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Kernel Socks Bouncer 0.0.4

  Date Added: January 02, 2010  |  Visits: 1.488

Kernel Socks Bouncer

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ksb26 [Kernel Socks Bouncer] is a Linux Kernel 2.6.x Loadable Kernel Module that that redirects tcp connection (to user-defined target hosts) through socks 4/5 chains. Kernel Socks Bouncer is subdivided into a lkm [Linux Loadable Kernel Module] and a userspace manager. ksb26 lkm intercepts and redirects tcp connections. ksb26manager keeps updated socks list and loads target hosts list via character device. ksb26 lkm: is the lkm. It intercepts and redirects tcp connections. modprobe ksb26 [nsocks=N] [ insmod /lib/modules/2.6.x/extra/ksb26.ko ] This command will load ksb26 lkm. [nsocks=N] will load ksb26 lkm setting the number of SOCKS to use in chain to N. To detect major number read dmesg kernel logs running for example: ~# dmesg or ~# cat /var/log/messages Between messages of ksb26 module there’s this string: [ksb26] Major device number = num ~# mknod /dev/ksb26 c num 0 // creates the char device ksb26manager: is the userspace manager for ksb26 lkm. It needs wget, egrep and sed to work. [You don’t need ksb26manager. You can add SOCKS and target hosts manually via /dev/ksb26 character device]. ksb26manager keeps updated the SOCKS list using ksb26manager [-h] [-d ksb26_device] [-m ksb26_lkm_name] [-n nsocks] [-t thosts_file] [-w wait_time] [-d ksb26_device]: character device used by ksb26 [-m ksb26_lkm_name]: lkm’s name to use in modprobe command [-n nsocks]: number of SOCKS used in chains [-t thosts_file]: file containing target hosts [-s socks_file]: file containing default socks list [-w wait_time]: number of seconds to wait before updating the SOCKS list [-h]: help /dev/ksb26 strings format: /dev/ksb26 is the character device used by ksb26 to keep SOCKS and target hosts lists updated. Strings formats accepted: ip addresses and port of SOCKS 4/5 ip addresses and port of target hosts [when ksb26 finds a new connection from localhost to that host[:port], this connection will pass through a SOCKS chain before reach the target host] clear SOCKS list string [ csl ] : ksb26 clears the SOCKS list To add a new SOCKS server to the list: #Ssocks_ip:socks_port;socks_version| example: #S127.0.0.1:1080;5| #S127.0.0.1:8080;4| manual submission of a new SOCKS: ~# echo ”#S127.0.0.1:1080;5|” > /dev/ksb26 If you use ksb26manager you can set a default socks list in /etc/ksb26/socks that will be loaded automatically by the userspace tool . If you don’t use ksb26manager you can create a new file as this below: #S127.0.0.1:1080;5| #S127.0.0.1:8080;4| and then: ~# cat socks.txt > /dev/ksb26 To add a new target host to the list [if you use the userspace manager see /etc/ksb26/thosts]: #Hhost_ip:host_port;| If host_ip is *, connection directed to all IPs will be redirected. If host_port is 0, all connection directed to that host will be redirected through a Socks chain. example: #H*:22;| #H192.168.0.1:22;| #H192.168.0.2:0;| #H*:0;| [deprecated] To clear SOCKS list: #cls| Whats New in This Release: - This release adds a small bugfix and support for a default socks list in ksb26manager (useful if you use TOR).. PHPSPELLBOOK

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Bouncer Character Device Device Kernel Kernels Linux Kernel List Lkm Socks System Target Tcp
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 19.46 KB
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