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Apache2::AuthNetLDAP 0.01

  Date Added: January 05, 2010  |  Visits: 499


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Apache2::AuthNetLDAP is a mod_perl module that uses the Net::LDAP module for user authentication for Apache. SYNOPSIS AuthName "LDAP Test Auth" AuthType Basic #only set the next two if you need to bind as a user for searching #PerlSetVar BindDN "uid=user1,ou=people," #optional #PerlSetVar BindPWD "password" #optional PerlSetVar BaseDN "ou=people," PerlSetVar LDAPServer PerlSetVar LDAPPort 389 #PerlSetVar UIDAttr uid PerlSetVar UIDAttr mail #PerlSetVar AlternatePWAttribute alternateAttribute #PerlSetVar SearchScope base | one | sub # default is sub #PerlSetVar LDAPFilter "(&(course=CSA)(class=A))" #optional # Set if you want to encrypt communication with LDAP server # and avoid sending clear text passwords over the network PerlSetVar UseStartTLS yes | no # Set if you want to allow an alternate method of authentication PerlSetVar AllowAlternateAuth yes | no require valid-user PerlAuthenHandler Apache2::AuthNetLDAP This module authenticates users via LDAP using the Net::LDAP module. This module is Graham Barrs "pure" Perl LDAP API. It also uses all of the same parameters as the Apache::AuthPerLDAP, but I have added four extra parameters. The parameters are: PerlSetVar BindDN Used to set initial LDAP user. PerlSetVar BindPWD Used to set initial LDAP password. PerlSetVar BaseDN This sets the search base used when looking up a user in an LDAP server. PerlSetVar LDAPServer This is the hostname of the LDAP server you wish to use. PerlSetVar LDAPPort This is the port the LDAP server is listening on. PerlSetVar UIDAttr The attribute used to lookup the user. PerlSetVar AlternatePWAttribute The an alternate attribute with which the $password will be tested. This allows you to test with another attribute, instead of just trying to bind the userdn and password to the ldap server. If this option is used, then a BindDN and BindPWD must be used for the initial bind. PerlSetVar AllowAlternateAuth This attribute allows you to set an alternative method of authentication (Basically, this allows you to mix authentication methods, if you dont have all users in the LDAP database). It does this by returning a DECLINE and checking for the next handler, which could be another authentication, such as Apache-AuthenNTLM or basic authentication. PerlSetVar SearchScope Optional. Can be base, one or sub. Default is sub. Determines the scope of the LDAP search. PerlSetVar LDAPFilter This is an LDAP filter, as defined in RFC 2254. This is optional. If provided, it will be ANDed with the filter that verifies the UID. For example, if you have these set: PerlSetVar UIDAttr uid PerlSetVar LDAPFilter "(&(course=41300)(year=3)(classCode=Y))" and a user authenticates with the username "nicku" then the following filter will be generated to search for the entry to authenticate against: (&(&(course=41300)(year=3)(classCode=Y))(uid=nicku)) This will then allow nicku access only if nickus LDAP entry has the attribute course equal to 41300, the attribute year equal to 3, and attribute classCode equal to Y. And of course, if the password is correct. This may be useful for restricting access to a group of users in a large directory, e.g., at a university. PerlSetVar UseStartTLS Optional; can be yes or no. If yes, will fail unless can start a TLS encrypted connection to the LDAP server before sending passwords over the network. Note that this requires that the optional module IO::Socket::SSL is installed; this depends on Net::SSLeay, which depends on openssl. Of course, the LDAP server must support Start TLS also..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Attribute Authentication Authnetldap Ldap Server Module Optional Perl Module Perlsetvar Perlsetvar Ldapfilter Perlsetvar Uidattr Server Uidattr User User Authentication
Users rating: 0/10

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