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Hammer of Thyrion 1.4.2 RC1

  Date Added: August 22, 2010  |  Visits: 802

Hammer of Thyrion 1.4.2

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Hammer of Thyrion is a port of Ravens Hexen2 source code and is based on the original Linux Hexen II project, Anvil of Thyrion. HoT includes many bugfixes, improved sound and video modes, opengl improvements and documentation among many others. Whats New in This Release: General: -------- - The engine version is now at 1.19 for Hexen II and 0.19 for HexenWorld. - Added support for 64 bit architectures: The crashes on amd64 are fixed. - Added support for protocol 18: Hammer of Thyrion is now fully network- compatible with Ravens 1.11 windows version, as it has been with other Hexen II ports. - The net compatibility works both ways: When H.o.T is run as a client, it can connect to Raven-1.11 servers and can play just fine. On the other hand, if a 1.11 client wants to connect to a H.o.T. server, the server must be started with "-protocol 18" command line argument. - You can also load and play games saved with the 1.11 windows version and can playback the demos recorded with the 1.11 version. - Fixed and improved parsing of puzzles.txt: This fixes the bug where the names used to be listed as Unknown in the puzzle pieces inventory display (you can access the puzzle pieces inventory display using a key bound to the +showdm command, the default is q). - Updated the loading of strings.txt, infolist.txt and puzzles.txt. - Updates to SDL input code. Added the Shift-Escape key combination as a new means for opening the in-game console. - Fixed many printf format string errors. - Revised pak data checking. - Added experimental support for using unpatched, off-the-cdrom 1.03 version pak files as a compile time option. Disabled by default. - Several cvar tweaks. - Made the load and connect commands to get rid of the menu or the console. - Fixed multiplayer episode selection in the menu system. - Updates to zone memory usage: a 256 KB secondary zone for static textures (sec_zone) is now initialized, which is especially useful for the software renderer and have its merits for the opengl version, too. - Revised several unsafe LoadStackFile and LoadBufFile usage. - Removed the useless net_vcr facility. - Tweaked the init sequence. - Changed the remnants of malloc usage into hunk or zone allocations. - Mac OS X: Ensured that the basedir always stays the same (fix was added in 1.4.1-rev1). Gameplay: --------- - The gamecode is now at version 1.19. - Origin fixes for tomed fires of vorpal sword and purifier: paladin used to fire them always from the non-crouched eye position, and it was even the worst when he was looking up (and down). You wont be shooting your back again when standing just in front of a wall and fire your tomed purifier to the sky, from now on ;) - Fixed an obscure bug where the assasin with her 4th weapon uses the tome of power and cant fire it (gamecode version 1.16a, the fix was added in 1.4.1-rev1). Console: -------- - Added prefix matching support to the maplist command. - A duplicate name detection bug in the maplist command was fixed. - Updated and sanitized the command lister procedures. - Added a -developer command line argument which sets the developer cvar to 1 during the init phase (ie. before the config is read). - Consolidated all Con_Printf and Sys_Printf family of procedures into a single flag based procedure. Added macros for compatibility with the old api. - Revised the logging system, made all Con_Printf and Sys_Printf output to be written into the logs from the start. Added a -devlog command line switch to enable logging of developer message even when the developer cvar isnt set. Server: ------- - Fixed the mission packs doWhiteFlash server message: it used to affect the local client only. Naturally, the recorded demos didnt carry the message and the flash didnt appear, either. It works properly now. - Made the Hexen II dedicated server to exec not hexen.rc or config.cfg, but server.cfg if available. As an alternative, any config file can be execed when starting the server, such as: "h2ded +exec myconfig.cfg" - Hexen II dedicated server now starts the demo1 map, if the server is still not active when initialization is complete. - Fixed net driver checks in Hexen II dedicated server: It was broken in the 1.4.1 release and works properly now. Video: ------ - Added apply changes and reset changes items to the video options menu. Software Renderer: ------------------ - Added ability to load external wal texture files instead of internal pixel data of the brush model (depends on the new r_texture_external cvar). OpenGL Renderer: ---------------- - Some speed-ups in the alias model drawing. - Fixed RGBA lighting. - Fixed bug that the array size for playertextures must be MAX_CLIENTS, but was hardcoded as 16. - Added ability to load external wal texture files instead of internal pixel data of the brush model (depends on the new r_texture_external cvar). Sound: ------ - Added external music file support via SDL_mixer as an extra patch. CDAudio: -------- - Updated the volume setting procedures. HexenWorld: ----------- - OpenGL: Fixed bug that netgraphtexture was not reset during reinitializa- tion of the draw subsystem (used to affect the packet loss status graph by r_netgraph). - OpenGL: Fixed bug that dynamic lights had a problem with RGBA lightmaps (such as torches didnt illuminate) but luminance mode was fine. Lightmaps in RGBA mode are working now. - OpenGL: Added colored dynamic lights and extra dynamic lights (stuff copied over from hexen2). The gl_colored_dynamic_lights and gl_extra_dynamic_lights cvars and their menu entries are functional now. Launcher: ---------- - Added integrated ability to patch the pak files. - The launcher now scans the installation directory against known game versions for pak file health, and pops up the patch window with a short report if it finds something bad. It now disables the mission pack or hexenworld options according to the results it took from the installation scanning. - Many clean-ups. Incremented the version number to 1.0.0. Utilities: ---------- - Added the bsp2wal tool which extracts all texture data into hwal files. - Added the lmp2pcx tool which converts hexen2 texture data into pcx and tga. - Fixed the broken project path decision in qbsp. it doesnt scan for a maps directory anymore. - Added a findfirst/findnext implementation to the common library. - Several fixes in dcc. Other: ---------------------- - Imported the latest xdelta-1.1 sources into the tree. - Started a large scale attempt at improving const-correctness. - Updated inline commentaries. - A lot of code clean-up all over the tree.. Hammer of Thyrion, Linux source port of Hexen 2, Hexen2 for Linux, Hexen2 for BSD, Hexen2 for Mac OS X, Hexen II for Linux, HexenWorld

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Added Based On Fixed Hammer Hammer Of Thyrion Hexen Ii Linux Hexen Ii Opengl Source Code Thyrion
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 12 MB
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