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PhpBibliography 0.4

  Date Added: October 01, 2010  |  Visits: 707


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PhpBibliography allows you to publish your bibliography online (and to edit it via web). PhpBibliography is implemented in Php and uses MySql. These instructions assume you already have a working web server/php/MySql system. 1. Create a database called bibliography (this is the default but you can choose the name you want, provided you update config.php accordingly, see below; for instance some providers already set up some databases for you, with specific names: you should choose one of these and then update config.php accordingly, see below) 2. (Optional) assign user and password to the created database 3. upload the file bibliography.sql you find in the zip file (this will create the table structures); in order to do this you can either use the following mysql command, where should be replaced with the user you assigned to the database (default: root) and is the name of the database you created (default: bibliography): mysql -u -p < bibliography.sql Alternatively you can use your favorite mysql management system, e.g., phpMyAdmin. Note: phpbibliography relies on InnoDB tables for the database, but it should work even with standard MySql table types (I havent tested this) but you lose referential integrity. 4. Edit the config.php file in the html directory according to your configuration: $dbhost = "localhost"; This is the address of the MySql server (by default it is the same of your web server - thus, localhost - but it might not always be the case) $dbuname = "root"; The user owner of the database you created (default: root) $dbpass = "pippo"; The password of the owner of the database you created (default: pippo, but you should change it as soon as possible!) $dbname = "bibliography"; The name of the database you created (see above) $mysite = "http://yoursite/yourphpbibliographypath"; This is the public URL of your phpbibliography site; it depends on where you upload the phpbibliography files (see below) $filedir = "files"; This directory will store the papers you upload via phpbibliography. You can keep the default value (see below for setting up this directory) $maintitle = "Bibliography Site"; This will be the title of the html pages generated by phpbibliography copy all the contents (including the subdirectories) of the html directory to the desired directory in your web server (make sure that the subdirectory files is writable from the web server user - you can make it writable and accessible from anyone. This directory will store the papers you upload via phpbibliography) If everything was setup correctly you should be able to access to your bibliography site with a browser. Whats New in This Release: - Papers can be classified according to several criteria (decided by the users). - The order of authors in a bib item is respected. - A paper can be modified using a bibtex. - An entire bib file can be uploaded to insert or modify the papers. - An authentication problem with PHP 5 has been fixed. - Formatting of papers can be customized by passing parameters in the URL..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Bibliography Database Directory Edit It Http Internet Mysql Papers Phpbibliography Via Web You Created
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License: Freeware Size: 41.98 KB
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