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Data::Serializer 0.41

  Date Added: July 14, 2010  |  Visits: 679


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Data::Serializer package contains modules that serialize data structures. SYNOPSIS use Data::Serializer; $obj = Data::Serializer->new(); $obj = Data::Serializer->new( serializer => Storable, digester => MD5, cipher => DES, secret => my secret, compress => 1, ); $serialized = $obj->serialize({a => [1,2,3],b => 5}); $deserialized = $obj->deserialize($serialized); print "$deserialized->{b}n"; Provides a unified interface to the various serializing modules currently available. Adds the functionality of both compression and encryption. EXAMPLES Please see Data::Serializer::Cookbook(3) METHODS new - constructor $obj = Data::Serializer->new(); $obj = Data::Serializer->new( serializer => Data::Dumper, digester => SHA-256, cipher => Blowfish, secret => undef, portable => 1, compress => 0, serializer_token => 1, options => {}, ); new is the constructor object for Data::Serializer objects. The default serializer is Data::Dumper The default digester is SHA-256 The default cipher is Blowfish The default secret is undef The default portable is 1 The default encoding is hex The default compress is 0 The default compressor is Compress::Zlib The default serializer_token is 1 The default options is {} (pass nothing on to serializer) serialize - serialize reference $serialized = $obj->serialize({a => [1,2,3],b => 5}); Serializes the reference specified. Will compress if compress is a true value. Will encrypt if secret is defined. deserialize - deserialize reference $deserialized = $obj->deserialize($serialized); Reverses the process of serialization and returns a copy of the original serialized reference. freeze - synonym for serialize $serialized = $obj->freeze({a => [1,2,3],b => 5}); thaw - synonym for deserialize $deserialized = $obj->thaw($serialized); raw_serialize - serialize reference in raw form $serialized = $obj->raw_serialize({a => [1,2,3],b => 5}); This is a straight pass through to the underlying serializer, nothing else is done. (no encoding, encryption, compression, etc) raw_deserialize - deserialize reference in raw form $deserialized = $obj->raw_deserialize($serialized); This is a straight pass through to the underlying serializer, nothing else is done. (no encoding, encryption, compression, etc) secret - specify secret for use with encryption $obj->secret(mysecret); Changes setting of secret for the Data::Serializer object. Can also be set in the constructor. If specified than the object will utilize encryption. portable - encodes/decodes serialized data Uses encoding method to ascii armor serialized data Aids in the portability of serialized data. compress - compression of data Compresses serialized data. Default is not to use it. Will compress if set to a true value $obj->compress(1); serializer - change the serializer Currently have 8 supported serializers: Storable, FreezeThaw, Data::Denter, Config::General, YAML, PHP::Serialization, XML::Dumper, and Data::Dumper. Default is to use Data::Dumper. Each serializer has its own caveats about usage especially when dealing with cyclical data structures or CODE references. Please see the appropriate documentation in those modules for further information. cipher - change the cipher method Utilizes Crypt::CBC and can support any cipher method that it supports. digester - change digesting method Uses Digest so can support any digesting method that it supports. Digesting function is used internally by the encryption routine as part of data verification. compressor - changes compresing module This method is included for possible future inclusion of alternate compression method Currently Compress::Zlib is the only supported compressor. encoding - change encoding method Encodes data structure in ascii friendly manner. Currently the only valid options are hex, or b64. The b64 option uses Base64 encoding provided by MIME::Base64, but strips out newlines. serializer_token - add usage hint to data Data::Serializer prepends a token that identifies what was used to process its data. This is used internally to allow runtime determination of how to extract Serialized data. Disabling this feature is not recommended. options - pass options through to underlying serializer Currently is only supported by Config::General, and XML::Dumper. my $obj = Data::Serializer->new(serializer => Config::General, options => { -LowerCaseNames => 1, -UseApacheInclude => 1, -MergeDuplicateBlocks => 1, -AutoTrue => 1, -InterPolateVars => 1 }, ) or die "$!n"; or my $obj = Data::Serializer->new(serializer => XML::Dumper, options => { dtd => 1, } ) or die "$!n"; store - serialize data and write it to a file (or file handle) $obj->store({a => [1,2,3],b => 5},$file, [$mode, $perm]); or $obj->store({a => [1,2,3],b => 5},$fh); Serializes the reference specified using the serialize method and writes it out to the specified file or filehandle. If a file path is specified you may specify an optional mode and permission as the next two arguments. See IO::File for examples. Trips an exception if it is unable to write to the specified file. retrieve - read data from file (or file handle) and return it after deserialization my $ref = $obj->retrieve($file); or my $ref = $obj->retrieve($fh); Reads first line of supplied file or filehandle and returns it deserialized..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Data Dataserializer Default File Libraries Programming Serialize Serialized Serialized Data Serializer Xml
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License: Freeware Size: 25.6 KB
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