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Text::MacroScript 1.38

  Date Added: September 06, 2010  |  Visits: 756


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Text::MacroScript is a macro pre-processor with embedded perl capability. SYNOPSIS use Text::MacroScript ; # new() for macro processing my $Macro = Text::MacroScript->new ; while( <> ) { print $Macro->expand( $_ ) if $_ ; } # Canonical use (the filename improves error messages): my $Macro = Text::MacroScript->new ; while( <> ) { print $Macro->expand( $_, $ARGV ) if $_ ; } # new() for embedded macro processing my $Macro = Text::MacroScript->new( -embedded => 1 ) ; # Delimiters default to <: and :> # or my $Macro = Text::MacroScript->new( -opendelim => [[, -closedelim => ]] ) ; while( <> ) { print $Macro->expand_delimited( $_, $ARGV ) if $_ ; } # Create a macro object and create initial macros/scripts from the file(s) # given: my $Macro = Text::MacroScript->new( -file => [ local.macro, ~/.macro/global.macro ] ) ; # Create a macro object and create initial macros/scripts from the # definition(s) given: my $Macro = Text::MacroScript->new( -macro => [ [ MAX_INT => 32767 ], ], -script => [ [ DHM2S => [ my $s = (#0*24*60*60)+(#1*60*60)+(#2*60) ; "#0 days, #1 hrs, #2 mins = $s secs" ], ], -variable => [ *MARKER* => 0 ], ) ; # We may of course use any combination of the options. my $Macro = Text::MacroScript->new( -comment => 1 ) ; # Create the %%[] macro. # define() $Macro->define( -macro, $macroname, $macrobody ) ; $Macro->define( -script, $scriptname, $scriptbody ) ; $Macro->define( -variable, $variablename, $variablebody ) ; # undefine() $Macro->undefine( -macro, $macroname ) ; $Macro->undefine( -script, $scriptname ) ; $Macro->undefine( -variable, $variablename ) ; # undefine_all() $Macro->undefine( -macro ) ; $Macro->undefine( -script ) ; $Macro->undefine( -variable ) ; # list() @macros = $Macro->list( -macro ) ; @macros = $Macro->list( -macro, -namesonly ) ; @scripts = $Macro->list( -script ) ; @scripts = $Macro->list( -script, -namesonly ) ; @variables = $Macro->list( -variable ) ; @variables = $Macro->list( -variable, -namesonly ) ; # load_file() - always treats the contents as within delimiters if we are # doing embedded processing. $Macro->load_file( $filename ) ; # expand_file() - calls expand_embedded() if we are doing embedded # processing otherwise calls expand(). $Macro->expand_file( $filename ) ; @expanded = $Macro->expand_file( $filename ) ; # expand() $expanded = $Macro->expand( $unexpanded ) ; $expanded = $Macro->expand( $unexpanded, $filename ) ; # expand_embedded() $expanded = $Macro->expand_embedded( $unexpanded ) ; $expanded = $Macro->expand_embedded( $unexpanded, $filename ) ; This bundle also includes the macro and macrodir scripts which allows us to expand macros without having to use/understand, although you will have to learn the handful of macro commands available and which are documented here and in macro. macro provides more documentation on the embedded approach. The library supplied provides some functions which you may choose to use in HTML work for example..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Embedded Embedded Perl Expand Libraries Macro Macro- Macroscript New Programming Textmacroscript Undefine
Users rating: 0/10

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