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DateTime::Event::Cron 0.07

  Date Added: June 11, 2010  |  Visits: 831


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DateTime::Event::Cron is a DateTime extension for generating recurrence sets from crontab lines and files. SYNOPSIS use DateTime::Event::Cron; # DateTime::Set construction from crontab line $crontab = */3 15 1-10 3,4,5 */2; $set = DateTime::Event::Cron->from_cron($crontab); $iter = $set->iterator(after => DateTime->now); while (1) { my $next = $iter->next; my $now = DateTime->now; sleep(($next->subtract_datetime_absolute($now))->seconds); # do stuff... } # List of DateTime::Set objects from crontab file @sets = DateTime::Event::Cron->from_crontab(file => /etc/crontab); $now = DateTime->now; print "Now: ", $now->datetime, "n"; foreach (@sets) { my $next = $_->next($now); print $next->datetime, "n"; } # DateTime::Set parameters $crontab = * * * * *; $now = DateTime->now; %set_parms = ( after => $now ); $set = DateTime::Event::Cron->from_cron(cron => $crontab, %set_parms); $dt = $set->next; print "Now: ", $now->datetime, " and next: ", $dt->datetime, "n"; # Spans for DateTime::Set $crontab = * * * * *; $now = DateTime->now; $now2 = $now->clone; $span = DateTime::Span->from_datetimes( start => $now->add(minutes => 1), end => $now2->add(hours => 1), ); %parms = (cron => $crontab, span => $span); $set = DateTime::Event::Cron->from_cron(%parms); # things with the DateTime::Set # Every RTFCT relative to 12am Jan 1st this year $crontab = 7-10 6,12-15 10-28/2 */3 3,4,5; $date = DateTime->now->truncate(to => year); $set = DateTime::Event::Cron->from_cron(cron => $crontab, after => $date); # Rather than generating DateTime::Set objects, next/prev # calculations can be made directly: # Every day at 10am, 2pm, and 6pm. Reference date # defaults to DateTime->now. $crontab = 10,14,18 * * * *; $dtc = DateTime::Event::Cron->new_from_cron(cron => $crontab); $next_datetime = $dtc->next; $last_datetime = $dtc->previous; ... # List of DateTime::Event::Cron objects from # crontab file @dtc = DateTime::Event::Cron->new_from_crontab(file => /etc/crontab); # Full cron lines with user, such as from /etc/crontab # or files in /etc/cron.d, are supported and auto-detected: $crontab = * * * * * gump /bin/date; $dtc = DateTime::Event::Cron->new(cron => $crontab); # Auto-detection of users is disabled if you explicitly # enable/disable via the user_mode parameter: $dtc = DateTime::Event::Cron->new(cron => $crontab, user_mode => 1); my $user = $dtc->user; my $command = $dtc->command; # Unparsed original cron entry my $original = $dtc->original;.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Cron Crontab Datetime Datetimeeventcron Generating Libraries Lines Programming Sets User
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 10.24 KB
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