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Armagetron Advanced 0.3.0

  Date Added: January 08, 2010  |  Visits: 1.137

Armagetron Advanced

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Armagetron Advanced is another version of the simple action game modeled after the lightcycle sequence of the movie Tron. In the Armagetron game, you ride a lightcycle around the game grid. You can only make sharp turns of 90 degrees and a wall constantly builds up after you. Make your enemies crash into your wall, but be aware that they are trying to do the same to you. Whats New in Stable Release: - Timestamps and teamscores added to scorelog.txt - Dedicated server now works on FreeBSD and OpenBSD - User running the dedicated server is called "armagetronad" again, the longer "armagetronad-dedicated" caused problems with BSD - Test versions refuse to connect to servers more than one version ahead - Prepared client for respawns - Team spawn formation is now configurable - Added reasons to bans - Added spectator autokicking - Added history to chat and console (wrtlprnft) - You only enter a game once your client is synced - /msg now prefers exact matches over partial matches - Cycles now have better memory for pending turns (wrtlprnft) - Added player join/leave/rename messages to ladderlog.txt with IPs - Ping variance influence on packet loss tolerance code is now clamped by the regular, configurable, packet loss tolerance: effect of variance can be no bigger than the effect of ping. - Spectators are now regular players and can chat - The /msg command now converts the entered pattern into the internal name so if you write "/msg öäü" and there is a user named "öäü" with an internal nick of "oau" it will still get matched - Team changes are now only executed when allowed, the need for the temporary/permanent team imbalance setting distinction has gone away - Added brake toggle button Bugfixes: - Client sometimes crashed when leaving a server with AIs on over the menu - Cycles could, if timed right, just pass through each other - The server starting scripts were chowning /var/run and /var/log to armagetronad - Short names could crash the server - Init scripts now installed correctly with --enable-initscripts - Hopeless pending team change wishes are deleted - Large timesteps are now broken down into smaller ones on the game level - Pretend keys are released before entering chat - Two cycle steering events were sent if you doublebound the brake - Large speed boosts out of game rule bounds were possible during network glitches - Debug recording reliability increased, function call with undefined return value eliminated - Recording and scorekeeping no longer conflict - Input during a recording now has an end marker, making quick keypresses after leaving a menu not break it - CYCLE_RUBBER_DELAY was overridden sometimes by packet loss tolerance - ALLOW_CONTROL_DURING_CHAT now ignores modifier keys like shift and has been reactivated - The camera sometimes got stuck in free mode for the first round you watch - Crashfix in hole blowing code when no cycle was set - After a "perfect" 180, youre more often on the right side of your own wall That code caused some havoc at first, so it has been reworked - The smart cam did not like fluctuating framerates - Improved debug recording reliability: multiple master server visits and too quick keypresses were causing trouble. - Canonical DESTDIR support and added ROOTDIR support for testing - Login floods are detected and ignored - Player name updates sanitized - Disabled complicated feasibility tests for team menu entries, they did not have the full information and were often wrong - Team score only added to player score if no teamplay is possible Whats New in 0.3.0 Development Release: - First development release in the 0.3 series. - Features a new HUD (with map), a new sound engine, new glancing, tab completion, and more.. Armagetron: simple Tron Lightcycle sequence game in 3D

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Action Game Added Advanced Arcade Armagetron Armagetron Advanced Game Games Modeled After Server Team
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 1.6 MB
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