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SlaBuntuVMware 0.2

  Date Added: July 26, 2010  |  Visits: 775


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SlaBuntuVMware is a useful installation suite for installing VMware Server on Slackware or Ubuntu. The project automatically downloads packages from the VMware site. Tested on Slackware 11. (Slackware 10.2 might not work - try) Tested on Ubuntu Desktop Dapper Drake and Ubuntu Desktop Edgy. IMPORTANT: this suite does not include the vmware server packs, they are downloaded from the official VMware site. You also need a server key for activating the product that you must get (for free) from the VMware web-site ( INSTALLATION (Slackware Linux) : a) 1- The perfect setup for running vmware on Slackware is: Slackware 11 (When you install the OS leave a big partion for your virtual machines). Using a good server with an hardware raid controller: Suggested Partition Table (scsi disks, if ide hda): /dev/sda1 swap (megs?gb? depends on your system) /dev/sda2 / 10Gb /dev/sda3 /home 2Gb /dev/sda4 /vm (160 Gb the rest for your virtual machines) You must do a normal install with X support but no KDE. 2- Dropline Gnome ( It is suggested you run gnome on Slackware 11. Gnome is not included in the distro cds, therefore you must download Dropline Gnome. 3- Kernel 2.6.x (with the kernel sources into /usr/src/linux) (Default Kernel works perfectly though) CAUTION: take a look on for the supported kernel 2.6 versions. OR - If you have problems building 2.6.x vmware kernel module, just use the normal kernel supplied with your slackware, or try the test26.s or huge26.s supplied with your slackware cds. b) - The base setup for running vmware on Slackware is: 1- Slackware 11 2- Kde(not tested can have problems with some libraries) (if you do not want to Download and install Dropline Gnome) 3- Kernel 2.4.33 (with the kernel sources into /usr/src/linux) Using a normal pc with no raid controller (so you should use linux raid software): Suggested Partition Table (scsi disks, if ide hda): /dev/md1 swap (megs?gb? depends on your system) /dev/md2 / 10Gb /dev/md3 /home 2Gb /dev/md4 /vm (100 Gb? the rest for your virtual machines) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you do not want to use Gnome or Kde go at the end of this file. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) After making sure you have everything (including the kernel sources inside /usr/src/linux) you can run: 3) as root ./ 4) follow the steps provided (you can hit ENTER to most of the questions (90%) 4) provide the vmware free key when needed (ask for it on the site 6) under an X session: Run the command "vmware" and Enjoy vmware! INSTALLATION (Ubuntu Desktop, Alternate,NOT Server): 1) edit /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment all the lines starting with deb 2) open a terminal (xterm) and type "sudo ./" 3) follow the steps provided (you can hit ENTER to most of the questions (90%) 4) provide the vmware free key when needed (ask for it on the site 5) Run the command "vmware" and Enjoy vmware! INSTALLATION ON UBUNTU SERVER - Not tried yet, but you should at first download and install X11 and gnome and then follow the steps provided for Ubuntu Desktop above. IMPORTANT INFO: - Remember that vmware server packs are downloaded from the official vmware site and are property of the VMware Company: - Remember that in order to use VMware you should accept the terms of the VMware license that will be displayed during the installation process. - Remember that in order to installa VMware you should ask the VMware fellows for a key. Do this at the VMware site: - To create virtual machines you should use the vmware console. a) Run the command "vmware" and the vmware console starts up. b) Then connect to localhost. - After created a virtual machine to run it from the cmd line use: bash# vmware-cmd vmname.vmx start Author: Lorenzo Allori ##################################################### If you do not have Gnome or Kde youll need the following: ##################################################### - Slack with glibc and glibcsolibs installed. Make sure you have X11 installed with a window manager. Packages needed are: glibc-2.3.6-i486-6.tgz glibc-solibs-2.3.6-i486-6.tgz kernel-source- x11-6.9.0-i486-11.tgz x11-devel-6.9.0-i486-11.tgz windowmaker-0.92.0-i486-1.tgz You can find those on Download them and to install those just type (as root): # installpkg pkgname When you have finished installing all the packages you need remember to run: # ldconfig - If you need a window manager you can install windowmaker: # installpkg windowmaker-0.92-i486.tgz # wmaker.inst.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Dropline Gnome Gnome Install Installation Suite Kernel Server Slabuntuvmware Slackware Ubuntu Ubuntu Desktop Virtual Machines Vmware Server You Do Not
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