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WiFiAdmin 0.0.4

  Date Added: May 09, 2010  |  Visits: 1.060


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Wifiadmin is a free php graphical interface to mainly hostap, and wireless tools in general, although most of this code has been debugged only under a hostap environment. Please submit errors found when running with other linux wireless drivers, that support wireless extensions. We are trying so that wifiadmin is as self-configuring and distribution-independent as possible. Installation: 1) Decompress in a directory reachable from your web server(htdocs), keeping in mind the directory structure. 2) If you disable mysql usage($use_mysql variable in the include/config.php file): Give write access to the user that you are running PHP, to the file include/passwd .For example, from wifiadmin root directory type chown apache:/ include; chown apache:/ include/passwd, depending on your local configuration. If you enable mysql usage: Within the directory, youll find a a file named "mysql.sql". Contained in this file are the SQL statements necessary to create the WiFiAdmin database. Log onto your database server under the root account (or other account allowed to create databases), create a database for wifiadmin, and then run the contents of mysql.sql to create the tables and initial data. For example: mysqladmin -u [user] -p create [database-name] mysql -u [user] -p [database-name] < mysql.sql Or you can use phpMyAdmin to do the same. In either case, you have to edit the include/config.php file and edit the following variables: $USERS_DBHOST = "localhost"; host where mysql is running $USERS_DB = "wifiadmin"; [database-name] $USERS_DBUSER = "wifiadmin"; [user] $USERS_DBPASS = "wifiadmin"; the password of [user] 3) Change your sudo configuration. Wifiadmin needs superuser access to specific executables. For the moment, this is done by giving superuser access to the user apache runs with, using the sudo mechanism. You can find out the user that apache runs with, by: ps aux | grep http or ps aux | grep apache You should use the visudo executable, or manually edit the file sudoers. Add the following lines, replace www-data with the user apache runs with. # Cmnd alias specification Cmnd_Alias WIFIADMIN = /sbin/iwconfig, /sbin/ifconfig, /sbin/iwlist, /sbin/iwpriv, /sbin/route, /usr/bin/host, /usr/sbin/arp # User privilege specification www-data ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: WIFIADMIN Change the paths if iwconfig, ifconfig etc executables are located elsewhere in your system. WARNING This configuration, gives superuser priviledges for the specific commandsto the user your web server runs with. This might have implications on system security. 4) Add the following lines at the end of your crontab (you can use the crontab -e command, or edit your /etc/crontab directly) */2 * * * * root php /path/to/wifiadmin/create-update-rrds.php > /dev/null 2>&1 */10 * * * * root php /path/to/wifiadmin/create_graphs.php > /dev/null 2>&1 The first line creates(for the first time) and updates the rrd databases. The second creates the updated png graphs from the databases. RRD updates happen every 2 minutes, and graphs are crated every 10 minutes. Change these values to suit your needs. Mind space characters from copy-pasting into your crontab!! 5) Wifiadmin can send emails to confirm new user accounts, or remind user passwords. If $send_emails = true; in config.php file, wifiadmin will send emails. If you set $confirm_new_account = false; while $send_emails = true;, wifiamdin will send emails to remind passwords, but no email confirmation will be needed in order to set up an account. 6) Fire up your favorite browser, and point to http://target-hostname/wifiadmin/ ATTENTION: WIFIADMIN HAS A DEFAULT ADMIN PASSWORD. Change the admin password as soon as possible, by logging in as user admin with password wifiadmin. Go to user management, choose admin, and type a different password. You can LOOSE complete network access to your box if you are careless enough....

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Create File Linux Wifi Mysql Networking Password Send System User Users Wifiadmin
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