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Math::MatrixReal::Aug 0.02

  Date Added: April 17, 2010  |  Visits: 756


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SYNOPSIS use Math::MatrixReal; use Math::MatrixReal::Aug; These are certain extra methods for Math::MatrixReal, in the tradition of Math::MatrixReal::Ext1; $matrix1->augmentright($matrix2); Creates a new matrix of the form [$matrix1 $matrix2]. $matrix1 and $matrix2 must have the same number of rows. Example: $A = Math::MatrixReal->new_from_cols([[1,0]]); $B = Math::MatrixReal->new_from_cols([[1,2],[2,1]]); $C = $A / $B print $C; [ 1.000000000000E+00 1.000000000000E+00 2.000000000000E+00 ] [ 0.000000000000E+00 2.000000000000E+00 1.000000000000E+00 ] $matrix1->augmentbelow($matrix2); Creates a new matrix of the form [ $matrix1 ] [ $matrix2 ]. $matrix1 and $matrix2 must have the same number of columns. Example: $A = Math::MatrixReal->new_from_cols([[1,0],[0,1]]); $B = Math::MatrixReal->new_from_cols([[1,2],[2,1]]); $C = $A / $B print $C; [ 1.000000000000E+00 0.000000000000E+00 ] [ 0.000000000000E+00 1.000000000000E+00 ] [ 1.000000000000E+00 2.000000000000E+00 ] [ 2.000000000000E+00 1.000000000000E+00 ] $matrix->applyfunction($coderef) Applies &$coderef to each element of $matrix, and returns the result. $coderef should be a reference to a subroutine that takes four parameters: ($matrix, $matrix->element($i,$j), $i, $j) where $i and $j are the row and column indices of the current element. Example: sub increment { my ($matrix,$element, $i,$j)=@_; return $element+1; } $A = Math::MatrixReal->new_from_cols([[1,0],[0,1]]); $E=$A->applyfunction(&increment); print $E; [ 2.000000000000E+00 1.000000000000E+00 ] [ 1.000000000000E+00 2.000000000000E+00 ] $matrix->largeexponential($exponent) Finds $matrix^$exponent using the square-and-multiply method. $matrix must be square and $exponent must be a positive integer. Much more efficient for large $exponent than $matrix->$exponential($exponent) in that approximately log2($exponent) multiplications are required instead of approximately $exponent. $matrix->fill($const); Sets all elements of $matrix equal to $const. Example: $A = new Math::MatrixReal(3,3); $A->fill(4); print $A; [ 4.000000000000E+00 4.000000000000E+00 4.000000000000E+00 ] [ 4.000000000000E+00 4.000000000000E+00 4.000000000000E+00 ] [ 4.000000000000E+00 4.000000000000E+00 4.000000000000E+00 ] $new_matrix = $some_matrix->newfill($rows,$columns,$const); $new_matrix = Math::MatrixReal->newfill($rows,$columns,$const); Creates a new matrix of the specified size, all the elements of which are $const. Example: $A = Math::MatrixReal->newfill(3,3,4); print $A; [ 4.000000000000E+00 4.000000000000E+00 4.000000000000E+00 ] [ 4.000000000000E+00 4.000000000000E+00 4.000000000000E+00 ] [ 4.000000000000E+00 4.000000000000E+00 4.000000000000E+00 ].

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Aug Perl Cols Const Exponent Libraries Mathmatrixrealaug Matrix Matrixreal New Print Programming
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 4.1 KB
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