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Math::BigInt::Calc 1.87

  Date Added: April 22, 2010  |  Visits: 786


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Math::BigInt::Calc is a pure Perl module to support Math::BigInt. SYNOPSIS Provides support for big integer calculations. Not intended to be used by other modules. Other modules which sport the same functions can also be used to support Math::BigInt, like Math::BigInt::GMP or Math::BigInt::Pari. In order to allow for multiple big integer libraries, Math::BigInt was rewritten to use library modules for core math routines. Any module which follows the same API as this can be used instead by using the following: use Math::BigInt lib => libname; libname is either the long name (Math::BigInt::Pari), or only the short version like Pari. METHODS The following functions MUST be defined in order to support the use by Math::BigInt v1.70 or later: api_version() return API version, 1 for v1.70, 2 for v1.83 _new(string) return ref to new object from ref to decimal string _zero() return a new object with value 0 _one() return a new object with value 1 _two() return a new object with value 2 _ten() return a new object with value 10 _str(obj) return ref to a string representing the object _num(obj) returns a Perl integer/floating point number NOTE: because of Perl numeric notation defaults, the _numified obj may lose accuracy due to machine-dependent floating point size limitations _add(obj,obj) Simple addition of two objects _mul(obj,obj) Multiplication of two objects _div(obj,obj) Division of the 1st object by the 2nd In list context, returns (result,remainder). NOTE: this is integer math, so no fractional part will be returned. The second operand will be not be 0, so no need to check for that. _sub(obj,obj) Simple subtraction of 1 object from another a third, optional parameter indicates that the params are swapped. In this case, the first param needs to be preserved, while you can destroy the second. sub (x,y,1) => return x - y and keep x intact! _dec(obj) decrement object by one (input is guaranteed to be > 0) _inc(obj) increment object by one _acmp(obj,obj) <=> operator for objects (return -1, 0 or 1) _len(obj) returns count of the decimal digits of the object _digit(obj,n) returns the nth decimal digit of object _is_one(obj) return true if argument is 1 _is_two(obj) return true if argument is 2 _is_ten(obj) return true if argument is 10 _is_zero(obj) return true if argument is 0 _is_even(obj) return true if argument is even (0,2,4,6..) _is_odd(obj) return true if argument is odd (1,3,5,7..) _copy return a ref to a true copy of the object _check(obj) check whether internal representation is still intact return 0 for ok, otherwise error message as string _from_hex(str) return new object from a hexadecimal string _from_bin(str) return new object from a binary string _from_oct(str) return new object from an octal string _as_hex(str) return string containing the value as unsigned hex string, with the 0x prepended. Leading zeros must be stripped. _as_bin(str) Like as_hex, only as binary string containing only zeros and ones. Leading zeros must be stripped and a 0b must be prepended. _rsft(obj,N,B) shift object in base B by N digits right _lsft(obj,N,B) shift object in base B by N digits left _xor(obj1,obj2) XOR (bit-wise) object 1 with object 2 Note: XOR, AND and OR pad with zeros if size mismatches _and(obj1,obj2) AND (bit-wise) object 1 with object 2 _or(obj1,obj2) OR (bit-wise) object 1 with object 2 _mod(obj1,obj2) Return remainder of div of the 1st by the 2nd object _sqrt(obj) return the square root of object (truncated to int) _root(obj) return the nth (n >= 3) root of obj (truncated to int) _fac(obj) return factorial of object 1 (1*2*3*4..) _pow(obj1,obj2) return object 1 to the power of object 2 return undef for NaN _zeros(obj) return number of trailing decimal zeros _modinv return inverse modulus _modpow return modulus of power ($x ** $y) % $z _log_int(X,N) calculate integer log() of X in base N X >= 0, N >= 0 (return undef for NaN) returns (RESULT, EXACT) where EXACT is: 1 : result is exactly RESULT 0 : result was truncated to RESULT undef : unknown whether result is exactly RESULT _gcd(obj,obj) return Greatest Common Divisor of two objects The following functions are REQUIRED for an api_version of 2 or greater: _1ex($x) create the number 1Ex where x >= 0 _alen(obj) returns approximate count of the decimal digits of the object. This estimate MUST always be greater or equal to what _len() returns. _nok(n,k) calculate n over k (binomial coefficient) The following functions are optional, and can be defined if the underlying lib has a fast way to do them. If undefined, Math::BigInt will use pure Perl (hence slow) fallback routines to emulate these: _signed_or _signed_and _signed_xor Input strings come in as unsigned but with prefix (i.e. as 123, 0xabc or 0b1101). So the library needs only to deal with unsigned big integers. Testing of input parameter validity is done by the caller, so you need not worry about underflow (f.i. in _sub(), _dec()) nor about division by zero or similar cases. The first parameter can be modified, that includes the possibility that you return a reference to a completely different object instead. Although keeping the reference and just changing its contents is preferred over creating and returning a different reference. Return values are always references to objects, strings, or true/false for comparison routines..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Bigint Libraries Mathbigintcalc Must Be Obj Object Perl Module Programming Result Return String
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 194.56 KB
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