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Flagedit 0.0.7

  Date Added: April 12, 2010  |  Visits: 566


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Flagedit is a CLI USE flags and package keywords editor for Gentoo Linux. It lets you edit the USE flags of /etc/make.conf, as well as the /etc/portage/package.use file. Flagedit project also allows you to easily edit /etc/portage/package.keywords. Flagedit allows you to edit the use flags or the keywords for a particular ebuild, or for the whole system. a backup is done for each modified file, named file.old. Usage: flagedit [PACKAGE] [ACTIONS | -- KEYWORD_ACTIONS] [ OPTIONS ] Examples: flagedit net-im/amsn --show # shows the use flag set for net-im/amsn flagedit net-im/amsn +gnome # adds the gnome use flag to net-im/amsn flagedit net-im/amsn -kde +xmms # adds the xmms use flag and set the -kde one flagedit net-im/amsn %kde # reset the kde use flag (its removed from the line) flagedit %kde # reset the global use flag (its removed in make.conf) flagedit +gnome -qt # add gnome and -qt in make.conf flagedit net-im/amsn -- %x86 # reset the x86 keyword for net-im/amsn flagedit net-im/amsn -- +~ppc +~x86 # adds the ~ppc and ~x86 keywords for net-im/amsn flagedit net-im/amsn -- % # resets the keywords for this package flagedit -- +~x86 # sets ACCEPT_KEYWORDS to "~x86" in /etc/make.conf You can mix the flags and keywords : flagedit net-im/amsn +gnome -- +~x86 PACKAGE is a package name (like dev-ruby/ruby-atk). If no package is given, flagedit will edit the maine USE flags (in make.conf), or the main ACCEPT_KEYWORDS (in make.conf) ACTIONS are : +FLAG enable the FLAG. Example : +sse -FLAG disable the FLAG. Example : -sse %FLAG reset the FLAG to default. Example : %sse % reset the whole flags of PACKAGE to default. In this case, PACKAGE is not optional KEYWORD_ACTIONS are : +KEYWORD enable the keyword. Example : +x86 -KEYWORD disable the KEYWORD. Example : -~x86 %KEYWORD reset the KEYWORD to default. Example : %x86 % reset the whole keywords of PACKAGE to default. In this case, PACKAGE is not optional OPTIONS are : --package-file specify an alternate package.use file (default is /etc/portage/package.use) --keywords-file specify an alternate package.keywords file (default is /etc/portage/package.keywords) --make-conf-file specify an alternate make.conf file (default is /etc/make.conf) --portage-dir specify an alternate portage directory path (default is /usr/portage) --alpha-order sort the flags or keywords alphabetically instead of keeping the original order --show dont edit, display the flags or keywords of the PACKAGE. If no package is given, display the system USE flags or the system ACCEPT_KEYWORDS. --list dont edit, display the entire list of possible flags or possible keywords. --desc if specified with --list, display the flags or keywords description also. --keywords specifies that actions are to be done on keywords, not on use flags -- same as --keywords --strict if a specified flag or keyword name is invalid, dies, instead of just warning. --nowarn if a specified flag or keyword name is invalid, dont warn. --help this help --version prints the version Whats New in This Release: - The help display now fits in 80 columns..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Accept Actions Cli Cli Use Default Flag Flagedit Flags Installer Keyword Keywords Package System Use
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 5.12 KB
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