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Group Shell 0.2

  Date Added: April 24, 2010  |  Visits: 825

Group Shell

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Group Shell is a tool to aggregate several remote shells into one. It is used to launch an interactive remote shell on many machines at once. Group Shell is written in Python and requires Python ≥ 2.4. There is a control shell accessible with Ctrl-C that is used to list some information about the current remote shells. It also allows common terminal manipulations like sending a Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-D … The prompt shows the number of listening shells and the number of active shell. A shell is said to be listening if its prompt has returned and it is accepting commands, active shells are those whose connection is still alive. Shells can be individually enabled and disabled. Here is the transcript of a sample session: [g ~/gsh]$ ./ machine{0-9} [10/10]> date machine4: ven nov 10 23:26:36 CET 2006 machine7: ven nov 10 23:26:36 CET 2006 machine3: ven nov 10 23:26:36 CET 2006 machine5: ven nov 10 23:26:36 CET 2006 machine9: ven nov 10 23:26:36 CET 2006 machine0: ven nov 10 23:26:36 CET 2006 machine2: ven nov 10 23:26:36 CET 2006 machine1: ven nov 10 23:26:37 CET 2006 machine6: ven nov 10 23:26:37 CET 2006 machine8: ven nov 10 23:26:37 CET 2006 [10/10]> Now, Ctrl-C is pressed, it triggers the control shell. (Cmd) help Documented commands (type help < topic >): EOF enable list send_eof set_print_first continue get_print_first quit send_sigint unset_print_first disable help reconnect send_sigtstp (Cmd) list machine0 fd:3 r:3 w:0 active:True enabled:True idle machine1 fd:4 r:3 w:0 active:True enabled:True idle machine2 fd:5 r:3 w:0 active:True enabled:True idle machine3 fd:6 r:3 w:0 active:True enabled:True idle machine4 fd:7 r:3 w:0 active:True enabled:True idle machine5 fd:8 r:3 w:0 active:True enabled:True idle machine6 fd:9 r:3 w:0 active:True enabled:True idle machine7 fd:10 r:3 w:0 active:True enabled:True idle machine8 fd:11 r:3 w:0 active:True enabled:True idle machine9 fd:12 r:3 w:0 active:True enabled:True idle 10 active shells, 0 dead shells, total: 10 (Cmd) quit [g ~/gsh]$. Miscellaneous tools

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Cet Group Group Shell Nov Remote Shells Shell Shells Ven
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 24.58 KB
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DesktopTools is a collection of small utillities which help to make your daily life easier. Since the tools themself are rather small (projectwise) I keep them not as individual projects, but have them under this collective name.
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Shell & Desktop  -  XFast 0.9
XFast is a slim and lightweighted desktop environment that incorporates X and Window Manager within the same project.
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