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Test::STDmaker 0.23

  Date Added: November 07, 2010  |  Visits: 859


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Test::STDmaker is a Perl module to generate test scripts, demo scripts from a test description short hand. SYNOPSIS ####### # Procedural (subroutine) interface # use Test::STDmake qw(find_t_roots get_data perl_command); @t_path = find_t_paths() $date = get_date(); $myperl = perl_command(); ##### # Class interface # use Test::STDmaker $std = new Test::STDmaker( @options ); # From File::Maker $success = $std->check_db($std_pm); @t_path = $std->find_t_paths() $date = $std->get_date(); $myperl = $std->perl_command(); $std->tmake( @targets, %options ); $std->tmake( @targets ); $std->tmake( %options ); ###### # Internal (Private) Methods # $success = $std->build($std_driver_class); $success = $std->generate(); $success = $std->print($file_out); The Test::STDmaker program module provides the following capabilities: Automate Perl related programming needed to create a test script resulting in reduction of time and cost. Translate a short hand Software Test Description (STD) file into a Perl test script that eventually makes use of the Test module. Translate the sort hand STD data file into a Perl demo script that demonstrates the features of the the module under test. Provide in the POD of a STD file information required by a Military/Federal Government Software Test Description (STD) document that may easily be index and accessed by automated Test software. ISO, British Military require most of the same information, US agencies such as the FAA. The difference is that ISO, British Military do not dictate detail format. US agencies such as FAA will generally tailor down the DOD required formats. Thus, there is an extremely wide variation in the format of the same information among ISO certified comericial activities and militaries other than US. Once the information is in a POD, different translators may format nearly exactly as dictated by the end user, whether it is the US DOD, ISO certified commericial activity, British Military or whoever. By being able to provide the most demanding, which is usually US DOD, the capabilities are there for all the others. The Test::STDmaker package relieves the designer and developer from the burden of filling out word processor boiler plate templates (whether run-off, Word, or vi), counting oks, providing documentation examples, tracing tests to test requirments, making sure it is in the proper corporate, ISO or military format, and other such extremely time consuming, boring, development support tasks. Instead the designers and developers need only to fill in a form using a test description short hand. The Test::STDmaker will take it from there and automatically and quickly generate the desired test scripts, demo scripts, and test description documents. Look at the economics. It does not make economically sense to have expensive talent do this work. In does not even make economically sense to take a bright 16 year, at mimimum wage and have him manually count oks. Perl can count those oks much much cheaper and it is so easily to automated with Perl. And something like this were you are doing it year in and year out, the saving are enormous. To a program manager or contract officer, this is what programming and computers are all about, saving money and increasing productivity, not object oriented oriented programing, gotos or other such things. The Test::STDmaker class package automates the generation of Software Test Descriptions (STD) Plain Old Documentation (POD), test scripts, demonstrations scripts and the execution of the generated test scripts and demonstration scripts. It will automatically insert the output from the demonstration script into the POD -headx Demonstration section of the file being tested..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Description Dod Generate Iso Module Perl Perl Module Pod Scripts Stdmaker Test Test Scripts Teststdmaker Us
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 133.12 KB
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