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wview 3.9.0

  Date Added: May 10, 2013  |  Visits: 1.050


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wview is a collection of unix daemons which interface with a supported weather station to retrieve archive records (if generated by the station) and current conditions. The stations currently supported are:<br /><br /> * Davis Vantage Pro/Pro2/Vue (Serial, USB and IP)<br /> * Vaisala WXT510/WXT520<br /> * Texas Weather Instruments (All)<br /> * Oregon Scientific WMR-USB (WMR88/WMR88A/WMR100/WMR100N/WMR200/WMRS200/RMS300/RMS600)<br /> * Hideki, Nexus, Mebus, Irox, Honeywell, Cresta TE923, TE923W, TE821W, WXR810, DV928<br /> * Fine Offset WH1080/WH1081, Watson W-8681/WX-2008, National Geographic: 265 NE, Elecsa 6975/6976, Ambient Weather WS-1080/WS-1090/WS-2080, Tycon TP1080WC<br /> * La Crosse WS-2300/WS-2308/WS-2310/WS-2315<br /> * Oregon Scientific WMR918/WMR928NX/WMR968<br /> * Station Simulator<br /> * Virtual Station<br /><br /><br />wview will generate archive records based on the sensor readings collected for that interval. The archive records are stored in an SQLite3 database. At a configurable interval wview will utilize the archive history and current conditions to generate weather images (buckets, dials and graphs) and HTML web pages based on user-configurable HTML templates. Other types of file generation are supported including PHP, XML, python, etc. to support custom web site designs.<br /><br />Features:<br /><br /> * 24x7x365 reliability.<br /> * Fast image and HTML/XML file generation.<br /> * Non-GUI, headless, lightweight (size and resources).<br /> * Embeddable - can be deployed on low-power embedded systems such as the Linksys NSLU2 or the SheevaPlug.<br /> * Multi-Lingual - HTML/XML templates, labels and text.<br /> * US (Imperial) or Metric Units - can be easily configured for metric or US units of measure.<br /> * SQLite Archive Storage - archive data is stored in an SQLite3 relational database.<br /> * Remote Upload - web pages and images can be transferred to a remote web server via an ftp or secure ssh process included with wview.<br /> * Alarms - the wview alarm daemon wvalarmd can be enabled to deliver current conditions to TCP socket clients as a near real-time data feed engine. wvalarmd can also be configured to function as a weather data alarm generator to user specified scripts or binaries.<br /> * CWOP - can be configured to submit data to CWOP.<br /> * Wunderground - can be configured to submit data to Wunderground.<br /> * WeatherForYou - can be configured to submit data to WeatherForYou.<br /> * Awekas - can be configured to submit data to Awekas.<br /> * RSS Feeds - processes XML template files and includes a default weather data RSS feed template.<br /><br />What Do I Need?<br /><br /># Weather Station - one of the following:<br /><br /> * Vantage Pro or Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue Weather Station with Console<br /> o WeatherLink or WeatherLinkIP datalogger for Vantage Pro or Pro2 or Vue; Serial, USB or IP - the windows software is not required, but this is the only way to obtain the serial, USB or IP datalogger<br /> * Vaisala WXT510/WXT520<br /> * Texas Weather Instruments<br /> * Oregon Scientific WMR-USB (WMR88/WMR88A/WMR100/WMR100N/WMR200/WMRS200/RMS300/RMS600) Controller<br /> * Hideki, Nexus, Mebus, Irox, Honeywell, Cresta TE923, TE923W, TE821W, WXR810, DV928<br /> * Fine Offset WH1080/WH1081, Watson W-8681/WX-2008, National Geographic: 265 NE, Elecsa 6975/6976, Ambient Weather WS-1080/WS-1090/WS-2080, Tycon TP1080WC Controller<br /> * La Crosse WS-2300/2308/2310/2315<br /> * Oregon Scientific WMR918/WMR928NX/WMR968<br /> * Station Simulator (included for demos and testing)<br /><br /><br /># PC or Embedded Device to Host wview - this can be any platform running linux/*BSD/unix/MacOSX with an available serial or USB port and a network interface<br /># linux/*BSD/unix/MacOSX Operating System<br /># Standard Installations of: libz, libpng, gawk, libgd2-noxpm-dev, libsqlite3-dev, libreadline5-dev, radlib<br /># wview<br /># libcurl (in the curl package) if you plan to submit data to the Weather Underground and/or WeatherForYou

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Mac, *nix, Mac OSX, Linux, C/C++ , BSD
Keyword: Daemons Unix Unix Daemons Weather Weather Reporting Tool Weather Station
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware
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