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TeleKast Alpha

  Date Added: April 17, 2010  |  Visits: 824


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TeleKast is your means for creative communication. It is an application you can use for your school, church or any organization which needs features like a script editor and teleprompter. Basically, you first create a script and then you can use it for just about anything. Broadcast journalism, whether in a school or professional television studio, can benefit from the built in teleprompter. The scripts could also be used for purposes such as interviews, feature stories or someone reading when standing in front of a crowd. Again, TeleKast is your means for creative communication. Note: This is alpha software. This means most of the features for 1.0.*.* are ready to go. Now we are looking for and fixing bugs in the software. However, you may still download, redistribute, read, use and/or modify the software in its current state. It has been released as open source software protected by a dual license. The Mozilla Public License version 1.1 and the GNU General Public License version 2.0. Also TeleKast is built on the Mozilla® Platform. So, it makes heavy use of Mozillas XML User Interface Language (XUL) and JavaScript. The source code does not need to be compiled. So, you can run TeleKast straight from source if you obtain XULRunner™ from Mozillas Web site or use a source download which includes XULRunner. The source downloads are separated by operating system because the downloads are compressed using the common method for each OS and the icon format is different for each. (.zip/.ico for Windows and .tar.gz/.xpm for Linux). Mac is not supported at this time because we do not have a Mac for application testing. Right now we are in the 1.0.*.* series of releases. Simply put, this series is a script editor and has a teleprompter feature. Right now we are looking for and fixing bugs in the software. So, the features TeleKast currently has are frozen. Below is an explaination of future features planned in future series releases. 1.0.*.* Series (Code Name: Genesis) This is the first series of releases of TeleKast. The main features are a script editor, segment preview, segment clip and teleprompter. 1.1.*.* Series (Code Name: Exodus) The Exodus series of TeleKast is the first series to think out side the box. This series will introduce a Web document editor which will use the script as a base for the document content. This will enable the user to take their script, format it as a Web page and then upload it to a Web site. 1.2.*.* Series (Code Name: Malachi) Malachi will include a slide show feature called a Kiosk. The Kiosk Editor will use the script as a starting point and allow the user to enhance the slides with graphics. 1.3.*.* Series (Code Name: V.I.P.) This series will add a video player to allow the user to convey a stronger message. The idea behind TeleKast is to provide a means for creative communication. This will round up all of the original major feature requests. Now and Beyond As feature requests come in, we will integrate your needs into TeleKast. This roadmap is just for the main features. Other features may be included in the above mentioned releases as you ask for them. TeleKast is built on the Mozilla® Platform. This platform uses XULRunner™ to create rich applications. There is no limit to what can be done. Whats New in This Release: - Code clean up..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Alpha Code Code Name Communications Conferencing Features Script Series Telekast
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