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Wolfpack 12.9.13

  Date Added: April 03, 2010  |  Visits: 1.283


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Wolfpack project is a server-side Ultima Online MMORPG software. Wolfpack is software for an Ultima Online MMORPG server. Gameplay is scripted using Python and XML. You need EAs Ultima Online to play on Wolfpack servers. The Wolfpack project is an effort to develop and maintain an open-source Ultima Online server that is secure, stable and extensible, providing users with the ability to create their own unique shards. Whats New in This Release: - ixed meditation skillcheck in mana regeneration code. - Changed GM talk color. - Implemented the onCheckVictim event. - Implemented the onDoDamage event. - Stablemasters now remove the stabled pets from the follower list. - Corpses now decay in multis too. - Implemented a walktest command for testing walking. - Fixed several other walking bugs. - Implemented onRemoteUse for checking if an object that is in the belonging - of another char may be used. First called for the using char, then for the - owner of the object. - Implemented onSnooping that is called for the owner and for the player trying to - open a container. - Fixed shop restock. - Fixed bug #0000364. (Vendors not selling items they bought) - Rewrote the vendor buy handler code. - Improved the configure script: - Translations are disabled by default now. - Cleaner output. - Fixed a bug with MySQL library reporting. - The SectorMaps singleton has been renamed to MapObjects. - The deprecated RegionIterators have been removed. - The SectorIterators have also been replaced with a much faster iterator. - The new iterators dont allocate/copy memory anymore. - The "range" lookup now looks for items within a real circle. - Multis now have their own structure, and are now separate from items. - Region calls now list online and offline chars in sperate lists. - Implemented player collision stamina loss in Felucca. - Fixed lightlevel calculation. - Fixed the pythonscript* <-> integer conversion warnings by using size_t instead. - Fixed adding items to the MapObjects. - Fixed a bug in the new ContainerCopyIterator. - Fixed movement not correctly being sent to other characters. - Fixed Multi Update range. - Added .reload muls and added a broadcast message to the reload commands. - Fixed handling of a fixed z value for spawnregions. - Fixed an exploit (dropping without dragging first) - Changed the semantics of onLogin/onLogout (character entering/leaving the world). - Added onConnect/onDisconnect (socket attaching/detaching to/from a player). - Its no longer possible to login with a char if another char in - the same account is still online. - Fixed a bug that would cause onLogout not to be called. - A skill of 100% or more in Spirit Speaking now allows you to talk - freely as a ghost and hear everything dead players have to say. - All geometrical bodies for spawnregions now support the except="true" - tag that makes the rectangle, circle or point not be included in finding - a random position within the region. - Fix with spawnregion data. UShort != UInt - Added socket.denymove to send packets to deny movement - Fixed a crashbug with invalid function names passed to .addtimer() - Added the ability to make yourself visible to other players. - Guildbutton now triggers onGuildButton(player) python event. - Fixed bug #0000376. (Stablemasters dont take money from the bank) - Added "Refresh Characters Maximum Values" setting. Setting this to "false" - will disable the automatic recalculation of Maxhitpoints/Maxmana/Maxstamina. - Added a warning in the console if translation file could not be found. - Fixed monsters not attacking players pets. - Fixed bug #0000363. (Pets dont attack a target if its already fighting) - More tag documentation in the code. - Definition Tag Cleanups. - Using skills no longer unhides by default, unhide moved to python. - Fixed a nasty bug in the map sector code which caused objects not - to be in the map objects when moved between maps. - Fixed a walking bug that caused monsters to walk trough certain objects. - type="3" in bodyinfo.xml is now correctly interpreted by the core. - Exploit bugfix for locked containers. - The status only shows the gold directly in your backpack now. (performance issues) - Added bladespirit and energyvortex ai. - Fixed a vision range bug with walking. - Fixed many compiler warnings for GCC 3.4 versions, and general warnings. - Updated SQLite to 2.8.15 and defaulted SQLite to encode data with UTF-8. - Added a new feature to random: - This will select a random value from a random list. - Added new features to container items (made list work as well): - - Disabled verdata.mul support as this is no longer included in the latest - releases of Ultima Online. Note: Commented out the source code only. - Implemented an onSelectAbility event for the weapon special moves. - Corrected the NINJITSU and BUSHIDO skill ids. - Small cleanup to wolfpack.xml: Database options follow the same option - names are are given in account options. - Implemented a "karmalock" property to player objects. If its True, the player will not - gain any positive karma anymore. - Added Commoner AI. - Fixed mul path detection on windows in release builds. - * Definition Changes: - Added the mage AI to most creatures. - Adjusted carving sheep. - Fixed leatherworkers and tanners not buying leather and hides. - Male NPCs now have a 75% chance of getting a beard when created. - Made shrink potions craftable. - Changed the color of shrink potions. - Added Tokuno includes for regions and spawnregions. - Removed the "Pink Spawn" from decoration. - Fixed skeletal steeds stats and skills. - Added stackable burned food that is used when cooking fails. - Added ranged weapons + ammo to orc scout, ratmen archer, meer captain and juka lord. - Added colored samurai armor. - Reorganized base armor categories. - New folder for defines: definitions/defines/ - Applied the index.xml branches to colored armor. - Added lightsources to fire elementals, wisps and horde minions. - Added bones to bone_magi and body parts to horde minions, zombies and others. - Added colored weapons. Note: Only the metallic weapons. - Sorted out the samurai weapons by type and fixed properties. - Ranged weapons set to 10 instead of 12. - Price fixes for arrows/bolts. - Fixed potion kegs. - Gave guards colored hair. - NPC skill defines are now: value - Gold now has weight. - Corrected the bushido and ninjitsu skill ids. - All mounts now have the event npc.mount - * Python Script Changes: - Fixed bug #0000369. (Equip possible although item.movable = 3) - Fixed bug #0000361. (Pets dont follow trough gate) - Added xoffset, yoffset and zoffset to socket.attachmultitarget. (housing.deed) - Fixed a runebook bug. (Refuses to work when full) - Rewrote parts of the runebook. - Added support for creature based poison immunity. - Added support for hit based poisoning. - Fixed several bugs in lumberjacking. - Chars will now get revealed when using training dummy or archery butte. - Fixed blood created at carving not decaying for a long time. - Fixed fishing pole not wearing out. - Fixed gainfactor for skills always beeing 1.0 - Fixed a skill check bug with lumberjacking. - Implemented shrink potions. - Fixed the tooltip of alchemy tools not being resend. - Fixed the input system trying to call not existent scripts. - Fixed the color of shrunken pets. - Implemented shrink command. - Implemented telem command. - Added onConnect to system.players - Fixes for - Guild button now opens guildstone menu by default. - Fixed resistances for dragon scale armors. - Fixed the open door macro. - Fixed bug #0000310. (Invis spell duration too brief, Players will now be able to use stealth - if they are hidden by the invisibility spell, even if they dont have 80.0 Hiding ) - Fixed bug #0000321. (Info Gump not setting boolean values to True if input is 1) - Poisoning now accepts stacked potions. - Reorganized the potion scripts. - Added possibility to cut bone parts into usable bones using scissors. - Fixed potion kegs. - Added tilecolorz command. Same as tilecolor, but limited to one z coordinate. - Added nukez command. Same as nuke, but limited to one z coordinate. - Added tilemove command. - Increased energyvortex and bladespirit casting time. - Implemented the bleeding wound system. - Implemented the weapon special moves. - Implemented the SelfRepair item property. - Implemented the Enhance Potions item property. - Implemented the Splash Damage item properties. - Implemented the On Hit spell effect item properties. - Implemented support for dispel difficulty/dispel focus (see playguide). - Enabled tithing of gold, resurrection and karma locking at ankhs. - * Misc. Changes: - FAQ Updates. - Now compiling with the KDE Cygwin QT version on Windows. ( - Updated the gm tool a little. It now has support for the samurai empire maps. - In addition to fixing some bugs, it also has an experimental region rectangle generator - on the settings tab. - * Known Issues, Bugs, and Missing Features: - Some skills are still incomplete. - Spawn regions are incomplete. - We welcome donated OSI-like spawn scripts! - Town/World regions are incomplete. - We welcome donated OSI-like region scripts! - Possible that a few monsters are missing and/or incomplete. - Multis (Houses/Boats) are not currently supported..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Added Fixed Fixed Bug Games Implemented Online Online Mmorpg Rpg Ultima Ultima Online Ultima Online Mmorpg Wolfpack
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware
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