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Math::BigInt 1.87

  Date Added: May 22, 2010  |  Visits: 835


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Math::BigInt is an arbitrary size integer/float math package. SYNOPSIS use Math::BigInt; # or make it faster: install (optional) Math::BigInt::GMP # and always use (it will fall back to pure Perl if the # GMP library is not installed): # will warn if Math::BigInt::GMP cannot be found use Math::BigInt lib => GMP; # to supress the warning use this: # use Math::BigInt try => GMP; my $str = 1234567890; my @values = (64,74,18); my $n = 1; my $sign = -; # Number creation my $x = Math::BigInt->new($str); # defaults to 0 my $y = $x->copy(); # make a true copy my $nan = Math::BigInt->bnan(); # create a NotANumber my $zero = Math::BigInt->bzero(); # create a +0 my $inf = Math::BigInt->binf(); # create a +inf my $inf = Math::BigInt->binf(-); # create a -inf my $one = Math::BigInt->bone(); # create a +1 my $mone = Math::BigInt->bone(-); # create a -1 my $pi = Math::BigInt->bpi(); # returns 3 # see Math::BigFloat::bpi() $h = Math::BigInt->new(0x123); # from hexadecimal $b = Math::BigInt->new(0b101); # from binary $o = Math::BigInt->from_oct(0101); # from octal # Testing (dont modify their arguments) # (return true if the condition is met, otherwise false) $x->is_zero(); # if $x is +0 $x->is_nan(); # if $x is NaN $x->is_one(); # if $x is +1 $x->is_one(-); # if $x is -1 $x->is_odd(); # if $x is odd $x->is_even(); # if $x is even $x->is_pos(); # if $x >= 0 $x->is_neg(); # if $x < 0 $x->is_inf($sign); # if $x is +inf, or -inf (sign is default +) $x->is_int(); # if $x is an integer (not a float) # comparing and digit/sign extraction $x->bcmp($y); # compare numbers (undef,<0,=0,>0) $x->bacmp($y); # compare absolutely (undef,<0,=0,>0) $x->sign(); # return the sign, either +,- or NaN $x->digit($n); # return the nth digit, counting from right $x->digit(-$n); # return the nth digit, counting from left # The following all modify their first argument. If you want to preserve # $x, use $z = $x->copy()->bXXX($y); See under L for why this is # necessary when mixing $a = $b assignments with non-overloaded math. $x->bzero(); # set $x to 0 $x->bnan(); # set $x to NaN $x->bone(); # set $x to +1 $x->bone(-); # set $x to -1 $x->binf(); # set $x to inf $x->binf(-); # set $x to -inf $x->bneg(); # negation $x->babs(); # absolute value $x->bnorm(); # normalize (no-op in BigInt) $x->bnot(); # twos complement (bit wise not) $x->binc(); # increment $x by 1 $x->bdec(); # decrement $x by 1 $x->badd($y); # addition (add $y to $x) $x->bsub($y); # subtraction (subtract $y from $x) $x->bmul($y); # multiplication (multiply $x by $y) $x->bdiv($y); # divide, set $x to quotient # return (quo,rem) or quo if scalar $x->bmuladd($y,$z); # $x = $x * $y + $z $x->bmod($y); # modulus (x % y) $x->bmodpow($exp,$mod); # modular exponentation (($num**$exp) % $mod)) $x->bmodinv($mod); # the inverse of $x in the given modulus $mod $x->bpow($y); # power of arguments (x ** y) $x->blsft($y); # left shift in base 2 $x->brsft($y); # right shift in base 2 # returns (quo,rem) or quo if in scalar context $x->blsft($y,$n); # left shift by $y places in base $n $x->brsft($y,$n); # right shift by $y places in base $n # returns (quo,rem) or quo if in scalar context $x->band($y); # bitwise and $x->bior($y); # bitwise inclusive or $x->bxor($y); # bitwise exclusive or $x->bnot(); # bitwise not (twos complement) $x->bsqrt(); # calculate square-root $x->broot($y); # $yth root of $x (e.g. $y == 3 => cubic root) $x->bfac(); # factorial of $x (1*2*3*4*..$x) $x->bnok($y); # x over y (binomial coefficient n over k) $x->blog(); # logarithm of $x to base e (Eulers number) $x->blog($base); # logarithm of $x to base $base (f.i. 2) $x->bexp(); # calculate e ** $x where e is Eulers number $x->round($A,$P,$mode); # round to accuracy or precision using mode $mode $x->bround($n); # accuracy: preserve $n digits $x->bfround($n); # round to $nth digit, no-op for BigInts # The following do not modify their arguments in BigInt (are no-ops), # but do so in BigFloat: $x->bfloor(); # return integer less or equal than $x $x->bceil(); # return integer greater or equal than $x # The following do not modify their arguments: # greatest common divisor (no OO style) my $gcd = Math::BigInt::bgcd(@values); # lowest common multiplicator (no OO style) my $lcm = Math::BigInt::blcm(@values); $x->length(); # return number of digits in number ($xl,$f) = $x->length(); # length of number and length of fraction part, # latter is always 0 digits long for BigInts $x->exponent(); # return exponent as BigInt $x->mantissa(); # return (signed) mantissa as BigInt $x->parts(); # return (mantissa,exponent) as BigInt $x->copy(); # make a true copy of $x (unlike $y = $x;) $x->as_int(); # return as BigInt (in BigInt: same as copy()) $x->numify(); # return as scalar (might overflow!) # conversation to string (do not modify their argument) $x->bstr(); # normalized string (e.g. 3) $x->bsstr(); # norm. string in scientific notation (e.g. 3E0) $x->as_hex(); # as signed hexadecimal string with prefixed 0x $x->as_bin(); # as signed binary string with prefixed 0b $x->as_oct(); # as signed octal string with prefixed 0 # precision and accuracy (see section about rounding for more) $x->precision(); # return P of $x (or global, if P of $x undef) $x->precision($n); # set P of $x to $n $x->accuracy(); # return A of $x (or global, if A of $x undef) $x->accuracy($n); # set A $x to $n # Global methods Math::BigInt->precision(); # get/set global P for all BigInt objects Math::BigInt->accuracy(); # get/set global A for all BigInt objects Math::BigInt->round_mode(); # get/set global round mode, one of # even, odd, +inf, -inf, zero, trunc or common Math::BigInt->config(); # return hash containing configuration.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Base Bigint Create Create A Gmp Libraries Mathbigint Nan Programming Return X Is
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 194.56 KB
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