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Finance::InteractiveBrokers::TWS 0.0.8

  Date Added: May 07, 2010  |  Visits: 1.274


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Finance::InteractiveBrokers::TWS is a Perl module that lets you talk to Interactivebrokers Traders Workstation using Perl. This module is a wrapper around InteractiveBrokers Traders Workstation (TWS) Java interface, that lets one interact with the TWS using Perl, via the vendor supplied API. This means that all the functionality available to Java programmers is also available to you. SYNOPSIS Methods implemented by Finance::InteractiveBrokers::TWS use Finance::InteractiveBrokers::TWS; my $tws = Finance::InteractiveBrokers::TWS->new(callback=>$callback); my $callback = $tws->get_callback(); my $rc = $tws->eConnect($host, $port, $client_id); my $rc = $tws->eDisconnect(); my $rc = $tws->isConnected(@parms); my $rc = $tws->process_messages($seconds_to_wait); Shortcuts for instantiating IB Java classes my $combo_leg = $tws->ComboLeg->new(@parms); my $contract_details = $tws->ContractDetails->new(@parms); my $contract = $tws->Contract->new(parms); my $execution_filter = $tws->ExecutionFilter->new(@parms); my $execution = $tws->Execution->new(@parms); my $order = $tws->Order->new(@parms); my $scanner_sub = $tws->ScannerSubscription->new(@parms); Shortcuts for asking TWS to do something for you $tws->cancelHistoricalData(@parms); $tws->cancelMktData(@parms); $tws->cancelMktDepth(@parms); $tws->cancelNewsBulletins(@parms); $tws->cancelOrder(@parms); $tws->cancelScannerSubscription(@parms); $tws->exerciseOptions(@parms); $tws->placeOrder(@parms); $tws->replaceFA(@parms); $tws->reqAccountUpdates(@parms); $tws->reqAllOpenOrders(@parms); $tws->reqAutoOpenOrders(@parms); $tws->reqContractDetails(@parms); $tws->reqExecutions(@parms); $tws->reqHistoricalData(@parms); $tws->reqIds(@parms); $tws->reqManagedAccts(@parms); $tws->reqMktData(@parms); $tws->reqMktDepth(@parms); $tws->reqNewsBulletins(@parms); $tws->reqOpenOrders(@parms); $tws->reqScannerParameters(@parms); $tws->reqScannerSubscription(@parms); $tws->requestFA(@parms); $tws->setServerLogLevel(@parms);.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Financeinteractivebrokerstws Interactivebrokers Interactivebrokers Traders Workstation Lets Libraries Module New Parms Perl Perl Module Talk To Traders Tws You Talk
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 22.53 KB
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