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Crazy Eddies GUI System 0.5.0 RC2

  Date Added: May 21, 2010  |  Visits: 936

Crazy Eddies GUI System 0.5.0

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Crazy Eddies GUI System is a free library providing windowing and widgets for graphics APIs / engines where such functionality is not natively available, or severly lacking. The library is object orientated, written in C++, and aimed at game developers. Whats New in This Release: - Added: single colour support to PropertyHelper::stringToColourRect - Added: missing support to Irrlicht renderer for creating a texture with a given size. - Added: Updates to renderers for D3D8.1 and D3D9 to report correct values for original size and actual texture size. (Related to Mantis ticket #45). - Added: Support for using user defined image codec by name (using dso) or directly throught a pointer to an existing image codec. - Added: Long property export (allows for properties containing multiple lines). - Added: Helper methods to Window to return EventSet::Iterator and PropertySet::Iterator objects. - Added: Reworked TabControl by zap. Mantis #82. - Added: TabControlDemo sample. Mantis #82. - Added: Danish language in the FontDemo sample. - Added: Output of summary of configure results (for configure based builds) - Added: Texture extra size information to CEGUI::Texture in order to be able to handle scaled/stretched textures within Imageset. - Added: Texture Scaling support in IrrlichRenderer - Removed: Empty source file CEGUIVector.cpp - Removed: TabPane files. - Modified: Behaviour of Editbox so that EventCharacterKey events are only marked as handled if the key press actually resulted in a change to the Editbox text string. (Related to Mantis #59) - Modified: Replaced all getWindow with get - Modified: Replaced all setWindow with set - Modified: EventSet::EventIterator now known as EventSet::Iterator - Modified: PropertySet::PropertyIterator now known as PropertySet::Iterator - Modified: ImageCodec modules are now DynamicModule - Modified: Falagard PropertyDim now supports a type attribute for UDim properties. Mantis #82. - Modified: Improved TabControl imagery. Mantis #82. - Modified: autotools makefiles now symlink the sample binaries (to avoid having to do make install). Mantis #82. - Modified: PropertyHelper now uses snprintf instead of std::ostringstream again. Mantis #82. - Modified: Removed static Makefile for tolua++cegui generator tool and switched to autotools style build, with enable/disable configure option, for tolua++cegui generator tool - Modified: Moved tolua++ into its own dir, removed lua_and_tolua++ - Modified: Externalised our use of the Lua library - Modified: premake updates - Modified: Updated AUTHORS file. - Modified: Remove exec file attribute on Falagard.xsd - Modified: XMLRefSchema/Font.xsd for font rewrite - Modified: LuaScriptModule public headers no longer need include lua.h included. - Modified: Made a bunch of warnings go away in MSVC in the new font code. - Modified: Deleted the remaining old msvc project files. - Bug Fix: Clean the XMLSerialization code: remove empty autowindow - Bug Fix: Added missing glDisable(GL_FOG); in gl renderer - Bug Fix: Irrlicht and D3D8.1 renderer modules would keep live pointers to Texture objects that failed to fully initialise (file or size errors for example) Mantis #43. - Bug Fix: Disable texture stages we do not use in Direct3D renderers. (Mantis #95) - Bug Fix: Mouse cursor z value. Mantis #49 - Bug Fix: Imagset XML attribute for image file name is Imagefile and not Filename. - Bug Fix: normal attributes use true, only properties sometimes use True. - Bug Fix: Global default resource group was not being used by DefaultResourceProvider. - Bug Fix: XML output from CEGUI::Image class. - Bug Fix: Imageset scaling issue when renderer automatically scales the image #45 (this is currently a partial fix) - Bug Fix: IrrlichtRenderer - Mouse event error. Mantis #98. - Bug Fix: IrrlichtRenderer - size error in addQuad. Mantis #99. - Bug Fix: IrrlichtRenderer - Sample driver had linker lib name wrong for renderer module. Mantis #100. - Bug Fix: TinyXMLParser bug. Mantis Tracker #57 - Bug Fix: a bug in the openglrenderer cleanup related to image codec. - Bug Fix: Install renderer module includes at the same place as in Win32 (linux / mac autotools) - Bug Fix: OpenGL sample driver did not inject middle mouse up (injected it as down). Mantis #82. - Bug Fix: Corrected some mistakes in the Falagard Lua bindings - Bug Fix: Apparently in some cases OpenGLRenderer needs NOMINMAX in Win32 (Mantis #63) - Bug Fix: FreeTypeFont did not free the font data properly, also fixes a potential infinite loop in FreeTypeFont (Mantis #60) - Bug Fix: FairChar font texture was not power of 2 (Mantis #64) - Bug Fix: SliderThumb incorrectly mapped in some schemes (mantis #88) - Bug Fix: Updated Irrlicht renderer to work with 0.5.0 codebase. - Bug Fix: some missing data - Bug Fix: DirectX 8.1 sample driver - Bug Fix: some missing files in the make dist command (Mantis #89) - Bug Fix: Change the name of an enumeration value in schema Font.xsd. - Bug Fix: Memory leak in Font. - Bug Fix: Lua bindings was missing ImagesetManager::createImagesetFromImageFile + some missing tolua_throws modifiers.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Bug Fix Crazy Eddies Eventset Graphics Apis Gui Irrlichtrenderer Mantis Programming System User Interfaces
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 2 MB
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