaddr 4 Relay agent IP address, used in booting via a relay agent. Chaddr chaddr 16 Client hardware address. Sname sname 64 Optional server host name, null terminated string. File file 128 Boot file name, null terminated string; "generic" name or null in DHCPDISCOVER, fully qualified directory-path name in DHCPOFFER. IsDhcp isDhcp 4 Controls whether the packet is BOOTP or DHCP. DHCP conatains the "magic cookie" of 4 bytes. 0x63 0x82 0x53 0x63. DHO_*code Optional parameters field. See the options documents for a list of defined options. See Net::DHCP::Constants. Padding padding * Optional padding at the end of the packet See below methods for values and syntax descrption. Note: DHCP options are created in the same order as key-value pairs..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Address Client Create A Dhcp Ip Address Libraries Netdhcppacket New Packet Perl Module Rfc To Create
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 21.5 KB
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