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Dialog 0.03

  Date Added: February 03, 2010  |  Visits: 832


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Dialog is a Perl interface to dialog(3). SYNOPSIS B< use Dialog; > #now we are creating the new dialog window $dlg = Dialog->new(title, y,x,height,width); #inserting input line $line = $dlg->inputline(name, y, x, width, text); #adding button $btn = $dlg->button(name, y, x, text, result); #and text label $labl = $dlg->label(name, y, x, text); #and now running all the stuff $res = $dlg->run; Debauched Perl interface to dialog(3). Seems to work somehow. At least its been working as v0.01 for 3-4 years at before I decided to donate it free as v0.02. The idea itself of $dlg->run, $obj->draw etc was stolen cynically from Borland Turbo Vision library. Sorry, guys, and if it breaks any copyrights, please, let me know. Trust me, I havent got any profit from this stuff yet. Hopefully will havent. Read "SEE ALSO" and maybe it helps. Besides "SYNOPSIS" the next OOP tricks are available: $dlg->redraw; $mr = $dlg->modalresult; $dlg->modalresult(number); $obj = $dlg->object(name); $obj = $dlg->current; $dlg->current(name); $dlg->current($obj); $text = $obj->data; $obj->data(newtext); $tabstop = $obj->tabstop; $obj->tabstop(boolean); $name = $obj->name; And, of course, good ancient non-OOP functions: Dialog::< many-many-consts >; Dialog::Const::< yet-same-and-other-consts >; void Dialog::Init(); /* only use it if there are no Dialog->new statements */ void Dialog::Exit(); /* the same note */ void Dialog::draw_shadow(y, x, h, w, win=stdscr); void Dialog::draw_box(y, x, h, w, box, border, win=stdscr); int Dialog::line_edit(y, x, w, box, border, win=stdscr); WINDOW *Dialog::stdscr(); void Dialog::refresh(); int Dialog::ungetch(ch); void Dialog::attrset(attr); void Dialog::mvprintw(y, x, s); void Dialog::gotoyx(y, x); int Dialog::getch(); int Dialog::YesNo(title, prompt, h, w); int Dialog::PrgBox(title, line, h, w, pause, use_shell); int Dialog::MsgBox(title, prompt, h, w, pause); int Dialog::TextBox(title, file, h, w); str Dialog::Menu(title, prompt, h, w, menu_h, ...); str Dialog::RadioList(title, prompt, h, w, list_h, ...); array Dialog::CheckList(title, prompt, h, w, list_h, ...); str Dialog::InputBox(title, prompt, h, w, str); int Dialog::Y(); int Dialog::X(); Strings passed to Menu, CheckList and RadioList may contain single zero char (ASCII 0) which delimites menu columns. You may, of course, pass such strings into other routines, but it will be your pain yet. And, at all, see and try to understand anything. If you have any suggestions and/or contributions, please, dont hesitate to send me..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Dialog Int Libraries Programming Title Void
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 8.19 KB
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