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Featherweight Linux 1.3

  Date Added: January 05, 2010  |  Visits: 1.511

Featherweight Linux

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Featherweight Linux is my Live-CD installable Linux distribution that I remastered from Feather Linux, which is built on knoppix technology. Youll find some great people over at Feather and you can find some good documentation there. Their goal is to make a light and fast Linux with a very small footprint that can be installed on USB pen drives and such. My goal is a bit different. I want a full featured Linux that isnt bloated with a kazillion gigs of crap that Ill never use. I want a small footprint that is light and fast, even on older machines, but still carries a knockout punch. So I took Feather and stripped out a bunch of apps that I never even thought of using. I wanted to make an easy to understand desktop that was compatible and easily configurable with the latest apps being developed, so I removed all of the window managers and installed a minimal KDE 3.3 desktop. I included the most popular internet apps like the Mozilla Suite complete with plugins, Gaim, Gftp etc... I added full printer support and wifi support. In my test environment, it automatically detects and configures both my network printer (HP PSC 1210)and my linksys wireless card. Hopefully, itll do the same for you. It is debian based so I installed Synaptic for easy upgrading and totally FREE software management. Customizing your own system with the software that you want is only a few clicks away. In its current state, the ISO is about 240mb and the HDD install is about 700mb, which is about 1/4 of all the other overweight distros out there. Once you install it, you can install OpenOffice and a bunch of other stuff if you need it, but I just wanted to make a good solid functional base so you can build your own system if you want. Featherweight is intended for novice users with "some" linux experience, intermediate users, and experienced linux users alike. It has a pretty straight forward install but you should know linux and HDD partitioning basics before trying to install it. Packages included are: - aalib1 1.4p5-22 ascii art library - abcde 2.2.3-1 A Better CD Encoder - acpi 0.07-1 displays information on ACPI devices - adduser 3.52 Add and remove users and groups - alsa-base 1.0.8-6 ALSA driver configuration files - alsa-headers 1.0.4-3 ALSA sound driver header files - alsa-oss 1.0.8-1 ALSA wrapper for OSS applications - alsa-utils 1.0.8-3 ALSA utilities - amap 4.5-2 Network protocol probing tool - antiword 0.35-1 Converts MS Word files to text and ps - apmd 3.2.2-1 Utilities for Advanced Power Management (APM - apt 0.5.24 Advanced front-end for dpkg - apt-utils APT utility programs - ash-knoppix 0.2-4 A smaller version of the Bourne shell enhanc - aterm 0.4.2-3 Afterstep XVT - a VT102 emulator for the X w - autofs 3.9.99-4.0.0pr A kernel-based automounter for Linux - automount-knop 0.5-4 Auto-generate autofs(5) lines on demand - base-files 3.0.15 Debian base system miscellaneous files - base-passwd 3.5.7 Debian base system master password and group - bash 2.05b-14 The GNU Bourne Again SHell - bc 1.06-17 The GNU bc arbitrary precision calculator la - bcrypt 1.1-2 Cross platform file encryption utility - binutils 2.15-5 The GNU assembler, linker and binary utiliti - bridge-utils 0.9.6-5 Utilities for configuring the Linux 2.4 brid - bsdutils 2.12-7 Basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite - bvi 1.3.1-2 binary file editor - bzip2 1.0.2-1 A high-quality block-sorting file compressor - catdoc 0.93.4-1 MS-Word to TeX or plain text converter - cd-discid 0.9-1 CDDB DiscID utility - cdparanoia 3a9.8-11 An audio extraction tool for sampling CDs. - cdrdao 1.1.9-3 Disk-At-Once (DAO) recording of audio and da - cdrecord 2.0+a27-1 command line CD writing tool - checkmem 0.5-2 Simple script to check if enough memory is a - cloop-module 2.01-3 The compressed loopback block device kernel hi cloop-utils 2.01-3 Tools for handling with cloop compressed vol - console-common 0.7.41 Basic infrastructure for text console config - console-data 2002.12.04dbs- Keymaps, fonts, charset maps, fallback table - console-tools 0.2.3dbs-52 Linux console and font utilities - coreutils 5.0.91-2 The GNU core utilities - cpio 2.5-1.1 GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of - cpp 3.3.3-3 The GNU C preprocessor (cpp) - cpp-3.3 3.3.5-4 The GNU C preprocessor - cron 3.0pl1-86 management of regular background processing - csh 20020413-1 Shell with C-like syntax, standard login she - cupsys 1.1.23-7 Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - server - cupsys-client 1.1.23-7 Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - client pro - curl 7.9.5-1 Get a file from an FTP, GOPHER, HTTP or HTTP - dd-rescue 1.02-1 error-tolerant version of dd for rescuing da - debconf 1.4.25 Debian configuration management system - debconf-i18n 1.4.25 full internationalization support for debcon - debconf-utils 1.4.41 debconf utilities - debhelper 4.2.28 helper programs for debian/rules - debianutils 2.13.0 Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian - deborphan 1.7.1 Find orphaned libraries - defoma 0.11.8 Debian Font Manager -- automatic font config - dhcp3-common 3.0+3.0.1rc13- Common files used by all the dhcp3* packages - dialog 0.9b-20040421- Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from she - dictionaries-c 0.24.5 Common utilities for spelling dictionary too - diff 2.8.1-6 File comparison utilities - dillo 0.8.3-1 GTK-based web browser - dnsmasq 2.13-1 A small caching DNS proxy and DHCP server. - docbook-xml 4.3-1.1 standard XML documentation system, for softw - dosfstools 2.10-1 Utilities to create and check MS-DOS FAT fil - dpkg 1.10.21 Package maintenance system for Debian - dpkg-dev 1.10.25 Package building tools for Debian - dselect 1.10.21 a user tool to manage Debian packages - dsniff 2.4b1-8 Various tools to sniff network traffic for c - e2fslibs 1.35-6 The EXT2 filesystem libraries - e2fsprogs 1.35-6 The EXT2 file system utilities and libraries - eject 2.0.13deb-3 ejects CDs and operates CD-Changers under Li - enscript 1.6.4-7 Converts ASCII text to Postscript, HTML, RTF - esound-common 0.2.29-1 Enlightened Sound Daemon - Common files - etcskel-knoppi 0.6-28 Skeleton files for all user - ethereal 0.10.8-1 Network traffic analyzer - ethereal-commo 0.10.8-1 Network traffic analyser (common files) - ethtool 1.8-2 Display or change ethernet card settings - ettercap 0.7.0-1 Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for - ettercap-commo 0.7.0-1 Common support files and plugins for etterca - expect 5.42.1-1.2 A program that "talks" to other programs - fbset 2.1-14 framebuffer device maintenance program - fdflush 1.0.1-11 Flush out-of-date disk buffers - fdisk-udeb 2.11u-3 Partition a hard drive (manual, cfdisk) - fdutils 5.4-20030718-3 Linux floppy utilities - feather-captiv 1-2 Converted Slackware tgz package - feather-lprng 3.8.22 Feather Linux-specific lprng package. - feather-x 0.5 Standard Feather Linux Kdrive X servers pack - fetchmail 6.2.5-7 SSL enabled POP3, APOP, IMAP mail gatherer/f - file 4.07-2 Determines file type using "magic" numbers - findutils 4.1.20-3 utilities for finding files--find, xargs, an - flashplayer-mo 7.0.25-woody0. Macromedia Flash Player - flashplugin-no 7.0.25-5 Macromedia Flash Player plugin installer - fontconfig 2.2.2-2 generic font configuration library - foomatic-db 20050218-1 printer support - database - foomatic-db-en 3.0.2-20050218 printer support - programs - foomatic-db-hp 1.5-20050118-1 printer support - database - foomatic-filte 3.0.2-20050114 printer support - filters - freenx 0.2.7-1 FreeNX application/thin-client server based - gaim 1.1.0-1 multi-protocol instant messaging client - gcc-3.3-base 3.3.5-4 The GNU Compiler Collection (base package) - gcombust 0.1.55-1.1 GTK+ based CD mastering and burning program - gdk-imlib1 1.9.14-2 Gdk-Imlib is an imaging library for use with - genliloconf 0.1-3 simple utility for auto-generating of lilo.c - gettext 0.14.1-6 GNU Internationalization utilities - gettext-base 0.14.1-6 GNU Internationalization utilities for the b - gftp 2.0.18-3 X/GTK+ FTP client - gftp-common 2.0.18-3 shared files for other gFTP packages - gftp-gtk 2.0.18-3 X/GTK+ FTP client - gftp-text 2.0.18-3 colored FTP client using GLib - giftcurs 0.6.2-2 text-based interface to the giFT file-sharin - gkrellm 2.2.4-1 Multiple stacked system monitors: 1 process - gkrellm-common 2.2.4-1 Multiple stacked system monitors: 1 process - gksu 1.2.4-1 graphical frontend to su - gnupod-tools 0.94rc1-1 A collection of Perl-scripts for iPod - gpart 0.1h-4 Guess PC disk partition table, find lost par - grep 2.5.1.ds1-2 GNU grep, egrep and fgrep - grep-dctrl 2.1.3 Grep Debian package information - grub 0.95+cvs200406 GRand Unified Bootloader - grun 0.9.2-9 GTK based Run dialog - gs-common 0.3.6-0.1 Common files for different Ghostscript relea - gs-gpl 8.01-5 The GPL Ghostscript PostScript interpreter - gscanbus 0.7.1-4 scan IEEE1394 (firewire/ bus - gsfonts 8.14+v8.11-0.1 Fonts for the Ghostscript interpreter(s) - gtkrecover 0.3-9 GUI for recover - gzip 1.3.5-7 The GNU compression utility - hdparm 5.5-2 Tune hard disk parameters for high performan - hfsplus 1.0.4-6 tools to access HFS+ formatted volumes - hicolor-icon-t 0.7-1 default fallback theme for i - hostap-utils 0.1.3-1 Utility programs for Host AP driver for Inte - hostname 2.13 A utility to set/show the host name or domai - hotplug 0.0.20040329-8 Linux Hotplug Scripts - hotplug-knoppi 0.5-7 hotplug handler for KNOPPIX - hotplug-utils 0.0.20020401-4 Linux Hotplug utility programs - hpijs 2.0.1+0.8.7-4 HP Linux Printing and Imaging - gs IJS drive - hping2 2.rc2-5 Active Network Smashing Tool - html2text 1.3.2a-1 An advanced HTML to text converter - hwdata-knoppix 0.107-8 hardware identification / configuration data - hwsetup 1.0-14 Automatic hardware setup using the kudzu lib - iftop 0.16-1 Display bandwidth usage on an interface - ifupdown 0.6.4-4.8 High level tools to configure network interf - imlib-base 1.9.14-16 Common files needed by the Imlib/Gdk-Imlib p - intltool-debia 0.30+20040213 Help i18n of RFC822 compliant config files - iproute 20010824-13 Professional tools to control the networking - iptables 1.2.11-10 Linux kernel 2.4+ iptables administration to - ipw2100-nonfre 0.1-1 IPW2100 wireless device firmware files from - isapnptools 1.26-2 ISA Plug-And-Play configuration utilities. - john 1.6-33 An active password cracking tool - k3b 0.11.20-2 A sophisticated KDE cd burning application - k3blibs 0.11.20-2 The KDE cd burning application library - run - kappfinder 3.3.2-1 KDE Application Finder - kate 3.3.2-1 KDE Advanced Text Editor - kbdconfig 0.5-3 Lightweight keyboard configuration tool for - kcontrol 3.3.2-1 KDE Control Center - kdebase 3.3.2-1 KDE Base metapackage - kdebase-bin 3.3.2-1 KDE Base (binaries) - kdebase-data 3.3.2-1 KDE Base (shared data) - kdebase-kio-pl 3.3.2-1 KDE I/O Slaves - kdelibs-bin 3.3.2-3 KDE core binaries - kdelibs-data 3.3.2-3 KDE core shared data - kdelibs4 3.3.2-3 KDE core libraries - kdenetwork-fil 3.3.2-1 KDE Network Filesharing Configuration - kdepasswd 3.3.2-1 KDE password changer - kdeprint 3.3.2-1 KDE Print - kdesktop 3.3.2-1 KDE Desktop - kdm 3.3.2-1 KDE Display Manager - kernel-image-2 10.00.Custom Linux kernel binary image for version 2.4.27 - kfind 3.3.2-1 KDE File Find Utility - khelpcenter 3.3.2-1 KDE Help Center - kicker 3.3.2-1 KDE Desktop Panel - kismet 2004.04.R1-5 Wireless 802.11b monitoring tool - klipper 3.3.2-1 KDE Clipboard - klogd 1.4.1-14 Kernel Logging Daemon - kmenuedit 3.3.2-1 KDE Menu Editor - knoppix-remoun 0.5-3 Minimalistic script for r/w remount of parti - konqueror 3.3.2-1 KDEs advanced File Manager, Web Browser and - konqueror-nspl 3.3.2-1 Netscape plugin support for Konqueror - konsole 3.3.2-1 KDE X terminal emulator - kpager 3.3.2-1 KDE Desktop Pager - kpersonalizer 3.3.2-1 KDE Personalizer - ksmserver 3.3.2-1 KDE Session Manager - ksplash 3.3.2-1 KDE Splash Screen - ksysguard 3.3.2-1 KDE System Guard - ksysguardd 3.3.2-1 KDE System Guard Daemon - ktip 3.3.2-1 Kandalfs Useful Tips - kwifimanager 3.3.2-1 KDE Wireless Lan Manager - kwin 3.3.2-1 KDE Window Manager - less 381-3 Pager program similar to more - liba52-0.7.4 0.7.4-1 Library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams. - libacl1 2.2.23-1 Access control list shared library - libadns1 1.0-8.2 Asynchronous-capable DNS client library and - libao2 0.8.5-1 Cross Platform Audio Output Library - libapm1 3.2.2-1 Library for interacting with APM driver in k - libart-2.0-2 2.3.17-1 Library of functions for 2D graphics - runti - libarts1 1.3.2-2 aRts Sound system - libartsc0 1.3.2-1 aRts Sound system C support library - libasound2 1.0.8-2 ALSA library - libaspell15 0.60.2+2005012 The GNU Aspell spell-checker runtime toolkit - libatk1.0-0 1.8.0-4 The ATK accessibility toolkit - libatm1 2.4.1-15 shared library for ATM (Asynchronous Transfe - libattr1 2.4.16-1 Extended attribute shared library - libaudio2 1.6c-3 The Network Audio System (NAS). (shared libr - libaudiofile0 0.2.6-3 Open-source version of SGIs audiofile libra - libavcodeccvs 20050222-0.0 library to encode decode multimedia streams - libblkid1 1.35-6 Block device id library - libbz2-1.0 1.0.2-1 A high-quality block-sorting file compressor - libc6 2.3.2.ds1-20 GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone - libcap1 1.10-14 support for getting/setting POSIX.1e capabil - libcdparanoia0 3a9.8-11 Shared libraries for cdparanoia (runtime lib - libcomerr2 1.35-6 The Common Error Description library - libcompfaceg1 1989.11.11-24 Compress/decompress images for mailheaders, - libconsole 0.2.3dbs-52 Shared libraries for Linux console and font - libcupsimage2 1.1.23-7 Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - image libs - libcupsys2-gnu 1.1.23-7 Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - libs - libcurl2 7.11.2-1 Multi-protocol file transfer library, now wi - libdb1-compat 2.1.3-7 The Berkeley database routines [glibc 2.0/2. - libdb2 The Berkeley database routines (run-time fil - libdb3 3.2.9-19.1 Berkeley v3 Database Libraries [runtime] - libdb4.2 4.2.52-16 Berkeley v4.2 Database Libraries [runtime] - libdevmapper1. 1.00.17-1 The Linux Kernel Device Mapper userspace lib - libdevmapper1. 1.01.00-1 The Linux Kernel Device Mapper userspace lib - libdirectfb-0. 0.9.20-4 frame buffer graphics library - libdivxdecore0 5.0.1-1 DivX MPEG-4 Codec - decoder library - libdockapp1 0.4.0-8 Window Maker Dock App support (shared librar - libdps1 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 Display PostScript (DPS) client library - libdv2 0.99-1 A software library for DV format digital vid - libdv4 0.103-2 software library for DV format digital video - libdvdcss2 1.2.8-0.0 Simple foundation for reading DVDs - runtime - libdvdread3 0.9.4-4 Simple foundation for reading DVDs - libenchant1 1.1.4+cvs.2004 a wrapper library for various spell checker - libesd0 0.2.29-1 Enlightened Sound Daemon - Shared libraries - libexif10 0.6.9-4 The EXIF library allows you to parse an EXIF - libexpat1 1.95.8-1 XML parsing C library - runtime library - libfaac0 1.24-0.3 an AAC audio encoder - library files - libfaad2-0 2.0.0-0.2 Freeware Advanced Audio Decoder - runtime fi - libfam0c102 2.7.0-5 client library to control the FAM daemon - libflac++4 1.1.1-5 Free Lossless Audio Codec - C++ runtime libr - libflac4 1.1.0-11 Free Lossless Audio Codec - runtime C librar - libflac6 1.1.1-5 Free Lossless Audio Codec - runtime C librar - libfontconfig1 2.2.2-2 generic font configuration library (shared l - libfreetype6 2.1.7-2 FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files - libfribidi0 0.10.4-6 Free Implementation of the Unicode BiDi algo - libgcc1 3.4.3-5 GCC support library - libgcrypt1 1.1.12-4 LGPL Crypto library - runtime library - libgcrypt11 1.2.0-11 LGPL Crypto library - runtime library - libgdbm3 1.8.3-2 GNU dbm database routines (runtime version) - libgdk-pixbuf2 0.22.0-7 The GdkPixBuf image library, gtk+ 1.2 versio - libggi2 2.0.5-1 General Graphics Interface runtime libraries - libgii0-target 0.8.5-2 General Input Interface X input target - libgimpprint1 4.2.7-5 The Gimp-Print printer driver library - libgksu1.2-0 1.2.5a-1 library providing su and sudo functionality - libgksuui1.0-0 1.0.3-2 a graphical fronted to su library - libglade2-0 2.4.2-2 library to load .glade files at runtime - libglib-perl 1.062-1 Perl interface to the GLib and GObject libra - libglib1.2 1.2.10-9 The GLib library of C routines - libglib2.0-0 2.6.2-1 The GLib library of C routines - libgmp3 4.1.4-5 Multiprecision arithmetic library - libgnutls11 1.0.16-13 GNU TLS library - runtime library - libgnutls7 0.8.12-5 GNU TLS library - runtime library - libgpg-error0 1.0-1 library for common error values and messages - libgpmg1 1.19.6-19 General Purpose Mouse - shared library - libgtk1.2 1.2.10-16 The GIMP Toolkit set of widgets for X - libgtk1.2-comm 1.2.10-16 Common files for the GTK+ library - libgtk2-perl 1.062-1 Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gimp - libgtk2.0-0 2.6.2-4 The GTK+ graphical user interface library - libgtk2.0-bin 2.6.2-4 The programs for the GTK+ graphical user int - libgtk2.0-comm 2.6.2-4 Common files for the GTK+ graphical user int - libgtkspell0 2.0.8-1 a spell-checking addon for GTKs TextView wi - libgucharmap4 1.4.0-1 Unicode browser widget library (shared libra - libhfsp0 1.0.4-6 shared library to access HFS+ formatted volu - libhtml-parser 3.45-1 A collection of modules that parse HTML text - libhtml-tagset 3.04-1 Data tables pertaining to HTML - libhtml-tree-p 3.18-1 represent and create HTML syntax trees - libice6 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 Inter-Client Exchange library - libid3-3.8.3 3.8.3-4.1 Library for manipulating ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag - libid3tag0 0.15.0b-3.1 ID3 tag reading library from the MAD project - libidl0 0.8.3-1 library for parsing CORBA IDL files - libidn11 0.5.13-0.1 GNU libidn library, implementation of IETF I - libimlib2 1.1.2-1 powerful image loading and rendering library - libiw27 27-2 Wireless tools - library - libjack0.80.0- 0.99.0-6 JACK Audio Connection Kit (libraries) - libjasper-1.70 1.701.0-2 The JasPer JPEG-2000 runtime library - libjpeg62 6b-9 The Independent JPEG Groups JPEG runtime li - libkonq4 3.3.2-1 Core libraries for KDEs file manager - libkrb53 1.3.5-1 MIT Kerberos runtime libraries - liblame0 3.96.1-1 LAME Aint an MP3 Encoder - liblcms1 1.13-1 Color management library - libldap2 2.1.30-3 OpenLDAP libraries - liblircclient0 0.6.6-12 LIRC client library - liblocale-gett 1.01-17 Using libc functions for internationalizatio - libltdl3 1.5.6-2 A system independent dlopen wrapper for GNU - liblua50 5.0.2-5 Main interpreter library for the Lua 5.0 pro - liblualib50 5.0.2-5 Extension library for the Lua 5.0 programmin - liblzo1 1.08-1 A real-time data compression library - libmad0 0.15.1b-1 MPEG audio decoder library - libmagic1 4.07-2 File type determination library using "magic - libmagick6 Image manipulation library - libmng1 1.0.8-1 Multiple-image Network Graphics library - libmp3-info-pe 1.02-1 Perl MP3::Info - Manipulate / fetch info fro - libmp4-0 2.0.0-0.2 freeware Advanced Audio Decoder - runtime fi - libmyspell3 3.1-10 MySpell spellchecking library - libncurses5 5.4-3 Shared libraries for terminal handling - libncursesw5 5.4-3 Shared libraries for terminal handling (wide - libnet0 1.0.2a-7 library for the construction and handling of - libnet1 Library for the construction and handling of - libnetpbm10 10.0-8 Shared libraries for netpbm - libnewt-utf8-0 0.50.17-13 newt - text mode windowing with slang, with - libnewt0.51 0.51.6-3 Not Eriks Windowing Toolkit - text mode win - libnids1 1.19-1 IP defragmentation TCP segment reassembly li - libnspr4 1.7.5-1 Netscape Portable Runtime Library - libnss3 1.7.5-1 Network Security Service Libraries - runtime - libntfs5 1.9.0-1 Library that provides common NTFS access fun - libnxcomp0 1.4.0-m1-1 NoMachine NX - NX compression library - libnxcompext0 1.4.0-m1-1 NoMachine NX - NX compression library - libogg0 1.1.0-1 Ogg Bitstream Library - liboggflac1 1.1.0-11 Free Lossless Audio Codec - runtime C librar - libopencdk8 0.5.5-10 Open Crypto Development Kit (OpenCDK) (runti - libopenexr2 1.2.1-3 runtime files for the OpenEXR image library - libpam-modules 0.76-21 Pluggable Authentication Modules for PAM - libpam-runtime 0.76-21 Runtime support for the PAM library - libpam0g 0.76-21 Pluggable Authentication Modules library - libpango1.0-0 1.8.0-3 Layout and rendering of internationalized te - libpango1.0-co 1.8.0-3 Modules and configuration files for the Pang - libpaper1 1.1.14-3 Library for handling paper characteristics - libparted1.6-0 1.6.9-2 The GNU Parted disk partitioning shared libr - pi libpcap0.7 0.7.2-5 System interface for user-level packet captu - libpcap0.8 0.8.3-4 System interface for user-level packet captu - libpcre3 4.5-1.1 Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - libperl5.8 5.8.4-5 Shared Perl library - libpisock8 0.11.8-10 Library for communicating with a PalmOS PDA - libpng10-0 1.0.18-1 PNG library, older version - runtime - libpng12-0 1.2.8rel-1 PNG library - runtime - libpng2 1.0.15-5 PNG library, older version - runtime - libpopt0 1.7-4 lib for parsing cmdline parameters - libpostproc0 1.0-pre1.1 Mplayer postproc shared libraries - libqt3c102-mt 3.3.3-8 Qt GUI Library (Threaded runtime version), V - libraw1394-5 0.10.1-1 library for direct access to IEEE 1394 bus ( - libreadline4 4.3-10 GNU readline and history libraries, run-time - libreiserfs0.3 ReiserFS filesystem access and manipulation - libruby 1.8.2-1 Libraries necessary to run Ruby 1.8.x - libruby1.8 1.8.2-2 Libraries necessary to run the Ruby 1.8 - libsasl2 2.1.18-4 Authentication abstraction library - libscrollkeepe 0.3.14-9.1 Library to load .omf files (runtime files) - libsdl1.2debia 1.2.7+1.2.8cvs Simple DirectMedia Layer - libsdl1.2debia 1.2.7+1.2.8cvs Simple DirectMedia Layer (with X11 and OSS o - libsensors3 2.9.0-8 library to read temperature/voltage/fan sens - libslp1 1.0.11a-1 OpenSLP libraries - libsm6 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System Session Management library - libsmbclient 3.0.9-1 shared library that allows applications to t - libsnmp-base 5.1.2-6 NET SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol - libsnmp5 5.1.2-6 NET SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol - libspeex1 1.0.rel.3-1 The Speex Speech Codec - libss2 1.35-6 Command-line interface parsing library - libssl0.9.7 0.9.7d-1 SSL shared libraries - libstartup-not 0.7-1 library for program launch feedback (shared - libstdc++2.10- 2.95.4-22 The GNU stdc++ library - libstdc++5 3.3.5-4 The GNU Standard C++ Library v3 - libsvga1 1.4.3-18 console SVGA display libraries - libtasn1-0 0.1.2-1 Manage ASN.1 structures (runtime) - libtasn1-2 0.2.10-4 Manage ASN.1 structures (runtime) - libtext-charwi 0.04-1 get display widths of characters on the term - libtext-iconv- 1.2-3 Convert between character sets in Perl - libtext-wrapi1 0.06-1 internationalized substitute of Text::Wrap - libtheora0 0.0.0.alpha3-1 The Theora Video Compression Codec - libtiff3g 3.6.1-1 Tag Image File Format library - libtiff4 3.6.1-3 Tag Image File Format library - libungif4g 4.1.3-1 shared library for GIF images (runtime lib) - libunicode-str 2.07-1 Perl modules for Unicode strings - liburi-perl 1.30-1 Manipulates and accesses URI strings - libusb-0.1-4 0.1.8-11 Userspace USB programming library - libuuid1 1.35-6 Universally unique id library - libvorbis0a 1.0.1-1 The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec - libvorbisenc2 1.0.1-1 The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec - libvorbisfile3 1.0.1-1 The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec - libvte-common 0.11.11-5 Terminal emulator widget for GTK+ 2.0 - comm - libvte4 0.11.11-5 Terminal emulator widget for GTK+ 2.0 - runt - libwmf0.2-7 0.2.8-1.1 Windows metafile conversion library - libwrap0 7.6.dbs-3 Wietse Venemas TCP wrappers library - libwvstreams3- 3.75.0-1 C++ network libraries for rapid application - libwww-perl 5.803-4 WWW client/server library for Perl (aka LWP) - libx11-6 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System protocol client library - libxaw7 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Athena widget set library - libxcursor1 1.1.3-1 X cursor management library - libxext6 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System miscellaneous extension libr - libxft1 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 FreeType-based font drawing library for X (v - libxft2 2.1.1-2 advanced font drawing library for X - libxi6 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System Input extension library - libxml-dom-per 1.43-4 Perl module for building DOM Level 1 complia - libxml-libxml- 0.13-5 Perl module for common routines & constants - libxml-libxml- 1.58-0.3 Perl module for using the GNOME libxml2 libr - libxml-namespa 1.08-3 Perl module for supporting simple generic na - libxml-parser- 2.34-4 Perl module for parsing XML files - libxml-perl 0.08-1 Perl modules for working with XML - libxml-regexp- 0.03-7 Perl module for regular expressions for XML - libxml-sax-per 0.12-5 Perl module for using and building Perl SAX2 - libxml-simple- 2.14-1 Perl module for reading and writing XML - libxml2 2.6.16-3 GNOME XML library - libxmu6 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System miscellaneous utility librar - libxmuu1 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 lightweight X Window System miscellaneous ut - libxp6 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System printing extension library - libxpm4 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X pixmap library - libxrandr2 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System Resize, Rotate and Reflectio - libxrender1 0.8.3-7 X Rendering Extension client library - libxslt1.1 1.1.12-5 XSLT processing library - runtime library - libxt6 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Toolkit Intrinsics - libxtrap6 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System protocol-trapping extension - libxtst6 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System event recording and testing - libxv1 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System video extension library - libxvidcore4 1.0.2-0.0 High quality ISO MPEG4 codec library - libzvbi-common 0.2.9-2 Video Blank Interval decoder - common files - libzvbi0 0.2.9-2 Video Blank Interval decoder - runtime files - lilo 22.6.1-5 LInux LOader - The Classic OS loader can loa - linux-kernel-h 0.5-1 Symlinks to unpackaged Kernel header files f - linux-wlan-ng 0.2.0+0.2.1pre utilities for wireless prism2 cards - linux-wlan-ng- +0.2.1pre21-1 drivers for wireless prism2 cards - login 4.0.3-28 System login tools - logrotate 3.7-2 Log rotation utility - loop-aes 2.0g-1 AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Kernel mo - lsof 4.74-1 List open files. - lua50 5.0.2-1 Small embeddable language with simple proced - luasocket 2.0-alpha-2 TCP/UDP socket library for Lua 5.0 - macchanger 1.5.0-1 utility for manipulating the MAC address of - madwifi 20030910-1 Setup to use atheros wireless cards - make 3.80-9 The GNU version of the "make" utility. - makedev 2.3.1-69 Creates device files in /dev - mawk 1.3.3-11 a pattern scanning and text processing langu - menu-xdg 0.2 menu compliant window manage - mkbootfloppy-k 0.5-1 Shell(X)dialog GUI for creating a set of KNO - mkdesktophdico 0.5-2 Automatic KDE/GNOME Desktop harddisk icon cr - mkdosswapfile- 0.5-11 Shell GUI for generation of Swapfiles on DOS - mkisofs 2.0+a27-1 Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images - modconf Device Driver Configuration - modemlink-knop 0.5-5 Lightweight setup for /dev/modem - modutils 2.4.26-1.2 Linux module utilities - mount-aes 2.11x-1 Tools for mounting and manipulating filesyst - mountapp 3.0-5 Tool to (un)mount devices, dockable in WM-li - mouseconfig 0.5-2 Lightweight mouse configuration tool for Kno - mozilla 1.7.5-1 The Mozilla Internet application suite - met - mozilla-browse 1.7.5-1 The Mozilla Internet application suite - cor - mozilla-mailne 1.7.5-1 The Mozilla Internet application suite - mai - mozilla-mplaye 2.70-1 MPlayer-Plugin for Mozilla, Konqueror and Op - mozilla-psm 1.7.5-1 The Mozilla Internet application suite - Per - mpg321 A Free command-line mp3 player, compatible w - mplayer-586 1.0-pre6-0.2 The Ultimate Movie Player For Linux - mtools 3.9.9-2 Tools for manipulating MSDOS files - mtr-tiny 0.54-1 Full screen ncurses traceroute tool - myspell-en-us 20030813-3 English (US) dictionary for myspell - nano-tiny 1.2.3-1 free Pico clone with some new features - tin - nas 1.7-1 The Network Audio System (NAS). (local serve - nas-bin 1.7-1 The Network Audio System (NAS). (client bina - ncurses-base 5.4-3 Descriptions of common terminal types - ncurses-bin 5.4-3 Terminal-related programs and man pages - ndiswrapper-mo 1.1rc1@050206- Linux kernel module for NdisWrapper for 2.4. - ndiswrapper-ut 1.1rc1@050206- User space tools for ndiswrapper - net-tools 1.60-10 The NET-3 networking toolkit - netbase 4.16 Basic TCP/IP networking system - netcardconfig- 0.5-20 Minimalistic ncurses/dialog-based network co - netcat 1.10-27 TCP/IP swiss army knife - netkit-inetd 0.10-9 The Internet Superserver - netkit-ping 0.10-9 The ping utility from netkit - netpbm 10.0-8 Graphics conversion tools - networkconfig- 0.5-2 KDE/GNOME Menus for network configuration in - nfs-common 1.0.6-3 NFS support files common to client and serve - ngrep 1.40.1-3 grep for network traffic - nmap 3.75-1 The Network Mapper - nmapfe 3.50-1 The Network Mapper Front End - ntfstools 1.9.0-1 Tools for doing neat things in NTFS partitio - nxagent 1.4.0-m1-1 NoMachine NX - nesting X server with roundtr - nxclient 1.4.0-91.1 NoMachine NX - NX Client. - nxlibs 1.4.0-m1-1 NoMachine NX - common agent libraries - nxproxy 1.4.0-m1-1 NoMachine NX - X protocol compression proxy - openssl 0.9.7e-3 Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related - openvpn 1.6.0-5 Virtual Private Network daemon - orinoco 0.13e-1 Orinoco and Prism 2 wireless card driver wit - paketto 1.10-4 Unusual TCP/IP testing tools - parted-bf 1.6.9-2 The GNU Parted disk partition resizing progr - partimage 0.6.4-5 Linux/UNIX utility to save partitions in a c - passwd 4.0.3-28 Change and administer password and group dat - patch 2.5.9-2 Apply a diff file to an original - pciutils 2.1.11-11 Linux PCI Utilities (for 2.*.* kernels) - pcmcia-cs 3.2.5-3 PCMCIA Card Services for Linux - pencam 0.67-1 Download images from STV0680B-001 chip based - perl 5.8.4-5 Larry Walls Practical Extraction and Report - perl-base 5.8.4-5 The Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister - perl-modules 5.8.4-5 Core Perl modules - perlmagick A perl interface to the libMagick graphics r - playmidi 2.4debian-2 MIDI player - po-debconf 0.8.15 Manage translated Debconf templates files wi - portmap 5-3 The RPC portmapper - poster 20020830-2 Create large posters out of PostScript pages - powermgmt-base 1.20 Common utils and configs for power managemen - ppp 2.4.2+20040202 Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) daemon - ppp-scripts-kn 0.5-3 PPP connection scripts for various providers - pppconfig 2.1 A text menu based utility for configuring pp - pppoe 3.5-3 PPP over Ethernet driver - pppoeconf 1.0.16 configures PPPoE/ADSL connections - pppstatus 0.4.2-6 console-based PPP status monitor - procps 3.2.1-2 The /proc file system utilities - prozilla 1.3.6-7 Multi-threaded download accelerator - psmisc 21.4-1 Utilities that use the proc filesystem - psutils 1.17-17 A collection of PostScript document handling - pump 0.8.19-3 Simple DHCP/BOOTP client. - python 2.3.5-1 An interactive high-level object-oriented la - python2.3 2.3.5-1 An interactive high-level object-oriented la - quagga 0.98.0-3 unoff. successor of the Zebra BGP/OSPF/RIP r - rebuildfstab-k 0.5-6 fstab-rebuilder for KNOPPIX - recover 1.3c-8 Undelete files on ext2 partitions - rootshell-knop 0.5-2 Menu entry for starting a Root Shell - ruby 1.8.2-1 An interpreter of object-oriented scripting - ruby1.8 1.8.2-2 Interpreter of object-oriented scripting lan - samba-common 3.0.10-1 Samba common files used by both the server a - saveconfig-kno 0.5-13 Shell GUI for generation of a KNOPPIX config - scanpartitions 0.5-9 fstab-helper for KNOPPIX - screen 4.0.2-4.1 a terminal multiplexor with VT100/ANSI termi - scrollkeeper 0.3.14-9.1 A free electronic cataloging system for docu - sed 4.1.2-8 The GNU sed stream editor - sendfile 2.1-26 Simple Asynchronous File Transfer - setserial 2.17-36 Controls configuration of serial ports - sgml-base 1.26 SGML infrastructure and SGML catalog file su - sgml-data 2.0.2 common SGML and XML data - shared-mime-in 0.15-1 shared MIME database and spe - shellutils 5.0.91-2 The GNU shell programming utilities (transit - slang1 1.4.9dbs-8 The S-Lang programming library - runtime ver - slang1a-utf8 1.4.9-2 The S-Lang programming library with utf8 sup - smbclient 3.0.10-1 a LanManager-like simple client for Unix - smbfs 3.0.10-1 mount and umount commands for the smbfs (for - sndconfig-knop 0.57-7 Easy soundcard configuration - socat multipurpose relay for bidirectional data tr - soundcardconfi 0.5-2 Starts sndconfig as root - speedtouch 1.2-rel-1 userspace driver for the Alcatel Speedtouch - splitvt 1.6.5-6 run two programs in a split screen - ssh 3.8p1-3 Secure rlogin/rsh/rcp replacement (OpenSSH) - sshstart-knopp 0.5-2 Starts SSH and sets a password for the knopp - startsyslog-kn 0.5-1 Starts syslog server and traces content of / - sudo 1.6.7p5-1 Provide limited super user privileges to spe - sudoers-knoppi 0.5-1 /etc/sudoers for the knoppix user - synaptic 0.55+cvs200503 Graphical package manager - sysklogd 1.4.1-14 System Logging Daemon - syslinux-knopp 2.04-1 Bootloader for Linux/i386 using MS-DOS flopp - sysutils Miscellaneous small system utilities. - sysvinit 2.84-186 System-V like init with KNOPPIX scripts. - tar 1.13.93-4 GNU tar - tcc 0.9.20-2 The smallest ANSI C compiler - tcl8.4 8.4.9-1 Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.4 - run-t - tcpd 7.6.dbs-3 Wietse Venemas TCP wrapper utilities - tcpdump 3.8.3-3 A powerful tool for network monitoring and d - telnet-ssl 0.17.17+0.1-2 The telnet client with SSL encryption suppor - textutils 5.0.91-2 The GNU text file processing utilities (tran - torsmo 0.18-2 system monitor that sits in the corner of yo - traceroute 1.4a12-14 Traces the route taken by packets over a TCP - ttf-bitstream- 1.10-3 The Bitstream Vera family of free TrueType f - ucf 1.06 Update Configuration File: preserves user ch - unzip 5.50-3 De-archiver for .zip files - usbutils 0.70-1 USB console utilities - usbview 1.0-5 USB device viewer - user-profile-k 0.6-28 Skeleton files for the KNOPPIX default user - usleep-knoppix 0.5-1 sleeps for a number of microseconds, see man - util-linux 2.12-7 Miscellaneous system utilities - vorbis-tools 1.0.1-1 Several Ogg Vorbis Tools - wamerican 5-4 American English dictionary words for /usr/s - wenglish 5-4 American English dictionary words for /usr/s - wget 1.9.1-4 retrieves files from the web - whiptail 0.51.6-3 Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from she - wireless-tools 27-2 Tools for manipulating Linux Wireless Extens - wlcardconfig-k 0.5-6 Minimalistic ncurses/dialog-based WLAN confi - wvdial 1.54.0-1 PPP dialer with built-in intelligence - xbase-clients 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 miscellaneous X clients - xdialog 2.0.6-3 X11 replacement for the text util dialog - xfonts-75dpi 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 75 dpi fonts for X - xfonts-base 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 standard fonts for X - xfree86-common 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System (XFree86) infrastructure - xfs 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X font server - xfsprogs 2.6.20-1 Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem - xkbset 0.5-2 Small utility to change the AccessX settings - xlibmesa-gl 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 Mesa 3D graphics library [XFree86] - xlibmesa-glu 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 Mesa OpenGL utility library [XFree86] - xlibs 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System client libraries metapackage - xlibs-data 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System client data - xml-core 0.09 XML infrastructure and XML catalog file supp - xmms 1.2.10-1.4 Versatile X audio player that looks like Win - xmms-cdread 0.14a-11 Input plugin for XMMS that reads audio data - xmms-volnorm 0.8.1-3 XMMS plugin that gives all songs the same vo - xpaint 2.7.3-1 simple paint program for X - xpdf-common 3.00-12 Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- comm - xpdf-utils 3.00-12 Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- util - xserver-common 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 files and utilities common to all X servers - xterm 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X terminal emulator - xutils 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1 X Window System utility programs - xzgv 0.8-1 Picture viewer for X with a thumbnail-based - zlib1g compression library - runtime Whats New in This Release: - Ive upgraded e2fsprogs and e2fslibs as well as some other critical core files. - I updated the apt sources and added abiword and acroread, as well as the acroread mozilla plugin, and I added kppp. - I upgraded samba and switched the quick start konqueror and kde help buttons with a mozilla button and a konsole button. - I fixed the install script where some folks were getting a blank screen after installation and added a grub install script for easy installation of grub after the initial install. - The total installed size is now about 800mb.. business software free personals featherweight appliance store cooking equipment gas

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Common Files Common Unix Printing Common Unix Printing System Gnu Gtk Internet Application Suite Kde Lossless Audio Codec Nx Shared Libraries Unix Printing System Window System X Window X Window System Xml
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License: Freeware Size: 272 MB
Audio Tools  -  ALAC 0.1.1
ALAC comes from Apple Lossless Audio Codec, is a reference decoder for Apples lossless audio codec. The decoder has been written by reverse engineering Apples proprietory audio format. Located here is a basic decoder for Apple Lossless Audio...
14.34 KB  
Audio Encoders & Decoders  -  Free FLAC Converter 1.0
This software can help you to convert audio and video files to Free Lossless Audio Codec format, or decode FLAC files to popular audio formats. You can convert the following formats to FLAC: MP3, AAC, MID, MKA, WV, TTA, AC3, MP2, MPA, MPC, APE,...
4.85 MB  
Audio Tools  -  TwistedFLAC for Mac OS 1.0
Makes all your FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files visible as WAV files for applications that don't support this format. WAV files saved in the TwistedFLAC folder are automatically encoded, and saved as FLAC files. Automatically create FLAC...
2.3 MB  
Multimedia & Graphics  -  Tunesify Lite 1.0
Tunesify Lite is the simplest way to convert FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files into formats supported by iTunes, iPods and iPhones. FLAC files can be converted to Apple Lossless, which preserves the true CD-quality sound. Files can also be...
3.1 MB  
Multimedia & Graphics  -  TwistedFLAC 1.0
* TwistedFLAC makes all your FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files visible as WAV files for applications that don't support this format. * WAV files saved in the TwistedFLAC folder are automatically encoded, and saved as FLAC files. *...
2.3 MB  
Music  -  Flac Player
Flac Player plays FLAC, ALAC and OGG music files which you can download from your SkyDrive storage. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without...
1024 KB  
Libraries  -  Rapid Application Development Library 2.7.0
radlib is a C language library developed to abstract details of interprocess communications and common linux/unix system facilities so that application developers can concentrate on application solutions. It encourages developers (whether expert...
430.08 KB  
Programming  -  Scsh 0.6.7
Scsh is an open-source Unix shell embedded within Scheme, running on all major Unix platforms including AIX, Linux, FreeBSD, GNU Hurd, Cygwin, HP-UX, Irix, Mac OS X, Solaris, and some others. Scsh is a variant of Scheme 48 (an R5RS compliant...
4.2 MB  
Programming  -  Common Lisp Reasoner 2.0.1
The Common Lisp Reasoner extends the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) to incorporate a rule language, an XML interface, and support for AI-related search and reasoning tasks such as scheduling, planning, diagnosis and predictive reasoning.
115 KB  
Multi-Purpose Audio Players  -  CellNet 4.0
CellNet is a multi function program designed to speed up, play and simplify access to the most common files in Windows. It hides at the top of the desktop ready to be pulled down, giving the user full control. Something like a much larger version...
12.11 MB  
Linux Software  -  wpCache® WordPress HTTP Cache 1.9
wpCache® is a high-performance, distributed object, caching system application, generic in nature, but intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications, by decreasing database load time. wpCache® decreases dramatically the page...
3.51 MB  
Linux Software  -  Polling Autodialer Software 3.4
ICTBroadcast Auto Dialer software has a survey campaign for telephone surveys and polls. This auto dialer software automatically dials a list of numbers and asks them a set of questions that they can respond to, by using their telephone keypad....
488 B  
Linux Software  -  Total Video Converter Mac Free 3.5.5
Total Video Converter Mac Free developed by EffectMatrix Ltd is the official legal version of Total Video Converter which was a globally recognized brand since 2006. Total Video Converter Mac Free is a free but powerful all-in-one video...
17.7 MB  
Linux Software  -  Skeith mod_log_sql Analyzer 2.10beta2
Skeith is a php based front end for analyzing logs for Apache using mod_log_sql.
47.5 KB  
Linux Software  -  SLAX 6.0+
Slax is a modern, portable, small and fast Linux operating system with a modular approach and outstanding design. Despite its small size, Slax provides a wide collection of pre-installed software for daily use, including a well organized graphical...
190 KB  
Utilities  -  LPAR2RRD 4.95-4
LPAR2RRD collects performance data and generates actual, historical and future trends utilization graphs of your virtual environment. It is agentless (it receives everything from the management stations like vCenter or HMC). The product supports...
2.25 MB  
Utilities  -  Nessconnect 1.0.2
Nessconnect is a GUI, CLI and API client for Nessus and Nessus compatible servers. With an improved user interface, it provides local session management, scan templates, report generation through XSLT, charts and graphs, and vulnerability trending.
819.2 KB  
Utilities  -  Dynamic Power Management 2.6.16
The Dynamic Power Management (DPM) project explores technologies to improve power conservation capabilities of platforms based on open source software. Of particular interest are techniques applicable to running systems, adjusting power parameters...
30.72 KB  
Utilities  -  Ethernet bridge tables
Ethernet bridge tables - Linux Ethernet filter for the Linux bridge. The 2.4-ebtables-brnf package contains the ebtables+bridge-nf patch. Be sure to check out the ebtables hp. This site also contains the arptables userspace tool.
40.96 KB  
Utilities  -  SaraB 1.0.0
SaraB works with DAR (Disk ARchive) to schedule and rotate backups on random-access media (i.e. hard drives, CDs, DVDs, Zip, etc. Basically anything except magnetic tapes.) This reduces hassle for the administrator by providing an automatic backup...
20.48 KB