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AltaVista::SearchSDK 0.99b

  Date Added: May 25, 2010  |  Visits: 989


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AltaVista::SearchSDK is a Perl extension for AltaVista Search Software Development Kit. SYNOPSIS use AltaVista::SearchSDK; avs_adddate(idx, yr, mo, da, startloc) avs_addfield(idx, pFname, startloc, endloc) avs_addliteral(idx, pWord, loc) avs_addvalue(idx, valtype, value, loc) avs_addword(idx, pWords, loc, pNumWords) avs_buildmode(idx) avs_buildmode_ex(idx, ntiers) avs_close(idx) avs_compact(idx, bMore_p) avs_compactionneeded(idx) avs_compact_minor(idx, bMore_p) avs_count(idx, pWordPrefix, pCountsHdl) avs_count_close(CountsHdl) avs_count_getcount(CountsHdl) avs_countnext(CountsHdl) avs_count_getword(CountsHdl) avs_default_options(pOptions) avs_define_valtype(name, minval, maxval, valtype_p) avs_deletedocid(idx, pDocId, pCount) avs_enddoc(idx) avs_errmsg(code) avs_getindexmode(idx) avs_getindexversion(idx) avs_getindexversion_counts_v(countsHdl) avs_getindexversion_search_v(searchHdl) avs_getsearchresults(searchHdl, resultNum) avs_getsearchterms(psearchHdl, termNum, term, count) avs_lookup_valtype(name) avs_makestable(idx) avs_open(path, mode, pIdx) avs_querymode(idx) avs_release_valtypes() avs_search(idx, pQuery, pBoolQuery, pOptions, pDocsFound, pDocsReturned, pTermCount, pSearchHdl) avs_search_close(pSearchHdl) avs_search_ex(idx, pQuery, pBoolQuery, pOptions, searchsince, pDocsFound, pDocsReturned, pTermCount, pSearchHdl) avs_search_genrank(idx, pBoolQuery, pRankTerms, pRankSetup, pOptions, searchsince, pDocsFound, pDocsReturned, pSearchHdl) avs_search_getdata(searchHdl) avs_search_getdatalen(searchHdl) avs_search_getdate(psearchHdl, year, month, day) avs_search_getdocid(searchHdl) avs_search_getdocidlen(searchHdl) avs_search_getrelevance(psearchHdl) avs_setdocdata(idx, pDocData, len) avs_setdocdate(idx, year, month, day) avs_setdocdatetime(idx, year, month, day, hour, minute, second) avs_setparseflags(idx, parseflags) avs_setrankval(idx, valtype, value) avs_startdoc(idx, pDocId, flags, pStartLoc) avs_timer(current) avs_version() avs_create_options(limit, timeout, flags) This set of extensions provides wrappers for all the C functionality of the AltaVista Search software development kit (SDK) except for a few functions that did not make sense to export to perl. All the functions of the 97 Rev B kit are available as advertised, except for the following: avs_add_ms_callback UNIMPLEMENTED It makes no sense to implement this function, since it would require being able to pass a C function handle through perl. avs_addrankterms UNIMPLEMENTED Internal function avs_newdoc UNIMPLEMENTED No easy way to provide filter function avs_search_getdata_copy UNIMPLEMENTED No need for this function avs_search_getdocid_copy UNIMPLEMENTED No need for this function avs_search_getrelevance RETURN ARGUMENT Relevance is returned as a string representation of the float.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Altavista Altavista Search Software Development Kit Altavistasearchsdk Avs Countshdl Function Idx Perl Search Search Software Searchsdk Software Development Unimplemented
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 8.19 KB
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