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Lib3df 20030825

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Lib3df is a C++ library to load 3D world. It works under Windows,MacOS,Linux and most Unixes. HLIB is a C++ library intended to facilitate the use of ".MAP" files in applications. ".MAP" files are produced by the "Valve Hammer Editor" availlable at: . This is the editor used to create Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat maps. A lot of models are availlable in this format on the internet and the abillity to read such format may greatly help game programmer. HLIB is intended to be portable accross many platforms including: GNU/Linux, All UNIX*S, MS-Windows > 95. HOW IT WORKS: HLIB doesnt impose you anything about how the map data will be presented in memory. Instead the library calls the methods of a "builder" object you supplied, to inform your program that some kind of 3D objects has been found in the map file. For instance when the library finds a polygon it calls: BeginPolygon(); then all subsequent method call will refer to this polygon. When there is no more data about the polygon, the library calls: EndPolygon(); A map is made of many entities. Each entity can have many key-value pairs (such as: "classname" "player", which says: this entity is of class player). In addition, an entity can have some brushes. A brush is a convex set of polygons. Each polygon has: - one texture name - at least 3 vertex - one normal per vertex - one UV coordinate per vertex First you have to create a "builder". You do this by subclassing the HLMapBuilder class: class MyBuilder : public HLMapBuilder { public: MyBuilder(void) {} virtual ~MyBuilder(void) {} } Then you have to create an HLMap object and a builder and link them together: HLMap theMap; MyBuilder theBuilder theMap.SetBuilder(theBuilder); std::ifstream theMapFile(""); theMap.BuildFromStream(theMapFile); The HLMap object will parse the file and call the following methods of the builder object: // Cancel everything (error) virtual void BuildError(void); // Begins a map building virtual void BuildBeginMap(void); // Begins an entity building virtual void BuildBeginEntity(void); // Builds an option virtual void BuildOption(const char* option, const char* value); // Begins a brush building (an entity may have many brushes) virtual void BuildBeginBrush(void); // Builds a facet (deprecated) virtual void BuildFacet(sgVec3 A, sgVec3 B, sgVec3 C, const char* texture, sgVec3 U, int ushift, sgVec3 V, int vshift, float rotation, float xscale, float yscale); // Begins a polygon building virtual void BuildBeginPolygon(void); // Builds the polygons texture virtual void BuildTexture(const char* texture); // Get the last built texture height and width virtual void GetTextureDimension(int* w, int* h); // Builds one polygons vertex virtual void BuildNormal(sgVec3 v); // Builds one polygons vertex virtual void BuildVertex(sgVec3 v); // Builds the vertex UV mapping virtual void BuildUVMapping(sgVec3 uv); // Ends a polygon building virtual void BuildEndPolygon(void); // Ends a brush building (an entity may have many brushes) virtual void BuildEndBrush(void); // Ends an entity building virtual void BuildEndEntity(void); // Ends a map building virtual void BuildEndMap(void); Here is the list of method call produced for a map containing only a single pyramidal object: BuildBeginMap(); // this is a new map BuildBeginEntity(); // this is a new entity BuildOption("classname", "pyramid"); // this entitys classname is: "pyramid" BuildOption("name", "The Big Pyramid"); // this entitys name is: "The Big Pyramid" BuildBeginBrush(); // this entity contains a brush BuildBeginPolygon(); // lets go for the brushs first polygon BuildTexture("GoodOldPyramid"); // it uses the good old pyramid texture GetTextureDimension(&w, &h); // the builder has to give the with and height // of the texture /// it is needed because the HLMap object doesnt // know anything about image file format BuildVertex(v); // the first vertex BuildNormal(n); // its normal BuildUVMapping(uv); // its UV corrdinate BuildVertex(v); // the second vertex BuildNormal(n); // its normal BuildUVMapping(uv); // its UV corrdinate ... BuildEndPolygon(); // this polygon is finished BuildPolygon(); // The second polygon ... BuildEndPolygon(); // the second polygon is finished ... BuildEndBrush(); // this brush is finished BuildBeginBrush(); // a second brush ... BuildEndBrush(); // the second brush is finished ... BuildEndEntity(); // The first entity is finished BuildBeginEntity(); // a second entity ... BuildEndEntity(); // the second entity is finished ... BuildEndMap(); // the map is finished HLIB contains a HLMapBuilder class which is a basic builder. It doesnt do anything but donc break anything. It is the base class for all your builder. A real life builder is given in example with the PlibMapBuilder class. It is up to you to customize these methods to produce something usefull. HLIB is just a parser with some 3D geometry CSG calculations. Due to the file format, HLIB has to do a lot of 3D calculation when reading the map file. To help with these calculations HLIB uses PLIB. PLIB is a 3D library availlable at: PLIB is made of many components: - SG: which deals with geometry and is used extensively throughout HLIB - SSG: which deals with rendering - UL: which is a utility library, (only used in HLIB for some defines) - .... HLIB uses SG internally and externally: the sgVec3 type is defined by SG and is used to pass vertex data from the director (HLMap) to the builder (HLMapBuilder derived classes). HLIB uses SSG in one class only: PlibMapBuilder. You can safely remove this class if you dont want SSG at all..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: C Library Const Char Entity Hlib Hlmapbuilder Libraries Library Map Mybuilder Polygon Uv Virtual Void
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 2.5 MB
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