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ShiftJIS::Regexp 1.00

  Date Added: May 24, 2010  |  Visits: 917


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ShiftJIS::Regexp contains regular expressions in Shift-JIS. SYNOPSIS use ShiftJIS::Regexp qw(:all); match($string, p{Hiragana}{2}p{Digit}{2}); match($string, pH{2}pD{2}); # these two are equivalent: This module provides some functions to use regular expressions in Shift-JIS on the byte-oriented perl. The legal Shift-JIS character in this module must match the following regular expression: [x00-x7FxA1-xDF]|[x81-x9FxE0-xFC][x40-x7Ex80-xFC] To avoid false matching in multibyte encoding, this module uses anchoring technique to ensure each matching position places at the character boundaries. cf. perlfaq6, "How can I match strings with multibyte characters?" Functions re(PATTERN) re(PATTERN, MODIFIER) Returns a regular expression parsable by the byte-oriented perl. PATTERN is specified as a string. MODIFIER is specified as a string. Modifiers in the following list are allowed. i case-insensitive pattern (only for ascii alphabets) I case-insensitive pattern (greek, cyrillic, fullwidth latin) j hiragana-katakana-insensitive pattern (but halfwidth katakana are not considered.) s treat string as single line m treat string as multiple lines x ignore whitespace (i.e. [x20nrtf]) unless backslashed or inside a character class; but comments are not recognized! o once parsed (not compiled!) and the result is cached internally. o modifier while ( ) { print replace($_, (perl), $1, igo); } is more efficient than while ( ) { print replace($_, (perl), $1, ig); } because in the latter case the pattern is parsed every time whenever the function is called. match(STRING, PATTERN) match(STRING, PATTERN, MODIFIER) An emulation of m// operator aware of Shift-JIS. But, to emulate @list = $string =~ m/PATTERN/g, the pattern should be parenthesized (capturing parentheses are not added automatically). @list = match($string, pH, g); # wrong; returns garbage! @list = match($string,(pH),g); # good PATTERN is specified as a string. MODIFIER is specified as a string. i,I,j,s,m,x,o please see re(). g match globally z tell the function the pattern matches an empty string (sorry, due to the poor auto-detection) replace(STRING or SCALAR REF, PATTERN, REPLACEMENT) replace(STRING or SCALAR REF, PATTERN, REPLACEMENT, MODIFIER) An emulation of s/// operator but aware of Shift-JIS. If a reference to a scalar is specified as the first argument, substitutes the referent scalar and returns the number of substitutions made. If a string (not a reference) is specified as the first argument, returns the substituted string and the specified string is unaffected. MODIFIER is specified as a string. i,I,j,s,m,x,o please see re(). g,z please see match(). jsplit(PATTERN or ARRAY REF of [PATTERN, MODIFIER], STRING) jsplit(PATTERN or ARRAY REF of [PATTERN, MODIFIER], STRING, LIMIT) An emulation of CORE::split but aware of Shift-JIS. In scalar/void context, it does not split into the @_ array; in scalar context, only returns the number of fields found. PATTERN is specified as a string. But as PATTERN has no special meaning; it splits the string on a single space similarly to CORE::split / /. When you want to split the string on whitespace, pass an undefined value as PATTERN or use the splitspace() function. jsplit(undef, " x81x40 This is x81x40 perl."); splitspace(" x81x40 This is x81x40 perl."); # (This, is, perl.) If you want to pass pattern with modifiers, specify an arrayref of [PATTERN, MODIFIER] as the first argument. You can also use "Embedded Modifiers"). MODIFIER is specified as a string. i,I,j,s,m,x,o please see re(). splitspace(STRING) splitspace(STRING, LIMIT) This function emulates CORE::split( , STRING, LIMIT). It returns a list given by split STRING on whitespace including "x81x40" (IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE). Leading whitespace characters do not produce any field. Note: splitspace(STRING, LIMIT) is equivalent to jsplit(undef, STRING, LIMIT). splitchar(STRING) splitchar(STRING, LIMIT) This function emulates CORE::split(//, STRING, LIMIT). It returns a list given by split of STRING into characters. Note: splitchar(STRING, LIMIT) is equivalent to jsplit(, STRING, LIMIT)..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Core Jis Libraries Limit Match Modifier Pattern Ref Regular Regular Expressions Shiftjis Shiftjisregexp Specified String
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 35.84 KB
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