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DSHub Epsilon / Zeta RC12

  Date Added: August 27, 2010  |  Visits: 972

DSHub Epsilon / Zeta

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DSHub is a hubsoft for Direct Connect Network. DSHub project uses the ADC protocol currently in development by Jacek Sieka and DC DEV. ADC is the future of DC++ network. How can I use DSHub ? You can download DSHub from this site and just use it. DSHub is free and every user can take it for himself. You can also redistribute it and you can modify it ( substantially only) under the terms of GNU General Public License. Right click here to download . DSHub comes in zip archive. DShub is now Open Source and source for current binaries is available here. How do I install DSHub ? DSHub is a software created in Java Language developed by Sun. For it to run you need JRE installed. [ That is, Java Runtime Environment]. JRE can be found on . DSHub requires the least JRE version to run properly. After that just create a folder for your hub and paste the DSHub.jar file downloaded from this site in there. How do I use DSHub ? Either you read manual, or after you got your DSHub installed, you can run it from command line by using the command: path_to_java_exe -jar path_to_DSHub.jar Linux Example: java -jar /home/user/myhub/dshub.jar Whats New in Epsilon Stable Release: - fixed bug with kick/ban message not showing properly; - fixed again usercount hope its for good; - fixed restarting from console; - fixed rename issue selecting bad/used nick; - fixed issue when putting max_chat_msg 0 nobody could change it from cmd line; - ops_override_spam now override max_chat_msg too; - corrected bug not showing when ureg not online user; - DSHub is now OPEN-SOURCE under GPL !!! Please look into SRC and give me feedback ! - corrected massall command not working for more words; - modyfied the random data from IGPA now its real random data; - fixed bug when restarting, not showing new motd and help file ( thanks Catalin); - fixed bug when restarting reading regs and bans, doubling them (thanks Catalin); - fixed bug when restarting after a failure in starting server ( thanks Catalin); - fixed bug when port was a out of range one and hub would crash; - corrected message when disconnect on too many ops not showing (thanks ffrag); - tryed to fix the ghost thingy on unnormal TCP closing sending a keepalive (thanks Ghost for helping); - added a variable keep_alive_interval for seconds interval between keep alive messages; - fixed bug when not checking nick lenght on rename ( thanks b_w_johan ); - fixed unbanning some string which is invalid CID; - fixed issue with opchat nick cant rename to its nick now; - now users cant use an IP for a nick; - removed whocid and whoip commands, moved that to info example !info nick gives info about a nick, !info cid shows user with cid, !info ip shows info about users with given ip; - big change: default password "defpass" removed, now, by default, regs have no pass, just CID check however is good to have one for even better security; - tryed to fix ugly bug when double client connecting ( example: connecting at same time, double fav hub auto connect); syncronized method handleINF so that it cant be called @ same time; - improved history, now retains IMSG broadcasts as well; - created a command cmdhistory that pastes given commands since startup; - added drop command , a kick with no reason and 0 ban time; Kick Command: - Kicking in DSHub is very simple now. - Classic kick: kicks just a user out in flames, with a kick_time temporary ban, default 5 minutes. - Extended kick has way more advantages and can be used very efficiently with a large hub. - Extended kick features: - Kicking users that match a certain regular expression: - Example: !kick [RO].* -- this command kicks all users that have their nick starting with [RO] - Example: !kick .. --this command kicks all users with 2 letter nicks - This type of kick accepts just any regular expression. - Kicking users that have their fields checked: - Example: !kick share<1024 --this command just kicks all users with share less then 1 gigabyte. - Example: !kick sl=1 -- this command kicks all users with exactly one open slot. - Example: !kick su!tcp4 -- this command kicks all passive users. - Extended kick has the operators >, < , =, ! - And a list of possible fields : share, sl (slots), ni (nick length),su(supports, accepts only = or !, example: !kick su=tcp4),hn(normal hubs count),hr(registered hub count),ho(op hub count),aw(away, 1 means normal away, 2 means extended away),rg (1- registered, 0 otherwise, registered means not op),op ( 1 -op, 0 - otherwise , op means it has key). - created a kick and ban function for easy call from commands; - done almost all that kick stuff, for share slots and su, still need to do for rest; - added a debug message, please ignore, or if you figure it out, report to me; - modified share kick, to be in megabytes; - completed kick with all mentioned above in the log; - fixed bug on new kick, forgot to check if kick_ops is enabled; - added same features to drop command as well; - added extra fields to reg class so OLD regs DONT WORK anymore sorry so please REREG; - modified reg command, now if user already added prints user info; - added a getRegInfo method, also added extra fields on info and reg; - added hideme command that toggles the hideme, also hideme is remembered in reg file; - fixed bug when restarting and changing default port; - fixed bug when opchat could have same nick as other users; - fixed exploit when cmdhistory could see the !password; - fixed bug with renaming into a CID or IP and not repsecting sizes; Whats New in Zeta RC12 Development Release: - Completely changed string parsing hope its better now.. ADC Hub Hubsoft Death-squad DC++

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Added Cid Command Direct Connect Direct Connect Network Dshub Dshub Epsilon Epsilon Fixed Fixed Bug Kick Nick Zeta
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 88.06 KB
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