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CGI::AppBuilder::Frame 0.10

  Date Added: September 16, 2010  |  Visits: 811


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CGI::AppBuilder::Frame is a configuration initializer. SYNOPSIS use CGI::AppBuilder::Frame; my $ab = CGI::AppBuilder::Frame- >new( ifn, my_init.cfg, opt, vhS:a:); my ($q, $ar, $ar_log) = $ab- >start_app($0, %ARGV); print $ab- >disp_form($q, $ar); This class provides methods for reading and parsing configuration files. new (ifn = > file.cfg, opt = > hvS:) This is a inherited method from CGI::AppBuilder. See the same method in CGI::AppBuilder for more details. frame_set ($fr, $pr) Input variables: $fr - frame set definiton array reference. The $fr contains two elements [$hr, $ar]: $hr - a hash ref containing the frame set attributes $ar - a array ref containing hash references defining each frames in the frame set. $pr - tag attribute array ref. It contains three elements: class - CSS class name attr - attribute string such as width=5 onChange=js_func hr - hash ref with key and value pairs. This will be obtained from $fr for each frame set and frame. pretty - whether to add line breaks Variables used or methods called: CGI::AppBuilder::Table html_tag - generate HTML tags CGI::AppBuilder::Message echo_msg - display message How to use: The following shows how to define the frame array ($fr): +-+----+ The following defines the left layout: | | T | | +----+ [{cols= >"150,*"},[ | | | {src= >"left.htm",name= >"L"}, |L| C | [{rows= >"100,*,50"},[ | | | {src= >"top.htm",name= >"T"}, | |----| {src= >"main.htm",name= >"C"}, | | B | {src= >"bottom.htm",name= >"B"}]]] +-+----+ ] In YAML, here is how it looks like: --- cols: 150,* - src: left.htm name: L - rows: 100,*,50 - src: top.htm name: T - src: main.htm name: C - src: bottom.htm name: B ... +-+------+ The following defines the left layout: | | T | | +----+-+ [{cols= >"150,*"},[ | | | | {src= >"left.htm",name= >"L"}, |L| C |R| [{rows= >"100,*,50"},[ | | | | {src= >"top.htm",name= >"T"}, | | | | [{cols= >"*,100"},[ | |----+-+ {src= >"main.htm",name= >"C"}, | | | {src= >"right.htm",name= >"R"}] ] ], | | B | {src= >"bottom.htm",name= >"B"}]] +-+----+-+ ] In YAML, here is how it looks like: --- cols: 150,* - src: left.htm name: L - rows: 100,*,50 - src: top.htm name: T - cols: *,100 - src: main.htm name: C - src: right.htm name: R - src: bottom.htm name: B ... Here is the testing codes: my $fr = [{cols= >"150,*"},[ {src= >"left.htm",name= >"L"}, [{rows= >"100,*,50"},[ {src= >"top.htm",name= >"T"}, {src= >"main.htm",name= >"C"}, {src= >"bottom.htm",name= >"B"}] ]] ]; my $pr = {pretty= >1}; print $obj- >frame_set($fr,$pr); # the following is the result: < FRAMESET cols=150,* > < FRAME src=left.htm name=L > < FRAMESET rows=100,*,50 > < FRAME src=top.htm name=T > < FRAME src=main.htm name=C > < FRAME src=bottom.htm name=B > < / FRAMESET > < / FRAMESET > $pr- >{_frameset_count} = 0; # reset frame set counter my $f2 = [ {cols= >"150,*"},[ {src= >"left.htm",name= >"L"}, [{rows= >"100,*,50"},[ {src= >"top.htm",name= >"T"}, [{cols= >"*,100"},[ {src= >"main.htm",name= >"C"}, {src= >"right.htm",name= >"R"}] ], {src= >"bottom.htm",name= >"B"}] ]] ]; print $obj- >frame_set($f2,$pr); # the following is the result: < FRAMESET cols=150,* > < FRAME src=left.htm name=L > < FRAMESET rows=100,*,50 > < FRAME src=top.htm name=T > < FRAMESET cols=*,100 > < FRAME src=main.htm name=C > < FRAME src=right.htm name=R > < / FRAMESET > < FRAME src=bottom.htm name=B > < / FRAMESET > < / FRAMESET > Return: HTML codes. This method generates HTML codes based on the information provided. This method is also called < I >frameset< / I >..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Appbuilder Cgi Cgiappbuilderframe Frame Frame Set Frameset Html Libraries Name Programming Src
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 10.24 KB
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