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qmail-rblchk 2.4.1

  Date Added: October 13, 2010  |  Visits: 690


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qmail-rblchk filter all incoming mail and check if it comes from RBL listed IPs. It is for use in .qmail to check the IP address from the Received lines. qmail-rblchk has the same function as rblsmtpd, but the messages are checked at local delivery time. Compile it with: tar -xfz qmail-rblchk-[version].tar.gz cd qmail-rblchk make setup check Edit conf-* files to set compile and install options. If you use FreeBSD you can install qmail-rblchk with his port: cd /usr/ports/mail/qmail-rblchk make install clean Use |qmail-rblchk [options] [/dir/] qmail-rblchk is for use in .qmail to check the IP address from the Received: from lines. It has the same function as rblsmtpd, but the messages are checked at local delivery time, with this you can check the content of the message simply redirecting it to another mailbox or address. If a directory is given with dir all spam message are delivered to that directory if it exist and is in Maildir format. Directory name must start with a / or . (dot) and end with a /. General options: -h: show a sort program description; -s: add "X-Spam" header into the incoming mail (work only with delivery in dir/); -i NUM: ignore first NUM IPs found in the header; -x IP: do not check IP, try to find other address in header (you can ignore max 16 IPs); -m: check all IPs that find in mail header (default check only the first); -v: debug mode, make output more verbose; -p: dont check private IP classes: - - - - -q: quiet mode; -l LOG: redirect to file LOG program messages; -L DATA: write blocked IP address tu file DATA (you can use the DATA file to build your RBL list, see example below); -c: turn on the condredirect compatibility mode for exit code. Control options -r addr: request if a TXT record exist into addr; -R addr: request if a TXT record not exist into addr; -a addr: request if a A record not exist into addr; -A addr: request if a A record exist into addr; -C addr: request if a A or TXT record exist into addr, if true the mail is not SPAM and the program exit; -X cdb: check if the sender IP is listed in cdb file, see tcprules or EXAMPLES section for the format Its possible to use up to 32 control options to specify more RBL server; those are checked until the first of them answere true and the mail will be tagged as a "spam" (unless you use -C option). If a mail come from a.b.c.d IP, the request that the program send to DNS server is: d.c.b.a.addr where addr is the parameter that come after -r, -R, -a or -A options. Whats New in This Release: - This release adds many new features: CDB RBL checking, a better IP search method, better logging, and more..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Check Communications Data Email Filters Exist If A Incoming Incoming Mail Ips Mail Options Qmailrblchk Rbl Request Txt
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 2.05 KB
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