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jPOS 1.6.0

  Date Added: October 12, 2010  |  Visits: 1.870


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jPOS project is a Java based, production grade ISO-8583 library/framework that can be used to implement financial interchanges, protocol converters, payment gateways, credit card verification clients and servers (merchant/issuer/acquirer), etc. Whats New in This Release: - Upgrade to jdom-1.0.jar - Changed LogEvent to support new jdom version - Upgraded build system (uses jPOS-EEs approach - Added DailyLogListener - Use crimson instead of xerces - Created compat_1_5_2 module - Upgraded jdbm to 1.0 - transient:* and persistent:* Spaces urns now maps to TSpace and JDBMSpace - ISOMsg writeExternal and readExternal now honors packager if available - ISOMsg.set(int,String) can be used for ISOBinaryFields provided theres a packager associated with the ISOMsg (the string is interpreted as hex) - Added appropriate thread names - TransactionManager stuff moved to its own module txnmgr - BaseChannel.disconnect closes socket before closing streams (better SSL behaveour) - ISOServer do not drop connection on VetoException - bugfix in Log4JListener (if watch=0 use default watch to avoid CPU going up to 100% - TSpace and JDBMSpace throws NPE at out time if either key or value are null - ISOCurrencys data moved to a ResourceBundle - Dump hexstring of binary fields in ISOBasePackager.unpack - Added IFE_AMOUNT - Added TransactionManager debug property - TransactionManager creates default persistent-space if one is not specified - TransactionManager honors participants configured after group selectors - TransactionManager now support RETRY action at prepare time (r2359) - QServer.stop - avoid npe on unstarted/misconfigured servers (r2360) - ISOChannelPanel now supports wipe and protect attributes (r2363) - Added IFE_SIGNED_NUMERIC and SignedEbcdicNumberInterpreter - Added sendKeepAlive() method to BaseChannel - New �keep-alive� element in ChannelAdaptor - FSDMsg trunk fields bigger than length - Reworked 3rd bitmap support - QMUX now support multiple ready indicators - NPE in Q2 startup when deploy directory is not available/readable - ISOServer now honors new keep-channels property (true|false) - Added bind-address and backlog properties to ISOServer - ISOServer: close ThreadPool on shutdown - FSDMsg truncate A fields larger than length - synchronized NameRegistrar - GenericSubFieldPackager - pack dummy fields if field is not available and inner message has no bitmap - QMUX now supports new .. configuration element (defaults to 41, 11 ). - Added org.jpos.transaction.participant.HasEntry general purpose Group Selector - TransactionManager attempts to call setTransactionManager(TransactionManager) on participants - Bugfix in IF_TCHAR (unpack offset - r2410) - Added Q2.shutdown (boolean join) (r2414) - Added Join participant (r2416) - Added keep-alive property to BaseChannel (r2417) - feature request #404 - Include a call to tx & rx.interrupt so that an idle ISOMUX will honour terminate requests. - added setOverrideHeader(boolean) and isOverrideHeader() to BaseChannel - ISOUtil.normalize uses UTF-8 encoding - BaseChannel: added protected int getHeaderLength(ISOMsg m) - TransactionManager.stop() wait (via join) for sessions to terminate (r2422) - ISOServer/ThreadPool: Added socket closure in the event of ThreadPool exhaustion. Combined with a tightening of count of active, working and available Threads in ThreadPool itself (r2423). - Added IFA_LLLLLLCHAR field packager (r2424) - Bugfix in DailyTaskAdaptor in order to deal with daylight saving change (r2425) - XMLPackager honors optional ... element at unpack time. (r2426) - bugfix in ChannelAdaptor: honor reconnect delay on peer-disconnect exceptions (r2429) - Added new configuration element to QMUX (r2432) - genericpackager.dtd - added optional firstField element to fieldpackager and isofieldpackager (r2434) - QMUX added removeISORequestListener (r2435) - IFB_LLLHCHAR, IFB_LLLHECHAR and IFB_LLLHBINARY length can go up to 65535 (r2437) - ISOBasePackager - add support for composite MTIs (r2438) - BaseChannel accepts new max-packet-length optional property - new default size 100k (r2441) - bugfix: ISOServer clones max-packet-length - Added new MUXPool component (r2443) - TransactionManager minor optimization - do not take snapshot if psp is not actually persistent (r2444) - SpaceUtil new wipeAndOut helpers (r2447) - TransactionManager - new PAUSE support (r2448) - bugfix: GZipChannel compressed/uncompressed length (r2458) - TransactionManager new method getOutstandingTransactions (r2459) - added org.jpos.transaction.participant.Forward (r2459) - added org.jpos.transaction.participant.CheckPoint (r2460) - added txnmgr and transaction-manager aliases (r2462).

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Added Basechannel Element Iso Isoserver Java Based Jpos Length Libraries New Programming Qmux Support Threadpool Transactionmanager
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 3.4 MB
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