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POE::Component::Player::Mpg123 1.2

  Date Added: April 02, 2010  |  Visits: 853


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SYNOPSIS use POE qw(Component::Player::Mpg123); $mp = POE::Component::Player::Mpg123->new(); $mp->play("/tmp/test.mp3"); POE::Kernel->run(); This component is used to manipulate the mpg123 player from within a POE application. The less common but open-source mpg321 has also been tested. METHODS An object oriented interface is provided as follows: new [hash[-ref]] Used to initialise the system and create a module instance. The optional hash (or hash reference) may contain any of the following keys: alias Indicates the name of a session to which events will be posted. Default: main. dev Specifies device to play to. Default: /dev/dsp. xargs Allows for passing extra arguments to the underlying application. < event-name > Any event fired by this module can be mapped to a name of choice. This is useful for differentiating this components events from some other components e.g. done = "mpg123_done"> will cause the component to fire an mpg123_done event at the main session, instead of the usual done. For a comprehensive listing of events fired, please refer to the EVENTS section below. start This method starts the player. While it should not be necessary to ever call this method directly since the new() method calls it automatically, this method allows for restarting the player in such instances as when it dies. play < path > This method requires a single parameter specifying the full path name of an mp3 file to play. stop pause resume None of these methods take any parameters and will do exactly as thier name implies. Please note that pause/resume are semaphored i.e. issuing a pause whilst the system is already paused will do exactly diddley. vol < integer > This method requires a valid integer between 0 and 100 to indicate the volume level. Please note that volume support is not available on all versions of the mpg123 player. Consult your versions documentation to verify whether this will work. seek < to > This method fast-forwards or rewinds or jumps the metaphoric playhead to a specified location. The to argument passed should adhere to the regex [+-]d+[%]. If the number provided is preceeded by a + or a - then the number is treated as a relative offset where positive indicates forwards and negative backwards. If no sign is passed, the number is treated as an absolute offset. Additionally, if the number is followed by a percent sign, it is treated as a percentage and should be between 0 and 100, else it is treated as a frame number. Please note that passing out-of-bounds values will not generate an error but will be silently adjusted as necessary. stat This method has been kept from sungos original package... though I dont know what its supposed to do. In my version of mpg123 it generates an error @E Unknown command STAT. xcmd < string > This method allows for the sending of arbitrary commands to the player e.g. equalize such that as the underlying player offers new features, these can be utilised without having to modify the component. quit This method causes the mp3 player to shut down..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Libraries Method Number Play Player Poe Programming Treated
Users rating: 0/10

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