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CAD::Drawing::Manipulate 0.26

  Date Added: September 22, 2010  |  Visits: 969


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CAD::Drawing::Manipulate is a Perl module to manipulate CAD::Drawing objects. Move, Copy, Scale, Mirror, and Rotate methods for single entities and groups of entities. Group Methods These methods are called with required values, followed by a hash reference of option values. Note the difference between this and the individual entity manipulation syntax shown below. The absence of an %options hash reference implies everything in the drawing. For details about each of the group manipulation methods, see the corresponding individual entity manipulation method. Options The $opts value shown for each of the group manipulation methods is fed directly to CAD::Drawing::select_addr(). See the documentation for this function for additional details. One of the most common methods of selection (after the implicit all) may be the explicit list of addresses. This is done by simply passing an array reference rather than a hash reference. GroupMove Move selected entities by @dist. $drw->GroupMove(@dist, $opts); GroupCopy Returns a list of addresses for newly created entities. @new = $drw->GroupCopy(@dist, $opts); GroupClone Returns a list of addresses for newly created entities. @new = $drw->GroupClone($dest, $opts); place Clones items from $source into $drw and moves them to @pt. Selects items according to %opts and optionally rotates them by $opts{ang} (given in radians.) $drw->place($source, @pt, %opts); GroupMirror Mirrors the entities specified by %options (see select_addr()) across @axis. @new = $drw->GroupMirror(@axis, %options); GroupScale Sorry, @pt is required here. $drw->GroupScale($factor, @pt, %opts); GroupRotate Rotates specified entities by $angle. A center point may be specified via $opts{pt} = @pt. $drw->GroupRotate($angle, %opts); Individual Methods Move Moves entity at $addr by @dist (@dist may be three-dimensional.) $drw->Move($addr, @dist); Copy $drw->Copy($addr, @dist); Clone Clones the entity at $addr into drawing $dest. $drw->Clone($addr, $dest, %opts); %opts may contain: to_layer => $layer_name, # layer to clone into Mirror Mirrors entity specified by $addr across @axis. Returns the address of the manipulated entity. If $opts{copy} is true, will clone the entity, otherwise modify in-place. $drw->Mirror($addr, @axis, %opts); Scale $drw->Scale($addr, $factor, @pt); Rotate Rotates entity specified by $addr by $angle (+ccw radians) about @pt. Angle may be in degrees if $angle =~ s/d$// returns a true value (but I hope the "d" is the only thing on the end, because Im not looking for anything beyond that.) $angle = "45" . "d" will get converted, but $angle = "45" . "bad" will be called 0. Remember, this is Perl:) $drw->Rotate($addr, $angle, @pt); Internal Functions pointrotate Internal use only. ($x, $y) = pointrotate($x, $y, $ang, $xc, $yc); pointmirror @point = pointmirror($axis, $pt); angle_of angle_of(@segment); Polygon Methods These dont do anything yet and need to be moved to another module anyway. CutPline $drw->CutPline(); IntPline $drw->IntPline(); intersect_pgon intersect_pgon();.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Angle Cad Caddrawingmanipulate Entities Entity Libraries May Be Methods Opts Perl Module Programming Pt
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