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  Date Added: May 25, 2010  |  Visits: 494


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upgrade.php is a PHP script that can help you to use all features from newer PHP versions (up to 5.2 currently) without losing compatibility to older interpreters and outdated webserver setups. It takes care of emulating any functions (with their original names) that are missing at runtime. You simply include() it into your applications and are from then on freed from thinking about backwards compliance and wasting time with workarounds instead of simply using the more powerful PHP functions. Following functions are currently emulated: json_encode - json_decode - strptime - error_get_last - preg_last_error - lchown - lchgrp - gzdecode - ob_get_headers - xmlentities - stripos - strripos - str_ireplace - get_headers - headers_list - fprintf - vfprintf - str_split - http_build_query - convert_uuencode - convert_uudecode - scandir - idate - time_nanosleep - strpbrk - php_real_logo_guid - php_egg_logo_guid - php_strip_whitespace - php_check_syntax - get_declared_interfaces - array_combine - array_walk_recursive - substr_compare - spl_classes - class_parents - session_commit - dns_check_record - dns_get_mx - setrawcookie - file_put_contents - file_get_contents - fnmatch - glob - array_key_exists - array_intersect_assoc - array_diff_assoc - html_entity_decode - str_word_count - str_shuffle - get_include_path - set_include_path - restore_include_path - str_rot13 - array_change_key_case - array_fill - array_chunk - md5_file - is_a - fmod - floatval - is_infinite - is_nan - is_finite - var_export - strcoll - diskfreespace - disktotalspace - vprintf - vsprintf - import_request_variables - hypot - log1p - expm1 - sinh - cosh - tanh - asinh - acosh - atanh - array_udiff_uassoc - array_udiff_assoc - array_diff_uassoc - array_udiff - array_uintersect_uassoc - array_uintersect_assoc - array_uintersect - array_intersect_uassoc - mime_content_type - image_type_to_mime_type - image_type_to_extension - exif_imagetype - array_filter - array_map - is_callable - array_search - array_reduce - is_scalar - localeconv - call_user_func_array - call_user_method_array - array_sum - constant - is_null - pathinfo - escapeshellarg - is_uploaded_file - move_uploaded_file - strncasecmp - wordwrap - php_uname - php_sapi_name Whats New in This Release: - This release includes PDO emulation for PHP 4.x. - This new unified PHP5 standard database interface prevents SQL injection exploits if you use its prepared statements instead of error-prone string concatenation and manual escaping. - Other changes include more detailed phpDoc-style comments in the main script, and file_put_contents() support for the file locking flag. - The emulated json_decode() function now supports Unicode escapes and still remains five times faster than JSON.php or the Zend_Framework decoder..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Array File Include Libraries Php Script Programming Script Str Upgrade Php
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 133.12 KB
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