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libhtmlTemplate 1.1.0

  Date Added: June 26, 2010  |  Visits: 426


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libhtmlTemplate, is a library to aid developers to separate content from code. libhtmlTemplate is very simple, small and easy to use, its my first c++ project, so any feedback with the purpose of helping to improve the library is welcome as well as any bug report and feature request, ill be glad to help in what i can, and know. Examples: #include < htmlTemplate.h > int main(int argc, char **argv) { // There are three ways of instatiating a Template object // This is the generic one Template t; // This one, predefines on instatiation the default path where the templates are Template t_w_path("/var/www/html/templates"); // This one, predefines the path, and the template file Template t_w_file_path("/var/www/html/template", "index.tpt"); // When you instatiate the template object as the generic one, // the dir and file are the default ./ and index.tpt so // if you want to change them, you must use the following methods // Set the template dir t.setDir("/var/www/mytemplatedir"); // Set the template file t.setTemplate("mytemplate.tpt"); // Now you are ready to replace the predefined template values, with the ones you want // Suppose you have a tag in the template, {{MYVALUE}} // to place your value in his location just use addText(), notice the absense of {{ & }} t.addText("MYVALUE", "This is my text"); // Now you can automatically display the result by calling playTemplate cout << "Using playTemplate" << endl << t.playTemplate() << endl; // Lets suppose you have in the index.tpt a tag called {{MYBLOCK}} (on the t_w_file_path object) // and you want to place there the content of a parsed template, lets say mytemplate.tpt, // simple, use the evaluateTemplate method, like this cout << "Using evaluateTemplate" << endl; t_w_file_path.addText("MYBLOCK", t.evaluateTemplate); cout << t_w_file_path.playTemplate() << endl; // simple right? // there are also some util methods in case you ever need // Returns the current defined dir cout << "t object -> dir: " << t.getDir() << endl; // Returns the current defined file cout << "t object -> file: " << t.getTemplate() << endl; // Returns the value defined for a tag cout << "t object -> MYVALUE: " << t.getText("MYVALUE") << endl; // now for all the other objects cout << "t_w_path object -> dir: " << t_w_path.getDir() << endl; cout << "t_w_path object -> file: " << t_w_path.getTemplate() << endl; cout << "t_w_file_path object -> dir: " << t_w_file_path.getDir() << endl; cout << "t_w_file_path object -> file: " << t_w_file_path.getTemplate() << endl; // There is also another one that it has not much use for you, // i used it only for debugging purposes // Dumps the template file cout << "t object Template file: " << endl; cout << t.dumpFile() << endl; return 0; } Whats New in This Release: - libhtmlTemplate: Patch by Brian Hsu to compile with GCC 3.X versions.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Aid File Libhtmltemplate Libraries Library One Path Programming Template
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