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Net::eBay 0.41

  Date Added: May 12, 2010  |  Visits: 781


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Net::eBay is a Perl Interface to XML based eBay API. SYNOPSIS This module helps user to easily execute queries against eBays XML API. Copyright Igor Chudov. ################################################## # For support, docs, info, email to author go to # # # # # ################################################## Also check out Object::eBay perl module for higher level abstraction built on top of Net::eBay. Object::eBay is a work of another individual, not Igor Chudov. Also check out several ebay-*.pl scripts that ship with this distribution, they should be installed in your scripts directory. Getting Official Time use Net::eBay; my $eBay = new Net::eBay; # look up ebay.ini in $ENV{EBAY_INI_FILE}, "./ebay.ini", "~/.ebay.ini" my $result = $eBay->submitRequest( "GeteBayOfficialTime", {} ); print "eBay Official Time = $result->{EBayTime}.n"; Automated bidding eBay does not allow bidding via eBay API. Listing Item for sale use Net::eBay; use Data::Dumper; # another way of creating Net::eBay object. my $ebay = new Net::eBay( { SiteLevel => prod, DeveloperKey => ..., ApplicationKey => ..., CertificateKey => ..., Token => ..., } ); my $result = $ebay->submitRequest( "AddItem", { DetailLevel => "0", ErrorLevel => "1", SiteId = > "0", Verb => " AddItem", Category => "14111", CheckoutDetailsSpecified => "0", Country => "us", Currency => "1", Description => "For sale is like new thingamabob.Shipping is responsibility of the buyer.", Duration => "7", Location => "Anytown, USA, 43215", Gallery => 1, GalleryURL =>, MinimumBid => "0.99", BuyItNowPrice => 19.99, PayPalAccepted => "1", PayPalEmailAddress => "", Quantity => "1", Region => "60", Title => "Igors Item with Gallery xaxa", } ); print "Result: " . Dumper( $result ) . "n"; Result of submitRequest is a perl hash obtained from the response XML using XML::Simple, something like this: Result: $VAR1 = { Item => { Id => 4503546598, Fees => { FeaturedGalleryFee => 0.00, InternationalInsertionFee => 0.00, CurrencyId => 1, GalleryFee => 0.25, AuctionLengthFee => 0.00, ProPackBundleFee => 0.00, BorderFee => 0.00, FeaturedFee => 0.00, SchedulingFee => 0.00, HighLightFee => 0.00, FixedPriceDurationFee => 0.00, PhotoDisplayFee => 0.00, ListingFee => 0.55, BuyItNowFee => 0.00, PhotoFee => 0.00, GiftIconFee => 0.00, SubtitleFee => 0.00, InsertionFee => 0.30, ListingDesignerFee => 0.00, BoldFee => 0.00, ReserveFee => 0.00, CategoryFeaturedFee => 0.00 }, StartTime => 2005-08-30 04:50:47, EndTime => 2005-09-06 04:50:47 }, EBayTime => 2005-08-30 04:50:47 }; See an alternative example of submitting an item using New Schema, in script If an error in parsing XML occurs, result will be simply the string that is the text representation of the answer..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Api Based Ebay Interface Libraries Netebay New Perl Perl Interface Programming Result Xml Based
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 17.41 KB
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