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Class::Meta::Declare 0.04

  Date Added: May 23, 2010  |  Visits: 781


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Class::Meta::Declare is a Perl module deprecated in favor of Class::Meta::Express. SYNOPSIS This was a first attempt at making a saner interface for Class::Meta. It is nicer, but Class::Meta::Express is nicer still. Go use that one. package MyApp::Thingy; use Class::Meta::Declare :all; use Data::UUID; Class::Meta::Declare->new( meta => [ key => thingy, accessors => $ACC_SEMI_AFFORDANCE, ], attributes => [ pi => { context => $CTXT_CLASS, authz => $AUTHZ_READ, default => 3.1415927, }, id => { authz => $AUTHZ_READ, type => $TYPE_STRING, default => sub { Data::UUID->new->create_str }, }, name => { required => 1, type => $TYPE_STRING, default => No Name Supplied, }, age => { type => $TYPE_INTEGER, }, ], methods => [ some_method => { view => $VIEW_PUBLIC, code => sub { my $self = shift; return [ reverse @_ ]; }, } ] ); my $object = MyApp::Thingy->new; print MyApp::Thingy->pi; # prints 3.1415927 print $object->name; # prints "No Name Supplied; $object->set_name("bob"); print $object->name; # prints "bob" This class provides an alternate interface for Class::Meta. Class::Meta is a useful module which allows one to create Perl classes which support introspection (also known as reflection). Typically Perl classes, when created, dont supply a lot of metadata. Imported helper functions show up when you call $object->can($method). Private, protected and trusted methods are not readily supported. Fetching a list of attributes or methods is a haphazard affair. Class::Meta overcomes these shortcomings by building the classes for you and allowing you to fetch a class object: my $class_object = $object->my_class; foreach my $attribute ( $class_object->attributes ) { print $attribute->name, "n"; } foreach my $method ( $class_object->methods ) { print $method->name, "n"; } If youve set up your class correctly, these properties are now easy to discover. Unfortunately, many find the Class::Meta interface to be a bit clumsy. As an alternative, Class::Meta::Declare allows you to declare your entire class in a single argument list to the constructor and have the class built for you automatically. Further, reasonable defaults are provided for just about everything. IMPORTANT: You want this class or Class::Meta if you need an introspection API for your classes. If you do not need introspection or dynamic class generation, these modules are overkill..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
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