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pgk 0.05

  Date Added: April 13, 2010  |  Visits: 555


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pgk is a Perl Gimp Kit, a OO perl gtk interface. pgk::Widget new ($name,$type) pre: $name is the name of this widget. $type is the type of this widget. post: base class pgk::Widget created, that implements base functions for all derived pgk classes. add($widget) pre: $widget is a derivative of pgk::Widget. post: $widget has been added to the widgetlist of $self. setHandle($handle) pre: Got $handle from pgk_xs C-function and is a pointer to a GTK widget. post: $widget is associated with $handle. $handle=getHandle() pre: setHandle(..) post: =the GTK widget pointer associated with this pgk widget. Can be used in calls to pgk_xs. setEvent($eventFunc,$eventType, ...) pre: $eventType <- valid GTK event for the specific GTK Widget associated with getHandle() post: In case of an event of type $eventType for this GTK Widget, $eventFunc will be called with arguments .... smpl: my $dlg=new pgk::Dialog(my_dialog,This is a title, 3, 3); my $lab=new pgk::Label(my_label, This is my label); $lab->setEvent(main::LabelEvent, clicked, $dlg); In case of a clicked event for the $lab label, main::LabelEvent will be called with argument $dlg. E.g., fields in $dlg can be updated. setTimer($millisecs,$timerFunc, ...) pre: post: Timer is set for $millisecs for this widget. After $millisecs, &$timerFunc is called with arguments .... Note: timerFunc returns 1 for continues calling. timerFunc returns 0 for one shot calling. smpl: my $dlg=new pgk::Dialog(my_dialog, My title, 2, 2); $dlg->setTimer(1000, main::updateTime, $dlg); package main; sub updateTime { my $window=shift; my $time=ctime(); $window->setValue($time); return 1; } addTimer($millisecs, $timerFunc, ...) pre: post: Timer is added to the current widget. After $millisecs, &$timerFunc is called with arguments $this, .... Note: timerFunc returns 1 for continues calling. timerFunc returns 0 for one shot calling. smpl: my $dlg=new pgk::Dialog(my_dialog, My title, 2, 2); $dlg->addTimer(1000, main::updateTime, "My extra argument"); package main; sub updateTime { my $self=shift; my $txt=shift; my $time=ctime(); $self->setValue($time." $txt"); return 1; } setProp($prop,$value|@value) post: Property $prop of $widget has been set to $value. smpl: $widget->setProp(myprop,"My Value"); getProp($prop) post: = value of property $prop of $widget. smpl: my $t=$widget->getProp(myprop); setWidget($widget) post: sets property widget.$widget->name() to $widget. getWidget($name) post: =widget of $name, if setWidget has been called before. =undef, otherwise setValue($value) post: pgk::Widget base class implements this method by calling setProp(value,$value). getValue() post: pgk::Widget base class implements this method by calling getProp(value). show() post: shows all PGK widgets associated with the current widget, including this one. Quit() post: Quits the application, destroying all pgk windows opened. name() post: =name of widget..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Dlg Libraries Name Oo Perl Perl Gimp Kit Pgk Programming Value Widget
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 7.17 KB
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