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AFS::KAS 2.4.0

  Date Added: May 22, 2010  |  Visits: 555


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AFS::KAS is a Perl class to communicate with the AFS Authentication Server. SYNOPSIS use AFS::KAS; use AFS::KTC_PRINCIPAL; use AFS::KTC_TOKEN; use AFS::KTC_EKEY; my $admin = AFS::KTC_PRINCIPAL->new(admin); my $key = AFS::KTC_EKEY->ReadPassword($admin->name."s Password:"); my $token = AFS::KTC_TOKEN->GetAdminToken($admin, $key, 300); my $kas = AFS::KAS->AuthServerConn($token, &AFS::KA_MAINTENANCE_SERVICE); my $user = AFS::KTC_PRINCIPAL->new(xyz); my $ukey = AFS::KTC_EKEY->ReadPassword($user->name."s Password:"); my $ok = $kas->create($user->name, $user->instance, $ukey); my $flags = 1; # (1 = normal, 4 = admin) my $expire = 925715000;# epoch time => 03 May 1999 07:03 my $maxassoc = 0; my $lifetime = 48*60*60; #unit is secs; => 48 hrs my $pwexpire = 10; #number of days my $pw_reuse = 2; #pwreuse allowed: [ 2 = no ] my $nfail = 4; #(nfail - 1) tries are allowed; => 3 tries my $locktime = 3; #unit is 8.5 min => 3 * (8.5) my $spare2 = 0; my $packed = (($pwexpire << 24)|($pw_reuse << 16)|($nfail << 8)|$locktime); $ok = $kas->setfields($user->name, $user->instance, $flags, $expire, $lifetime, $maxassoc, $packed); my $entry = $kas->getentry($user->name, $user->instance); $packed = $$entry{misc_auth_bytes}; $pwexpire = (($packed >> 24) & 0xff); $pw_reuse = (($packed >> 16) & 0xff); $nfail = (($packed >> 8) & 0xff); $locktime = (($packed >> 0) & 0xff); $kas->DESTROY; # destroy server connection NOTE: these forms are deprecated !!! use AFS; # import all AFS names use AFS @AFS::KA; # import just the ka names use AFS @AFS::KTC; # import just the ktc names This class is used to communicate with the AFS Authentication Server. It verifies user identities and provides the facilities through which participants in transactions prove their identities to one another (mutually authenticate). It maintains the Authentication Database, in which it stores user passwords converted into encryption key form as well as the AFS server encryption key. It has methods to query the information held for any given AFS user and to create, modify, and delete the records in the DB where the above information is held. Before you can access any DB record you must establish a connection to the Authentication Server. This is done by the constructor methods SingleServerConn and AuthServerConn which return a KAS object. A KAS object is essentially a handle to talk to an Authentication Server in a given cell. Such a KAS object is required before any of the other KAS instance methods can be called..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Afs Afskas Authentication Authentication Server Class Communicate Ekey Kas Ktc Libraries Packed Perl Principal Server
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 184.32 KB
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