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Data::Type 0.01.04

  Date Added: July 14, 2010  |  Visits: 942


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Data::Type is a Perl module with versatile data and value types. SYNOPSIS use Data::Type qw(:all); use Error qw(:try); try { verify $email , EMAIL; verify $homepage , URI(http); verify $cc , CREDITCARD( MASTERCARD, VISA ); verify $answer_a , YESNO; verify $gender , GENDER; verify one , ENUM( qw(one two three) ); verify [qw(two six)], SET( qw(one two three four five six) ) ); verify $server_ip4 , IP(v4); verify $server_ip6 , IP(v6); verify A35231AH1 , CINS; verify 14565935 , ISSN; verify DE , LANGCODE; verify German , LANGNAME; verify 012345678905, UPC(); verify 5276440065421319, CREDITCARD( MASTERCARD ) ); verify ATGCAAAT , BIO::DNA; verify AUGGGAAAU , BIO::RNA; verify 01001001110110101, BINARY; verify 0F 0C 0A, HEX; verify 0 , DEFINED; verify 234 , NUM( 20 ); verify 1 , BOOL( true ); verify 100 , INT; verify 1.1 , REAL; my $foo = bless( 123, SomeThing ); verify $foo , REF; verify $foo , REF( qw(SomeThing Else) ); verify [ bar ] , REF( ARRAY ); verify x 20 , VARCHAR( 20 ); verify 2001-01-01 , DATE( MYSQL ); verify 16 Nov 94 22:28:20 PST , DATE( DATEPARSE ); verify 9999-12-31 23:59:59, DATETIME; verify 1970-01-01 00:00:00, TIMESTAMP; verify -838:59:59 , TIME; verify 2155 , YEAR; verify 69 , YEAR(2); verify 0 x 20 , TINYTEXT; verify 0 x 20 , MEDIUMTEXT; verify 0 x 20 , LONGTEXT; verify 0 x 20 , TEXT; verify 80 , PORT; verify, DOMAIN; } catch Type::Exception with { my $e = shift; printf "Expected %s %s at %s line %sn", $e->value, $e->type->info, $e->was_file, $e->was_line; foreach my $entry ( testplan( $e->type ) ) { printf "texpecting it %s %s ", $entry->[1] ? is : is NOT, $entry->[0]->info(); } }; # believe it or not, this really works foreach ( EMAIL, WORD, CREDITCARD( MASTERCARD, VISA ), BIO::DNA, HEX ) { print $_->info; print $_->usage; print $_->export; # does it have other names print $_->param; # what are my choice i.e. [yes,no] print $_->isa( IType::Business ); # is it a Business related type ? print $_->VERSION; # first apperance in Data::Type release } # tied interface (alias typ) try { typ ENUM( qw(DNA RNA) ), ( my $a, my $b ); print "a is typed" if istyp( $a ); $a = DNA; # $alias only accepts DNA or RNA $a = RNA; $a = xNA; # throws exception untyp( $alias ); } catch Type::Exception ::with { printf "Expected %s %s at %s line %sn", $e->value, $e->type->info, $e->was_file, $e->was_line; }; dverify( $email, EMAIL ) or die $!; my $g = Data::Type::Guard->new( allow => [ Human, Others ], # blessed objects of that type tests => { email => EMAIL( 1 ), # mxcheck ON ! see Email::Valid firstname => WORD, social_id => [ NUM, VARCHAR( 10 ) ], contacts => sub { my %args = @_; exists $args{lucy} }, } ); $g->inspect( $h ); # compact version overify { email => EMAIL( 1 ), firstname => WORD }, $object_a, $object_b; print toc(); print catalog(); This module supports versatile data and value types. Out of the ordinary it supports parameterised types (like databases have i.e. VARCHAR(80) ). When you try to feed a typed variable against some odd data, this module explains what he would have expected..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Datatype Dna E- Email Libraries Perl Module Print Qw Rna Value Varchar Verify Word
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 22.53 KB
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