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File::Drawing 0.01

  Date Added: July 09, 2010  |  Visits: 750


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File::Drawing release, revise and retrieve contents to/from a drawing program module. SYNOPSIS ########## # Subroutine interface # use File::Drawing qw( dod_date dod_drawing_number number2pm pm2number obsolete broken backup); $date = dod_date($sec, $min, $hour, $day, $month, $year); $drawing_number = dod_drawing_number( ); $pm = number2pm($drawing_number, $repository); $drawing_number = pm2number($drawing_number, $repository); $old_value = config( $option ); $old_value = config( $option => $new_value); (@all_options) = config( ); obsolete($drawing_number, $repository); broken($drawing_number, $repository); ($file, $backup_file) = backup($drawing_number, $repository, $dir); ###### # Class Interface # use File::Drawing; $default_options = defaults(@options); $old_value = $default_options->config( $option ); $old_value = $default_options->config( $option => $new_value); (@all_options) = $default_options->config( ); $drawing = new File::Drawing($contents, $white_tape, $pod, $file_contents, $drawing_number, $repository); $drawing = File::Drawing->retrieve($drawing_number, @options); $error = $drawing->release(@options); $error = $drawing->revise(@options); $date = $drawing->dod_date($sec, $min, $hour, $day, $month, $year); $drawing_number = $$drawing->dod_drawing_number( ); $pm = $drawing->number2pm($drawing_number, $repository); $drawing_number = $drawing->pm2number($drawing_number, $repository); $drawing->obsolete($drawing_number, $repository); $drawing->broken($drawing_number, $repository); ($file, $backup_file) = $drawing->backup($drawing_number, $repository, $dir); Generally, if a subroutine will process a list of options, @options, that subroutine will also process an array reference, @options, [@options], or hash reference, %options, {@options}. If a subroutine will process an array reference, @options, [@options], that subroutine will also process a hash reference, %options, {@options}. See the description for a subroutine for details and exceptions. The File::Drawing program module uses American National Standards for drawings as a model for storing data. Commercial, governement and casual orgainizations have stored information over the centuries as drawings. Drawings probably evolved from the census that the Romans rulers, started back when Rome was a little frontier town. In other words, the practices of the drafting displines have evolved over time and have stood the test of time. Any deviation must be a crystal clear advantage. Many of the practices are in place to avoid common and costly human mistakes that obviously a computerize drafting system will not make. A good approach is to make the computerized data structure optimum for computers and have the computer render the computerized data into a form that meets the drafting standards. The File::Drawing program module, uses the Perl program module name as a drawing repository, drawing number combination. The contents of the drawing is contained in the program module file. The < File::Drawing > program module established methods to retrieve contents from a program module drawing file, create an Perl drawing object with the contents, and methods to release and revise the contents in a program module drawing file from a Perl drawing object. Other popular methods for computerize date are the SQL and XML. Perl has a wide range of program modules using these approach. In this time in history, the Drawings are highly standardize and even subject to Internationl standarization agreements. The Drawing Sheet Size and Format conform to ANSI Y14.1-1975 or its successor. The drawing has a box with zone numbers running right to left alon the top and bottom, and zone letters running bottom to top along the sides. There is a section inside the box, lower right corner with the blocks for such things as the title, drawing number, current revision, authoriztion, and sheet number. There is an expandable four column table in the top right corner to record the revision history..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Contents Drawing Drawing Program Filedrawing Libraries Number Options Program Program Module Programming Repository
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 64.51 KB
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