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Test::Tech 0.26

  Date Added: August 23, 2010  |  Visits: 779


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Test::Tech is a Perl module that adds skip_tests and test data structures capabilities to the "Test" module. SYNOPSIS ####### # Procedural (subroutine) Interface # # (use for &Test::plan, &Test::ok, &Test::skip drop in) # use Test::Tech qw(demo finish is_skip ok ok_sub plan skip skip_sub skip_tests stringify tech_config); demo($quoted_expression, @expression); (@stats) = finish( ); $num_passed = finish( ); $skip_on = is_skip( ); ($skip_on, $skip_diag) = is_skip( ); $test_ok = ok($actual_results, $expected_results, [@options]); $test_ok = ok($actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, [@options]); $test_ok = ok($actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, $test_name, [@options]); $test_ok = ok_sub(⊂routine, $actual_results, $expected_results, [@options]); $test_ok = ok_sub(⊂routine, $actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, [@options]); $test_ok = ok_sub(⊂routine, $actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, $test_name, [@options]); $success = plan(@args); $test_ok = skip($skip_test, $actual_results, $expected_results, [@options]); $test_ok = skip($skip_test, $actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, [@options]); $test_ok = skip($skip_test, $actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, $test_name, [@options]); $test_ok = skip_sub(⊂routine, $skip_test, $actual_results, $expected_results, [@options]); $test_ok = skip_sub(⊂routine, $skip_test, $actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, [@options]); $test_ok = skip_sub(⊂routine, $skip_test, $actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, $test_name, [@options]); $skip_on = skip_tests( $on_off, $skip_diagnostic); $skip_on = skip_tests( $on_off ); $skip_on = skip_tests( ); $string = stringify($var, @options); # imported from Data::Secs2 $new_value = tech_config( $key, $old_value); ##### # Object Interface # $tech = new Test::Tech; $tech->demo($quoted_expression, @expression) (@stats) = $tech->finish( ); $num_passed = $tech->finish( ); $skip_on = $tech->is_skip( ); ($skip_on, $skip_diag) = $tech->is_skip( ); $test_ok = $tech->ok($actual_results, $expected_results, [@options]); $test_ok = $tech->ok($actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, [@options]); $test_ok = $tech->ok($actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, $test_name, [@options]); $test_ok = $tech->ok_sub(⊂routine, $actual_results, $expected_results, [@options]); $test_ok = $tech->ok_sub(⊂routine, $actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, [@options]); $test_ok = $tech->ok_sub(⊂routine, $actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, $test_name, [@options]); $success = $tech->plan(@args); $test_ok = $tech->skip($skip_test, $actual_results, $expected_results, [@options]); $test_ok = $tech->skip($skip_test, $actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, [@options]); $test_ok = $tech->skip($skip_test, $actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, $test_name, [@options]); $test_ok = $tech->skip_sub(⊂routine, $skip_test, $actual_results, $expected_results, [@options]); $test_ok = $tech->skip_sub(⊂routine, $skip_test, $actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, [@options]); $test_ok = $tech->skip_sub(⊂routine, $skip_test, $actual_results, $expected_results, $diagnostic, $test_name, [@options]); $state = $tech->skip_tests( ); $state = $tech->skip_tests( $on_off ); $state = skip_tests( $on_off, $skip_diagnostic ); $string = $tech->stringify($var, @options); # imported from Data::Secs2 $new_value = $tech->tech_config($key, $old_value); Generally, if a subroutine will process a list of options, @options, that subroutine will also process an array reference, @options, [@options], or hash reference, %options, {@options}. If a subroutine will process an array reference, @options, [@options], that subroutine will also process a hash reference, %options, {@options}. See the description for a subroutine for details and exceptions..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Actual Data Structures Expected Libraries Options Perl Module Programming Results Skip Test Test Data Testtech
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 93.18 KB
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