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SimCoupe 1.0

  Date Added: March 27, 2010  |  Visits: 941


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SimCoupe project is a SAM Coupé emulator. SimCoupe emulates the SAM Coupé, a British Z80-based home computer released in 1989 by Miles Gordon Technology. Whats New in This Release: - Added SDL port (OpenGL and regular) for Linux, BeOS, QNX, etc. - Added Pocket PC port for ARM, MIPS and SH3 devices - Added Allegro port for an updated DOS version - Added built-in GUI for all platforms without native GUI support - Added full async real disk support for 2000/XP and Linux - Added read-write EDSK support for copy-protected disks - Added formatting support within limits of disk image capabilities - Added read-only support for TD0 (TeleDisk) and SBT disk images - Added support for 9-sector Pro-DOS disk images - Added correct WD1772 CRCs to read address and read track data - Added support for deleted data address marks in track reads/formats - Added auto-boot option for disks inserted at the start-up screen - Added delay to disk image accesses, to avoid Pro-DOS bug - Added turbo-load support, for accelerated speed during disk accesses - Added preliminary debugger support, with lots of future potential - Added partial scanline support for a more natural looking display - Added support for border pixel artefacts, as used by Fred65 menu - Added support for incomplete frame drawing, needed by the debugger - Added support for using real HDD devices under Win32, Linux and OS X - Added optional automagic DOS booting of non-bootable disks - Added internal SAMDOS 2.2 image, used by automagical DOS booting - Added internal SAM ROM v3.0 image, used as the default - Added support for ZX82 and gzipped external ROM images - Added built-in support for Edwin Blinks ATOM ROM booting patches - Added support for unresponsive ASIC during first ~49ms after power-on - Added support for SDIDE and YAMOD.ATBUS hard disk interfaces - Added print-to-file support for SAM printers - Added support for swapping mouse buttons 2 and 3 - Added Alt as modifier option to function key bindings - Added missing SAM pipe symbol to keyboard map - Added option to swap function keys and numeric keypad operation - Added full HPEN and LPEN support, used by Defender and BSD demo - Added mouse-wheel support to generate cursor up/down - Added basic Vista beta 2 support by working around OS bugs - Added manifest for XP themed common controls [Win32] - Fixed ADC HL,rr incorrectly setting N flag - Fixed ADD IX/IY,rr failing to set carry for overflow, or H flag - Fixed disassembly of IN C,(C) and display of DDCB/FDCB index offsets - Fixed DAA to support all undocumented flags - Fixed ROM memory accesses to be uncontended [Dave Laundon] - Fixed contention across page boundaries [Dave Laundon] - Fixed Atom support to work correctly with latest BDOS versions - Fixed SAD support for sector sizes other than 512 bytes - Fixed index pulse to be based on disk speed rather than status reads - Fixed WD1772 sector searching so the head value is no longer compared - Fixed formatting to preserve embedded data, for Pro-DOS [thanks Steve P-T] - Fixed re-insert of same disk image losing old image changes - Fixed formatting crash when no disk present [thanks Josef Prokes] - Fixed auto-frameskip to avoid wasting time (old 25fps problem) - Fixed key-bounce issues by deferring input until mid-frame - Fixed digit input on Czech keyboards, which require a shift modifier - Fixed AltGr being seen as Ctrl-Alt on some Win9x setups - Fixed Ctrl- access to symbols [thanks Edwin Blink] - Fixed incorrect SAM palette spread, which made dark colours too bright - Fixed the PNG screenshot palette being too dark - Fixed pixel format colour issues by calculating them from bit masks - Fixed broken import/export which could crash with sizes over 16K - Fixed MIC writes not reflected back to EAR [thanks Edwin Blink] - Fixed reads from ports 0 to 15, which were always returning zero - Fixed mouse read timeout (now 50us) and timer reset on each byte read - Fixed accumulation of small mouse movements, for Legend of Eshan - Fixed external memory ports to be write-only [thanks Jiri Veleba] - Fixed autoboot to hold rather than tap F9, to avoid a 2nd boot attempt - Fixed building for 64-bit platforms [thanks Stuart Brady and Terry Froy] - Fixed disk image saving on Windows shutdown/restart [Win32] - Fixed display of mode 3 pixels in 24-bit mode [Win32] - Improved efficiency of contention table lookups [Dave Laundon] - Improved fast-boot to no longer require temporary ROM patching - Improved menu layout, adding icons and a MRU file list - Improved some overly complicated dialogs and options screens - Improved sensitivity and scaling of SAM mouse movements - Improved RAM, paging, CLUT and CPU register power-on states - Improved DAC interpolation for less harsh playback in MOD Player - Improved altforcntrl use by disabling Windows key when active [Win32] - Improved PNG screenshots to include 5:4 aspect, scanlines and greyscale - Changed to use a combined 32K ROM image instead of separate 16K files - Changed unconnected ports to return 0xff rather than 0x00 - Changed to dynamically bind to DirectX, for better error reporting - Removed dynamic Atom HDD generated from floppy images. The Official SimCoupe Homepage - MGT SAM Coupe emulator for Windows, DOS, Linux, BeOS and MacOS.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Added Dave Laundon Disk Disk Image Dos Emulators Fixed Image Improved Rom Sam Simcoupe Support System
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 942.08 KB
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